College Disha

XAT Exam Pattern 2024

The XAT 2024  Exam is structured and adheres to a carefully thought-out format that is appropriate for the field.

Below is a list of the exam patterns for various exams 

Part Topic Description No. of Questions Time Allocated
Part I Decision Making Conditioning, Assumptions,Data Arrangement, Grouping, etc. 28 approx 175 min.(approx)
Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning Vocabulary, Comprehension, Analogy Grammar, etc. 26 approx
Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation Mensuration, Arithmetic, Percentage, Geometry etc. 22 approx
Part II Analytical Essay Writing Essay Writing 1 approx 30 min.(approx)
General Knowledge Constitution of India, Politics, Economy, Sports Business, etc 25 approx
Part III Mock Keyboard Testing - - 5 min. (approx)

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