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Top Biotechnology Engineering Colleges in India

Update on 2024-04-15

Top Biotechnology Engineering Colleges in India | Biotech Courses

Biotechnology Engineering: Biotechnology has recently risen to prominence as one of the most significant areas of technological advancement. A degree in biotechnology is required in several disciplines, including research and development, implementation, functional genomics, structural genomics, and proteomics. If you want to soar high, you should acquire a degree from one of India's top biotechnology institutes. India has a number of prominent colleges and institutes that provide complete Biotechnology degree programs.

Students were not instantly accepting and heralding Biotechnology Colleges in India when they initially appeared more than two decades ago. Students at the time favored mainstream science and technology courses. As a result, the Top Biotechnology Engineering Colleges in India have had to operate quietly in order to maintain their reputation.

Biotech has had to go through its rite of passage, just like any other New Field of Study. Biotech is a topic that has always piqued the curiosity of students studying biology-based only on its name. Because biology and technology are inextricably linked, biotech as a field has unquestionable potential for the future.

This is due in part to students expanding their horizons and becoming more receptive to exploring new fields of study. Students two decades ago had no clue what biotech was, but that is no longer the case. New fields of study, such as biotechnology, are well recognized. This has given India's Best Biotechnology Colleges their time in the spotlight.

Best B Tech Biotechnology Colleges in India

  • IIT Delhi
  • DTU
  • IIT Kanpur
  • NIT
  • Annmalai University
  • Birla Institute of Technology
  • Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
  • Vellore Institute of Technology
  • Institute of Chemical Technology
  • School of Biotechnology
  • Shoolini university
  • Jaypee University
  • Cochin University
  • Indore School of Biotechnology:
  • Karnataka University
  • IIT Madras
  • Sastra University

Best Biotechnology colleges in India after 12th. Search Biotechnology colleges in India Near me.

Students can study biotech through a variety of programs and courses, unlike other disciplines. Additionally, students in India have the choice of studying biotech at several levels, ranging from diploma to Ph.D.

It is critical for students interested in pursuing a Career in biotechnology engineering to be aware of the Best Universities that offer Biotechnology courses. Without a precise factor-based study, ranking the Top Biotech Colleges in India is impossible.

Many top institutions and colleges in India have pushed their claim to be the finest destination to study biotech in the last few years.

What distinguishes one college from another, particularly when it comes to biotech education? we discuss Best B Tech Biotechnology Colleges in India now we check the details for all Biotechnology colleges in India.

IIT Delhi:

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the country's most prestigious technical institute, One of the Top Biotechnology Engineering Colleges in India. This institution is renowned around the world as the best location to study biotechnology. IIT has campuses around India, with Delhi and Kharagpur at the top of the list. IIT offers B.Tech Biotechnology Engineering and M.Tech in Biochemical Engineering. The institute administers admission exams to all students, and if you pass, you will be admitted to this famous Indian institute. The rigorous, practical, and advanced courses are given at IIT enable students to gain an advantage over other biotechnology engineers throughout the world.

IIT Delhi's Department of Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology holds a unique position in India's growth of the biochemical engineering field. The following degree programs are offered by the Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology:

  • Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)
  • Program with a Dual Degree: Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and Master of Technology (M.Tech) degrees are available.
  • Biochemical Engineering & Biotechnology Master of Science - M.S. (Research)
  • Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology (Ph.D.)


DTU, or Delhi Technological University, is One of the Top Biotechnology Engineering Colleges in India, with an outstanding Biotechnology degree program. DTU's Department of Biotechnology was established in 2004 with the goal of providing top-notch academic instruction and doing research in many disciplines of biotechnology. This institute is producing some of the top engineers and researchers in the country via intense research programs and technology-based training. In Biotechnology, the institution provides B.Tech Biotech, M.Tech, and Ph.D. programs.

IIT Kanpur:

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, was founded in 1959 and is one of India's leading educational institutes. IIT Kanpur's Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering conducts cutting-edge research and teaching in the disciplines of fundamental biology, biomedical science, and bioengineering. In Biological Sciences and Bioengineering, the department provides B.Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D. programs.


