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Online Classes for School Students

Update on 2024-04-15

Online Classes for School Students || Online Study for School Students

Online Classes for School Students:

Technology has a wide stake in all our lives today. It is in the palm of our hands to spread information in real time. More and more our world feels connected and interlaced like never before. What does this  mean in the field of education? More and more students are opting for online classes and studying online in this tech-driven world. 

But are online classes really worth it? Or are these online classes the new fad in the modern world. In this article, we look at Online classes for school students from a variety of perspectives. 

Online classes are changing the entire structure and experience of education and schools. For students versed with technology, it is a welcome change, for the students on the opposite side, it can feel intimidating.   

Why are more and more students taking online classes?

➥ Time saving:

The online classes for school students take one-third of the time it takes to finish a class in the traditional sense. The online class takes a lot less time and students get more time to pursue their others interests. 

➥ Flexible scheduling:

Online classes for school students are flexible in nature. They can be recorded and watched anytime.

➥ Lower Cost:

The online classes are potentially lower in cost than the traditional classes. Since all the school students need is an internet connection and a laptop, it saves a lot of money.

➥ Lower fee:

Online classes for school students have a lower fee as compared to classes in the traditional sense. The fee charged by schools include the money required to keep the infrastructure of the building intact, electricity, physical resources, environmental resources, etc to keep functioning. Online classes simply charge the students for the course, and does not include other miscellaneous fees, and hence are generally lower in cost.   

➥ No Transport fee:

Students prefer to study in an online class due to the savings they get in terms of transport. Students are not required to travel anywhere if they have their own laptop and internet connection, which majority of the students do in today’s world. The transport cost is saved. Online classes for school students may have a variety of plus points, however there are some points that are considered as negative points. Just like every coin has two sides, so does this. 

Below we list out the cons of online classes for school students. 

Why some students don’t prefer online classes?

➥ No face to face interaction:

Online classes for school students does not include a face to face interaction between the students and the teachers. This may make it harder for teachers to make a connection with the students, as compared to the situation in a classroom where everyone is at least physically present.

➥ Some subjects can not be taught online:

Many subjects can not be taught online, subjects which require a practical experiment to understand concepts, etc. Subjects such as physical education, etc. 

➥ Increased personal responsibility:

Online classes for school students require responsibility on the part of the students. The students are responsible for their time table, and their studies, etc. It requires a lot of patience and self-discipline on the part of the student to succeed in the online classes. 

➥ Networking disadvantage:

Students who do not have a working internet connection can not avail the facility of online classes for school students. Internet connection is the most important and one of the only two requirements of learning online. 

Online Classes Vs Traditional Classes:

Online classes for school students are very different from the traditional classes. Below we have listed the main differences between the two.

Traditional Classes
Online Classes

Requires a space that is specifically designated with the purpose of providing education. For ex: School, classrooms, etc. 

Requires no such physical area. Students can learn and attend a class from anywhere. For ex: Cafe, bedroom, etc. 

Are expensive.

Are not as expensive as traditional classes.

Require the students to be physically present.

Does not require the student to be physically present. They can also avail the recorded on-demand video facility.

Requires a higher level of interaction between students and teachers.

Does not require interaction between classmates and teachers to some extent. 

Much less freedom for the students. The coursework and syllabus is usually kept hidden by the teachers and are open once the teacher covers the topic.

Students have a large amount of freedom as they are given the entire coursework at the beginning and can study according to their own pace. 

Tips for taking online classes for school students:

Students who wish to enroll for online class must keep in mind that this mode of learning requires a huge amount of motivation, self-discipline, and routine. It is easy to get distracted while at home or cafe or wherever you may be studying. 

To ensure that you do not get distracted and keep on track, we have provided a set of tips for you below, that will enhance your learning capabilities and also ensure that you get the most out of your online class.

➥ Set a Goal: 

One of the most amazing starting points for a school student who is considering studying or availing online classes, is the setting up of a major goal. Your End Point. Sometimes things happen that may distract us or pull us away from our studies but keeping a primary objective that needs to be completed at the back of your mind, will always ensure that you do not stray too far away from your studies. 

➥ Treating your online class like a job: 

Students who treat their online course like a job, will be much more attentive and regular in their classes than normal people. There is a certain amount of professional and formality in a job. You need to treat your studies like a job, scheduling your classes, keeping a regular planner, etc will make you look at studies not like something you can “choose” to do, but rather something that you “must” do. 

➥ Make a study plan: 

Making a study plan, covering all the topics and subjects and giving them a proper time and part of the day, will not only help you stay organized but also ensure that no subject can go unprepared and that equal attention is given to all the subjects in a systematic manner. 

➥ Time Management:

Online classes for school students require an effort of time management skills on the part of the students. In order to cover all the subjects, ensure that the student gets a huge amount of time for other activities and not burden themselves with too much work or studies or too much fun time. Creating dedicated study blocks and time of the day to study specific subjects will ensure that studies do not suffer.  

➥ Make a specific study place:

 Just like a classroom is a study space, it ensures that an environment is created which will encourage learning, students at home must create a specific study place in their home or anywhere they take their online classes from.Creating a specific place for studying will also encourage studying and learning.  


In conclusion, online classes for school students is the new trend for education. Students who do not have a habit of studying online can make relevant changes in their lifestyle and learning habits. If you find any problems in adjusting, College Disha is here to help. College Disha helps teachers and principals and also students by providing online classes specifically curated for the students and teachers. The teachers and students alike can avail our expert services.  

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