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Career in Biotechnology Engineering - Course, Syllabus, Scope, Job & Salary

Update on 10 May, 23

Career in Biotechnology Engineering - Course, Syllabus, Scope, Job & Salary

What is Biomedical Engineering

Biotechnology, as the name suggests, is a combination of an array of topics including biology and technology that includes mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, biochemistry, immunology, genetics, agriculture, etc. In this field, other organic substances like bacteria or enzymes are used and other living cells are used and a mixture of different technologies are applied together to improve them on a specific product for them or on it.

Building a career is one of the most promising Careers in Biotechnology in India and abroad. With the upcoming new technologies, biotechnology work involved in healthcare, medicine, and R & D. Since it can be implemented in different areas, agricultural medicine, nutrition, environmental protection, animal science, etc., its scope is quite detailed.

Since this is a scientific research-oriented field, it is well understood as managerial know-how to find the right mix of technology. There are tremendous job opportunities in this field not only in India but also abroad. In fact, in the last decade, prospects have increased manifold in biotechnology. There is a significant increase in this area.

What is the work of a Biotechnologist:

Biotechnologists have major revised yields and new practices that are more time-consuming and cost-effective to path-break progress in this area. The quality of seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers is quite good. Biotechnologists have major revised yields and new practices that are more time-consuming and cost-effective to path-break progress in this area. The quality of seeds, pesticides, and fertilizers has been significantly improved, Thanks to Biotechnologists. Therefore, there are good biotechnology jobs in this area.

To get healthcare, medicine, or R & D job for a biotechnologist, it is important to display a certain personality trait. Enthusiasm for a high level of intelligence with hard work and a natural bent of mind is a must. These are the team spirit, apart from the ability to work for new innovations, perseverance, imagination, long, originality, hours for determination, willpower, there are some important traits that a successful biotechnologist should display. There are various professional courses in biotechnology that one can pursue and pursue a successful career in this field.

Following are the institutes to pursue your career in biotechnology:

  • Center for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) Hyderabad
  • Institute of Biosciences and Sustainable Development (IBSD) Imphal
  • Institute of Life Sciences (ILS) Bhubaneswar
  • National Agricultural Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) Mohali
  • National Brain Research Center (NBRC) Manesar
  • National Center for Cell Science (NCCS)
  • National Institute for Plant Genome Research (NIPP), New Delhi
  • National Animal Biotechnology Institute (NIAB), Hyderabad
  • National Institute of Biomedicine Genomics (NIBMG), Kalyani
  • National Institute of Immunology (NII) New Delhi
  • Rajiv Gandhi Biotechnology Center (RGCB) Thiruvananthapuram
  • Regional Biotechnology Center (RCB) National Capital Region, Gurgaon
  • Transitional Health Science and Technology Institute, (T.H.I.T.I.) National Capital Region, Gurgaon
  • Institute of Stemcell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (Institute), Bangalore

Types and Duration of Courses:

Biotechnology is a challenging course under which many courses and syllabi are included. Candidates interested in making a career in biotechnology can still do this course after completing the 10th class (Intermediate Level). By reading, understanding, and analyzing this course, you can get very good information. You can also get a Doctoral degree under this course provided you want to explore the various nuances and details contained in this branch of science.

Diploma Courses:

In order to get a Diploma in Biotechnology, students can apply for this course in those colleges that offer this diploma course to the students after passing the 10th class. The duration of this course in India is 3 years.

Undergraduate Courses:

If you offer institutes and universities undergraduate courses, you can apply for graduation in biotechnology. The duration of this undergraduate course is 4 years and students have to pass an entrance exam for admission in this undergraduate course.

Postgraduate Courses:

At the level of post-graduation, this course is often referred to as MSc in Biotechnology or Amtek in Biotechnology. It depends on the university or institution that offers the post-graduation degree or diploma to the candidates. The duration of this course at the postgraduate level is only 2 years.

Doctoral programs:

Those candidates who want to get a doctoral degree in biotechnology can apply for Ph.D. courses after completing their post-graduation. The duration time of Ph.D. courses is usually 3 to 4 years which depends on the research work involved to complete the thesis. Ph.D. can be done full-time and part-time.

How to take admissions in Biotechnology course:

Anywhere, the admission process is a very challenging but important step to start a great career in Biotechnology. When a student wants to take admission in a particular course in a particular college, it is necessary for him to follow the various steps in an orderly. In this entire process, the first step is to understand the eligibility criteria for a particular course. Once you know of the Eligibility Criteria, you want to apply for that course, then the next step of this process is to find out about the prescribed examinations to get admission in the desired college.

Highlights of Career in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an emerging field of science, which will keep open the option of the cooperative sector and traditional science. Provides comprehensive career opportunities in biotechnology, biotechnology industry, agriculture and allied industries, pharmaceutical companies, food processing industries, and research. Persons wishing to get employment promptly can get employment after graduation. Any person can go into employment related to production, sales, and management in the biotechnology industry, pharmaceuticals, chemical or agricultural, and allied industries.

  • Even the biotechnology industry employs biotechnology, essential machinery, and equipment-based infrastructure industries
  • Teaching at all levels in educational institutions gives an opportunity to biotechnologists because this region is in the development phase and is still expandable. Research and development is another such option, in which there are wide opportunities to acquire knowledge along with employment

Following are the Top colleges of Biotechnology courses:

Biotechnology is an important course that offers various institutes all over India. From those some are Top biotechnological institutes recognized by the UGC, which have been highly praised by the institutes in the NIRF ranking for the year 2024:

Sr. No.


Indian Institute of technology



Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering (BSBE), IIT



Department of biochemical and engineering, biotechnology and Indian Institute of Technology

New Delhi


Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology



Department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering, IIT




Department of Biotechnology, IIT



Department of Biotechnology, IIT



Center for Biotechnology, Anna University



Department of Biotechnology, IIT



Institute of Chemical Technology


Scope for students after completing Biotechnology:

Biotechnology has made a significant place in India. This field includes: Pharmaceutical, Food Manufacturing, Healthcare, Agriculture, Education and Research, have been involved. Apart from the above fields, the contributions of biotechnology cannot be overlooked in many other fields. Biotechnology provides lots of employment opportunities for the youth of India. Now we mention the different areas that have great potential for the instant development of students studying Biotechnology.

  1. Medical Writings
  2. College and University
  3. Pharmaceutical companies
  4. IT companies
  5. Health Care Centers
  6. Agriculture Sector
  7. Animal Husbandry
  8. Genetic Engineering
  9. Research Laboratories
  10. Food Manufacturing Industry
Salary packages a student will get after completing Biotechnology

According to the report, India is one of the Top 12 Biotech destinations in the World and it is ranked 3rd in the Asia Pacific. There are 350 biotechnological companies all total. In India doing specialization courses in biotech can now prove very beneficial. Here are the salary expansions of a Career in Biotechnology, which you should know before starting your career in this field. These are the Salary Expectations, which vary according to your senior level in any company. Details are as follows:

Salary packages in Lacks

For Freshers




Senior Level




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