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How To Study Online For Course

Update on 2024-06-03

How To Study Online For Course? - College Disha

How To Study Online For Course:

Tech Online Course is gaining inclination in India that is gathering a wide range of students from all over India. B.Tech Course Online is among those degree courses that are well known for providing quality education in engineering.

In the B.Tech Online Course students from science, the stream can choose a bachelor of technology in-

Dairy and Many Other Courses. 

The term of the B.Tech Online Course is 4 years and students need to pass 12th standard with their science stream.

The study of the B. Tech online course is focused on the development of engineering, strategic reasoning, and the development of technology skills in all areas of technology for the efficient performance of top engineering positions. The B. Tech online course put efforts mainly into practical knowledge, the most modern applications, and updated engineering skills and offers the environment at an international level.

How To Study Online For Course?

Let us now discuss with you How To Study Online For Course. Tech  Online Course is one of the most sought out degrees in India. B.Tech Online Course is a professional degree course,  which was allowed only on-campus until recently. But now, systems and rules have been changed and one could persevere a professional degree via online mode. In India, the term of a B. Tech Online Course is 4 years which is 8 semesters along with a final year project. The course fees for B. Tech Online Course vary between Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1.5 lacs per annum.

Some Top Online B.Tech colleges which offer a Bachelor of technology via Online mode are listed below :

Certain eligibility guidelines need to be met to enroll in this course. Eligible candidates need to comprehend certain admission procedures for seeking admission into this course.

The Procedure of Imparting Online Education-

  1. Get enrolled in college.
  2. The college provides the study material online as well as the offline mode by facilitating the books via courier service each semester.
  3. Regular classes are conducted at the official website of the college, enrolled students are given login ids and passwords, and regular online classes are conducted for each subject, as well as the local education center of the college, in case the students want to experience the classroom environment.
  4. Assignments and Project work are asked to submit in a soft copy on the web portal of the college. These are checked and evaluated online.
  5. Semester-wise examinations are also conducted online. For this purpose, the college provides an examination center to the student which is computer and internet-enabled, the examination is conducted online or offline at the center allocated by the college, and the exam papers are sent to the college for evaluation.
  6. Viva is also carried out online or by the examiner at the centers allocated by the college.
  7. After successful completion of the exams, the degree is awarded through an online soft copy medium as well as sent to the place of the candidate in hard copy.

Can I do Online in India?

Many students have a question in their minds Can I do online in India? The answer to your question is Aspirants must have heard it somewhere nearby that YES, you can do B. Tech from Open. But subjectively it is preferred to do B. Tech Online Course only if:

  1. Aspirants are working professionals having a 9–5 job.
  2. If the aspirant is facing an issue with financial condition.

This is a blessing to working professionals & young aspirants if they do not have the time to pursue the regular full-time course. Several universities are offering B. Tech Online Courses, via distance mode, belonging to both the private &public sectors. Engineering basically incorporates major professional practices and techniques.

The Most Obliged Streams of Engineering are:

Students with higher rankings are favored by most of the top Universities. Diploma holders can join B. Tech Online Course straightforwardly in the second year as Lateral Entry. More experience is gained during jobs that students get after completing the  B. Tech Online Course via distance mode. Furthermore, a Bachelor of Engineering is more theory-based &  Bachelor of Technology is more application-based. Engineering students are instructed both theoretically & practically so that they can cope with the requirements.

Several universities and institutions offer the B.Tech Online Course. Having a B.Tech degree in hand has always been the most valuable award to all the tech-geeks. B.Tech Online Course graduates outshine in the field of Engineering equally. There are many B. Tech Online Course job opportunities for students throughout the country and abroad.

Why Choose B.Tech Online Course?

Developments in technology necessitate a lot of young and energetic minds who could frame the most dynamic solutions. Engineering is the best way to become a professional craftsman. Engineering students can avail themselves of a lot of scholarships. The enormity the course provides is unmatchable. For illustration, an electrical & electronic engineer could work in an IT firm. Applicants can either opt for software or hardware engineering. It covers various domains & there are a lot of benefits to choose from.

The Best Online Courses for a B.Tech Student: Let us now curb the thirst for the best online courses for a B.Tech student. There are many online courses available for B. Tech Students in their respective fields of specialization.


For Computer Science and  Information Technology B.Tech Online course, there are options available as per students’ field of interest. There are options available in Software, Hardware, & Networking. 

Options like-

In today’s era, a lot is occurring in the world of science & robotics, it is one of the domains where scientists are working. An Artificial Intelligence Online Course can also encourage these guys to learn some new industry innovations.