The National Institute of Technology, or NIT, was one of the first institutions to provide biotechnology studies. In India, there are 31 National Institutes of Technology (NITs) that offer technical education. It is not simple to get into this institute, and one must pass the Joint Entrance Exam with flying colors. For qualified candidates, the institute provides B.Tech Biotechnology and M.Tech degrees, as well as a Ph.D. fellowship. Each NIT has its own thorough and well-rounded training methods in place to equip students with world-class biotechnology expertise.

Annmalai University:

The Department of Biotechnology at Anna University is well-known. Deserving applicants can apply for undergraduate and postgraduate Biotechnology programs at the institution. Biotechnology and Food Technology are two of the university's primary research areas. Industrial Biotechnology, Food Technology, and Biopharmaceutical Technology are among the Engineering streams after the 12th. Biotechnology, Food Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Computational Biology, and Nanoscience and Technology are among the postgraduate courses available. Candidates interested in pursuing a Ph.D. can pick from a variety of topics, including Environmental Biotechnology, Genomics, and Proteomics.

Birla Institute of Technology:

The Birla Institute of Technology (BIT) provides Bio-Engineering courses this is also one of the Top Biotechnology Engineering Colleges in India. Candidates can conduct application-oriented research and create in-house innovations in different disciplines of Biotechnology at this famous and one of India's top institutes. Professors at BIT are superb and give top-notch education. There is one undergraduate degree, four postgraduate programs, and Ph.D. research possibilities. In Biotechnology, the Institute offers both an M.Tech and an MSc degree. Genetic Engineering and Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant and Animal Biotechnology, Biomedical Instrumentation, and Imaging are some of the areas where this institute conducts research.

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham:

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a multi-campus, multi-disciplinary research university that has received the NAAC's highest rating of "A" and is regarded as one of India's top research institutions. Amrita School of Biotechnology provides an excellent environment for students to grow holistically in order to realize their objective of being well-versed in all elements of biotechnology and allied subjects. B. Sc. in Microbiology, B.Sc in Biotechnology, M.Sc in Bioinformatics, M.Sc in Microbiology, M.Sc in Biotechnology, Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience, and Ph.D. in Biotechnology are now available.

Vellore Institute of Technology:

It is ranked as India's 13th finest engineering institute and also One of the Top Biotechnology Engineering Colleges in India. The institute offers high-quality higher education that meets institute standards. The college boasts a diverse population from all walks of life. Students are encouraged by experienced and knowledgeable professors. They also collaborate on research projects by studying the techniques of other universities across the world. They hold the VITEE entrance test for academic admission to courses every year. Microbiology, Medical Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, and other disciplines of Biomedical Sciences are among the research programs offered by the School of Bioscience and Technology.

Institute of Chemical Technology:

It is most often referred to as UDCT Mumbai. The University of Mumbai founded it as a chemistry department. It has received funding and grants from the UGC, DAE, DBT, DST, and other international organizations.

They have a strong research culture and are the top postgraduate center in India. DBT-ICT, Center for Energy Bioscience, and Center for Green Technology are only a few of the research centers on campus. They have academic partnerships with Indian and international universities. The DBT-ICT center for energy biosciences is a site where bioprocess development and scale-up may be done with integrated fundamental and translational research capabilities. It primarily focuses on building a bioscience and bioengineering platform.

School of Biotechnology:

The institution has a Bioinformatics Center of Excellence, a Plant Molecular Biology Center, and a Genetic Engineering and Strain Manipulation Center. They primarily focus on research and personnel development, offering services in structural bioinformatics, proteomics, database building, molecular modeling, and drug design.

They have substantial DBT, DST, and UGC funding. R-DNA technology for microbes and plants, biophysics, immunology, and immune technology were the main areas of research. It is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to conduct difficult experiments in genetic engineering, genomics, proteomics, and structural genomics.

