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Architecture Courses After 12th

Update on 2024-04-19

Architecture Courses After 12th: Fees, Duration, Career, Eligibility, Job and Salary

Architecture Courses After 12th

Architecture is the art of planning, constructing, and designing. buildings and their layouts. The scenario of metropolitan constructions and building edifices has been drastically changed in recent times. The complete credit for such improbable building structures and skyscrapers goes to contemporary architects. Their creativity, working the long working hours, and visualization features amaze everybody for their skill set.

Their creativity can be sentenced by practicing the cases of some architect marvels like Burj-al-Arab in Dubai, Taiwan 101 in Taipei, Red Pepper House in Kenya, and many more beautiful structures. There are many specialized fields in this area such as urban preparation, civil design, landscape construction, fabricating sciences, raising material engineering, and project management. They have the challenge to create an artistically as well as aesthetically delightful design with given resources. On the other hand, this is one of the highest paying jobs with healthy growth throughout the world.

If you have passed your higher secondary examination and want to make a career in architecture, then this article might be extremely helpful to you. Due to globalization,  more and more people want to build their houses in a beautiful way. Thus the demand for architects in markets is increasing rapidly. If you are seeking for pursuing Architecture Courses After 12th, then you are in the right zone.

Eligibility Criteria for Architecture Courses After 12th

  • For Architecture Courses After 12th, you should have at least passed your higher secondary exam with at least 50 % marks in PCM.
  • To attain postgraduate courses such as master’s you should have at least passed your graduation in architecture or equivalent.  
  • For acquiring doctoral courses, you should have at least passed your master’s degree with 55%.

Top Architecture Courses After 12th

Bachelor Programmes-

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture Engineering
  • Bachelor of Technology in Architecture Engineering

The Bachelor program in Architecture is one of the Architecture Courses After 12th focuses on the subjects from the fields of engineering, arts, and technology to the professional practice of architecture. B. Arch is an integration of both theory and studio exercises. The time duration of bachelor programs spans a  period of 5 years.

  1. Diploma in Architecture Engineering
  2. Diploma in Architecture Assistantship

Diploma Programmes in Architecture-

Diploma in Architecture Engineering is a certificate-level course in the field of Architectural engineering and its allied fields. It is one of the best Architecture Courses After 12th. The course can be pursued by applicants after completion of their class 10th or 12th education. The time duration of this course is three years duration with a semester-wise system of examination consisting of 6 semesters. Getting a diploma is achieved by tending a study program administered by a technical or community college.

An advanced diploma program typically gets one to two years to perform for most students. A diploma provides more job and education opportunities. Scholars interested in implemented mathematics might want to pursue architecture studies. Several classes educate individuals on the process to design cost-effective, visually eye-catching, and structurally attainable homes and buildings by emphasizing engineering principles and problem-solving procedures.

Master’s program in Architecture-

These are postgraduate programs in architecture. You can pursue these programs after the successful completion of a bachelor's degree in architecture. The time duration of this course is 2 years but if you want to pursue an integration course of bachelor’s + master’s degree in this field, it could take 7 years.

  1. Master of Technology in Architecture Engineering.
  2. Master of Technology in Town and Country Planning.
  3. Master of Philosophy in Architecture Engineering.
  4. Master of Architecture (M.Arch).

Ph.D. in Architecture-

The Ph.D. in Architecture is a three-year analysis degree allowing the opportunity for autonomous examination under the guidance of a departmental division of the organization. Only those candidates can pursue this program who meet the course requirements and whose research interests match those of an available member of the academic staff.

Note: Architecture is a vast field, and it is one of the most difficult ones that you must think about one more time before pursuing it. It is suggested that one should definitely check their skills and interest area before pursuing any course as it is a matter of their whole career. At College Disha, we offer students the best career counselling in India, in which consultants suggest suitable career options by analysing their areas of interest and skills. 

Career prospects for Architecture Courses After 12th

It’s the future of real blessing. The buildings and high-rise structures in metropolitan agglomerations have raised the value of architects' manifolds. They have diverse tasks to create houses in corporate jobs, homes, industrial complexes, clinics, hotels, malls, etc. Architects may correlate themselves with firms or even work individually. They can also be hired by renowned international firms like Atelier Bow-Bow, Leo A Daly, Zaha Hadid, Erick Van Egraat, Dude Architects, PageSoutherlandPage, Gresham, Smith and Partners, and Rafael Vinoly Architects 

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Role of an Architect

  • Fix stipulations for the sites
  • Coincide the clients to know the very objective of the sites
  • Tour the sites
  • Try to find unique works after doing brainstorming in their exhibitions.
  • Supervising the workers
  • Consider the amount of material, expenditure, and time of completion
  • Maintain contracts linked to situations

Best qualities and skills of Architects

  • Analytical skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Organizational skills and flexibility
  • Technical skills
  • Visualization skills
  • Sharp mathematical acumen and dexterity
  • Up to date with current and social environmental issues
  • Having keen observation
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Scientific temper
  • Ability to sketch
  • Leadership and supervisory skills
  • Team spirit
  • Immense physical stamina
  • Good memory along with a high concentration level
  • Observation skills

Architect government jobs

There are many companies, departments, and organizations in the government that engage architects on a regular or expert basis. Some of the front head government organizations are being given below:

  • Public Work Department
  • Archeological Department
  • Ministry of Defense
  • National Building Organization
  • Town and Country Planning Organization
  • Department of Railways
  • National Institute of Urban Affairs
  • Post and Telegraphs
  • Public Sector Undertaking
  • Housing and Urban Development Corporations
  • National Building Construction Corporation Ltd.


  • The starting pay packet for architects in India ranges between Rs. 30-40k.
  • The payment is increased after gaining experience in the field.
  • A suitable candidate may earn lakh of rupees/month.
  • The remuneration is also high with passed out from the premier architect colleges.
  • The private firms pay a hefty salary to deserving and experienced candidates.
  • They are also selected for international markets such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai with handsome pay packets.

Architect jobs Abroad

The profession of architects is expected to grow by 17%  according to a survey from 2012 to 2024, which is active than the culmination of the occupations. The average salary of architects abroad is $73 k. In foreign countries, architects work for prolonged hours, especially when finishing deadlines. The self-employed architects have manageable hours. The inclination for sustainable and lush design has also progressed the demand for architects.

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