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REET syllabus 2023

REET syllabus: The REET syllabus will include the subjects and topics of the Level 1 and Level 2 exams. Applicants can download the syllabus from the official website by entering their login details. Candidates can download the syllabus and start preparing for the REET exams.

REET Syllabus 2023

REET Subject wise Syllabus 2023

Given below are the details of the subject wise topics of the REET Syllabus 2023 

REET Child Development and Pedagogy Syllabus


  • Child Development
  • Learning difficulties
  • How children learn and think
  • Teaching Learning process
  • Factors affecting learning
  • Individual differences
  • Understanding diverse learners
  • Meaning and Concept of Learning and its processes
  • Theories of Learning and its implications
  • Action research
  • Meaning and Purpose of Assessment
  • The role of heredity and environment

REET Exam English (Level 1) Syllabus


  • Principles of teaching English
  • Teaching-learning materials
  • Development of language skills
  • Unseen prose
  • Comprehensive and continuous evaluation 

REET English (Level 2) Exam Syllabus


  • Unseen poem
  • Principles of teaching English
  • Basic knowledge of English sounds and their phonetic transcriptions
  • Modal auxiliaries, phrasal verbs, idioms
  • Challenges of teaching

REET Exam Environmental Studies Syllabus

  • Family- Personal relationships, Social abuses, nuclear and joint families, addiction and it's personal, social, and economic effects.
  • Clothes and habitat- Clothes for different seasons, Handloom and power loom, Maintenance of clothes at home, habitats of living beings.
  • Public places and Institutions- Public places, public properties, employment opportunities, general information about Panchayat, Legislative Assembly, and parliament.
  • Our culture and civilization- National festivals and fairs, dresses, food habits, art and craft of Rajasthan, Tourist places, and great personalities of Rajasthan.
  • Transport and Communication- Means of transport and Communication and its effect on lifestyle, Rules for pedestrian and transport.
  • Living beings- Levels of organization of plants and animals, Knowledge of reserve forest and lifestyle, Conservation of species of plants and animals, Diversities of living organisms, state bird, state animal, state flower and the state tree, Kharif and Rabi crop.
  • Personal hygiene- Balanced diet and its importance, external parts of our body and cleanliness, common diseases, causes and methods of prevention, pulse polio campaign.
  • Concept and scope of environmental studies- Environmental studies and environmental education learning principles, Scope and relation of environmental studies to Science and Social Science, Significance of environmental studies, activities.
  • EVS pedagogy- Practical work, Comprehensive and continuous evaluation, Teaching-learning aids, problems of teaching. 

REET Mathematics Exam Syllabus

  • Fundamental mathematical operations - Additions, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Indian currency and concept of Fraction
  • Whole numbers up to 1 crore
  • Profit and loss, Simple interest, Unitary method, Average.
  • Concept of fraction, Addition and subtraction of fraction, Prime and Composite numbers, LCM and HCF.
  • The point, line, ray, line segment.
  • Plane and solid geometric figures, plane and curved surfaces, properties of plane, Angle and their types, Measurement of areas and standard units of length between them, Area and perimeter of plane surfaces, and square and rectangle between them.
  • Mathematics pedagogy- Logical thinking in Mathematics, Language and Community in Mathematics, place of Mathematics in Curriculum, Evaluation through formal and informal methods, Diagnostic and Remedial teaching, Error analysis and relative aspects of teaching and learning.

REET Exam Science Syllabus 

  • Chemical substances
  • Force and motion
  • Heat
  • Living beings
  • Light and sound
  • Innovation
  • Methods of Scientific teaching
  • Microorganisms
  • Animal reproduction and adolescence
  • Human body and health
  • Nature and structure of Sciences
  • Remedial teaching
  • Solar system
  • Science and Technology
  • Nature and structure of Sciences
  • Understanding the Sciences
  • Text materials and aids 

REET Exam Social studies Syllabus

  • Indian civilization, culture, and society
  • Indian Constitution and Democracy
  • Mauryan, Gupta, and Post Gupta period
  • Compositions and functions of the Government
  • Main components of the earth
  • Resources and Development
  • Geography and Resources of India
  • History and Culture of Rajasthan
  • Pedagogical issues 1
  • Pedagogical issues 2 

Best Books for REET Exam 2023

REET Level 1 Exams





All in One

Lakshya Publication

Daksh Publication

Rai publication

REET Level 2 exams





Child development and Pedagogy

P D Pathak

S Mangal

Himani Singh

Dheer Singh Dhabi



Lucent Publication

Arihant Publication



R S Agarwal


Social Studies

Arihant Publication


All in One (Full syllabus)- Level 2

Lakshya Publication

Rai Publication

Disha Publication


All in one


Preparation Tips for REET Exam 2023

  • A correct and detailed knowledge of the syllabus is very important for any competitive exam. After downloading the complete REET Exam syllabus 2023, make a study routine and study all the subjects accordingly.
  • You can make your foundation strong by first studying the books of NCERT and CBSE Boards before moving on to the best books for the REET exam 2023 for the required subjects.
  • You must be thorough with the basics of Language and Grammar and practice writing regularly. Practice unseen comprehension passages to improve your language skills.
  • Get the recently updated syllabus for REET 2023 so that you have knowledge of all the subjects and topics of the exams. Study according to the syllabus and make a routine that fits all the topics for the different subjects.
  • Practice well for the Mathematics and Science section and know how to deal with child behavior for the Child behavior section. This section has objective-type questions and you can score well if you prepare well. Practice previous years' question papers to know the pattern and get a good grip over each topic. For Mathematics practice from the NCERT books to grasp the chapters effectively.
  • Maintain your health by eating the right food and drinking water at regular intervals. Keep yourself stress-free by connecting with your family and engaging in healthy recreational activities.
  • Take breaks at regular intervals instead of studying continuously for long hours. Studying will lead to fatigue and difficulty in concentration.
  • After you complete studying the complete REET Exam syllabus, attempt mock tests and solve sample papers to know the areas that need focus. Evaluate your performance with the help of mock tests and also learn to finish the question paper on time. Since three is no negative marking in the REET exams, try to solve as many questions on time as possible. Try to answer all the high-scoring questions to get more marks in the exam.
  • Start your preparations early instead of preparing at the last moment. Divide your time as per the weightage of the topics and prepare a timetable in such a way that you can study all the subjects regularly.

REET Exam Syllabus 2023

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