For Electronic and Communication Engineering or Electronics and Electrical Engineering B.Tech Online Course, there are a few limitations, yet there is much to do online. Some of the best ONLINE COURSES are -

  • Embedded C, 
  • Simulation over AVR, 
  • ARM,
  • MATLAB, 


For ME, CE, MAE, and ARCH there are various ONLINE COURSES available. Some of the important software are as follows:

  • CATIA, 
  • ANSYS, 
  • Sandro,
  • REVIT, 
  • TEKLA, etc. 

For these students, it is highly suggested to start with AUTOCAD ONLINE COURSE, where all the 2D,3D, and ISOMETRIC designs will be covered.

What online courses are available after B.Tech:

Now let us discuss What online courses are available after B.Tech. As per my understanding, these are the best online courses for all students who are into Electronic Communication Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, or Information Technology. You can receive a course completion certificate for all courses. You can access them on YouTube & their official website.


  • Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)
  • Python for Beginners with Examples
  • Java Programming Basics
  • Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners
  • Introduction To Python Programming
  • Python for Beginners with Examples
  • Javascript Essentials
  • Get Started with GitHub
  • Eclipse IDE for Beginners: Increase Your Java Productivity
  • Selenium WebDriver Training with Java Basics
  • C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners
  • Quickstart AngularJS
  • Java Multithreading
  • Learn Angular 4 from Scratch
  • R Programming 

Web development

Web Design for Web Developers means Build Beautiful Websites

  • Web Development : HTML or CSS From Scratch
  • Build Website in 1 Week with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Learn Responsive Web Development by Scratch
  • Beginner Photoshop to HTML5 & CSS3
  • CSS and HTML for Beginners – Create a Website and Launch ONLINE
  • Bootstrap 4 Quick Start: Code Modern Responsive Websites
  • How To Create A Website by applying WordPress (Step by Step)

App Development

  • Become an Android Developer by Scratch
  • App Design & Development for iOS

Game Development

  • Code Game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas
  • Game Development Crash Course 



IoT means the Internet of Things. In simple words, it is a network of physical devices, vehicles, appliances, & other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, & connectivity. It enables these devices to connect & exchange data For example, assume that your refrigerator is connected to your smartphone over a network. As the refrigerator is about to run out of milk, it sends information about the depleted inventory to your smartphone. Isn’t it very smart & convenient? This is how IoT operates! This area is growing at a rapid pace. It has got tremendous scope and potential.


VLSI means  Very Large Scale Integration. In simple words, it is about the formulation of an IC (Integrated Circuit) by combining transistors or devices into a single chip. VLSI is used to design & create an IC. These ICs are utilized in electronic devices, computers & complex machinery. VLSI deals with characters such as -semiconductors, 

  • RAM,
  • ROM,
  • CPU,
  • Circuit Design etc.

This program is excellent for electrical engineers, EC engineers & Telecommunication engineers.


In simple words, it is a computer system with a dedicated role within a larger mechanical or electrical system. It is installed as part of a complete device. Examples of embedded systems are –

  • Digital Watch,
  • MP3 Player,
  • Industrial Controllers, etc.

The main job of an embedded system designer is to-

  1. Optimize them,
  2. Reduce their size and cost. It deals with features such as micro-controllers, networking, & sensors.

This program is excellent for Electrical, EC, Telecommunication & Networking engineers.


This program is ideal for Mechanical engineers & automobile engineers. This program focuses on high-performance automobile mechanics.


Materials management deals with features such as –

  • planning, 
  • sourcing, 
  • purchasing, 
  • moving, 
  • storing and controlling materials in an optimum manner.

Professionals who are involved in fields such as production, manufacturing, supply chain & quality control may pursue this course to boost their career prospects!

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION: Mechanical Engineers, IC Engineers & Production Engineers will benefit hugely from this program. The main aim of industrial automation is to optimize & automate processes taking place in a plant/industry. Manufacturing, maintenance, storage – all these features can be automated, thanks to industrial automation.

PROGRAMMING: Computer Science Engineers, IT Engineers & EC Engineers will profit hugely from programming courses. These programs will support them to enter sectors such as software design, development, IoT, and software testing. Here’s an illustration of one such course – Certificate in Python programming.

SUBSTATION DESIGN: This program is perfect for electrical engineers. This program deals with features such as – transformers, arresters, power lines, structure design, breakers, etc.

ADVANCED SURVEYING: This program is perfect for Civil Engineers. While studying Civil Engineering, you are taught fundamental surveying practices and equipment. This PG program deals with surveying the problem in detail! The program comprises advanced surveying practices & equipment!

ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT: The main purpose of this program is to teach management skills to engineering graduates! Employers appreciate candidates who have engineering knowledge & management skills.

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