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DU MBBS Exam Pattern

DU MBBS Exam Pattern 2023:

The exam pattern is the outline of the question paper. It tells you about the number of questions, type of questions, time duration of the exam, etc. This information is very helpful for every aspirant who applied for the DU MBBS Exam 2023. The DU MBBS Exam Pattern 2023 is also published by the NTA on its official website. The DU MBBS Exam notification contains the exam pattern and marking scheme of the question paper.

DU MBBS Exam Pattern 2023:

  • The exam is conducted offline mode. It means students need to answer the question with the pen. The exam duration is 3 hours.
  • All the questions are objective-type questions. So candidates need to select the right answer from multiple options.
  • For every correct answer, 4 marks will be credited and for every incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted.
  • There are a total of 180 questions. All the questions are from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

DU MBBS Exam Pattern

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DU MBBS Exam Pattern 2023: Highlights


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Types of Questions


Total Number of Questions

180 Questions

Marks for each question

4 Marks

Negative Marking

1 Marks

Total Marks

720 Marks


3 Hours

Sample Papers:

The best way to excel in your preparation and know your strengths and weaknesses is by solving sample papers. These sample papers are specially designed for the students to practice for the exam. Also, the NTA releases sample papers for the DU MBBS Exam Pattern. Sample papers have the same DU MBBS Exam Pattern 2023 and marking scheme as the main question papers. So, these are ideal for practice.

Recently, the NTA released a new way for exam practice. It has developed an app that helps you to give online mock tests. The best part is that the app will check your answers and give you marks. Based on your performance, it shows your weak points and strengths. So, you can improve them. Also, it contains notes of important topics therefore, you can easily recall the concepts before the exam.

Apart from this app, solving a practice paper is very helpful for students in the following ways:

  • This gives you a better idea of the DU MBBS Exam Pattern 2023 and the marking scheme. So, you can prepare accordingly to score more marks:
  • It tells you the toughness of questions and the best approach to solving them. This will save your time during the DU MBBS Exam 2023.
  • The time duration of mock tests and sample papers are similar to the main exam. After solving a few practice papers, you can easily manage your time in the exam.
  • After the NTA releases an online mode of solving question papers. It becomes easy for everyone to give mock tests and improve their performance.
Preparation Tips:

To take admission in DU MBBS you need to qualify for this exam and prepare very hard. The better your preparation before the exam the better your performance in the exam. So, preparation is the key stage of scoring good marks in the exam. However, it is not necessary that more study time means more marks. It depends upon your strategy and quality study. Below are some tips which help you in scoring good marks in the DU MBBS exam 2023. These tips are easy to apply and very helpful.

  • Firstly, you should give priority to the most important topics. These topics will help you in scoring good marks. Also, learn the less important concepts because they also help in gaining marks.
  • Don’t study from the books at the last moment. This will waste your precious time. So, make short notes of every subject. Also prepare tables and charts for important formulas and definitions.
  • Try to solve as many practice papers as possible. The NTA gives you the facility of giving online mock tests for the DU MBBS Exam. This is the best way to improve your understanding of the subject and learn about the DU MBBS Exam 2023 Pattern. Also, it informs you about your weak points and helps in strengthening them.
  • Give sufficient time to your health. Eat healthy food and give your body proper rest. Due to long hours of study, your body becomes less active. So, do some exercise to keep your body fit and active. This also improves your mental health.

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