Shoolini university:

School of Biotechnology and School of Bioengineering, Food Technology, and Agriculture are two schools within the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology. Gujarat Technological University was also recognized for its outstanding research in biotechnology. Its curriculum is created and changed in response to research needs in the industry. Drug discovery, microbial diversity and enzyme technology, agricultural research, Himalayan biodiversity conservation, food fermentation, fortified food development, and nutrition science, as well as etiology of human diseases and diagnostics, including biosensor technology, are among the key areas of research.

Jaypee University:

For the last four years, the Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics has been ranked first among all private universities and institutes in India. Due to its strong R&D program, up-to-date educational curricula, modern laboratory infrastructure, highly qualified faculty, IPR & patents, and graduate placements, (ABLE) has named them one of the best private biotech and bioinformatics education institutions in the country for doing outstanding research and education. The DBT, Government of India, has designated the Department as a Center of Excellence for research in biosynthetic pathway discovery and genetic enhancement of indigenous medicinal plants.

Cochin University:

It has a department of marine biology, microbiology, and biochemistry, which is part of the university's school of marine science. The department is recognized by the DST and the UGC, and it receives financing from Indian government agencies. They mostly focused on marine biodiversity, cyanobacteria, toxic algal blooms, marine ecology, and aquaculture studies. They developed a strong infrastructure and invested in more advanced research equipment. They developed the program so that students are well-versed in all elements of fermentation, molecular biology, genetic engineering, plant tissue culture, and immunological methods.

Indore School of Biotechnology:

Enzyme technology, biotechnology genetic engineering, microbiology, plant tissue culture, and environmental biotechnology are all available in the department. It also features a bioinformatics subcenter that develops high-level research databases and software tools, as well as a unique laboratory with high-quality instruments for doing important research. They administer M.Sc. genetic engineering and M.Sc. bioinformatics admission exams. They have a placement unit that assists and supports students seeking further education in India and overseas.

Karnataka University:

In North Karnataka, there is just one university that focuses on microbiology and biotechnology education which is one of the reasons why is One of the Top Biotechnology Engineering Colleges in India. Reproductive toxicology, medical microbiology, microbial enzyme technology, silk biomaterials, and bioinformatics are among their main areas of study. Glycobiology, cancer, clinical biochemistry, neurochemistry, and toxicity were all areas of research for M.Sc. biochemistry and Ph.D. students. The subject of applied genetics is mostly concerned with human gene research, ontogenetic, and molecular cytogenetics.

IIT Madras:

In 2004, IIT Madras founded the Department of Biotechnology. The department offers two solid integrated (Dual Degree) programs: BS/MS in Biosciences and BTech/MTech in Biological Engineering, both of which place a significant focus on current biology and engineering as well as a variety of laboratory activities.

Sastra University:

They have a chemical and biotechnology school. Industrial microbiology, bioremediation, plant tissue culture, metabolic engineering, gene therapy, biotech, and fermentation technology are among the subjects covered by their faculties. For research purposes, labs are outfitted with extremely useful and necessary instruments.

Their bioinformatics labs are solely dedicated to drug design and discovery. CSIR has designated 12 research centers, one of which is this department. They have important offline software packages, such as offline genes and medication packagers.

Biotechnology Course in India

B.Tech Biotechnology Course, Fees, Admission, Syllabus, Duration, Eligibility & Colleges 2024. Biotechnology course in India

Top Biotechnology Engineering Courses
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M.Tech Biotechnology Course
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So, if the area of Biotechnology intrigues you in 11th and 2nd grade and you've contemplated pursuing it further, be confident that this field has enormous potential and worth, and put your best foot forward to get into the academic institute of your dreams.

Two important variables promote educational success: a strong academic system and enough infrastructure. When it comes to biotech, the institution or university in question must be able to give students the proper environment in order for them to fully comprehend the field's intricacy and vastness.

It's worth repeating that biotechnology is a lot more research-oriented and active subject than Civil Engineering or Botany. As a result, students seeking admission to India's Best Biotech Colleges must ensure that the institution or university they pick has a strong academic program and cutting-edge facilities.

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