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Bihar TET Syllabus 2023

Bihar TET Syllabus: Those candidates who want to appear in BTET Examination, may check the Bihar TET Syllabus of the examination. The BTET Syllabus would be as per last year's information brochure. In case if there will be any changes in BTET Exam 2023 notification, they will be updated here. BTET Exam Pattern, Paper Pattern, and Marking Scheme The State Teachers Eligibility Test (STET) is conducted for each state separately to shortlist candidates in the position of primary and secondary school teachers in different primary and secondary aided and unaided government schools of the state.

Bihar TET Exam Syllabus 2023

The Bihar TET Examination Department (BSEB) has uploaded the Bihar TET Syllabus in PDF format in Hindi. In this article, we are providing the completed BTET Syllabus 2023 (Paper-I and Paper-II). Eligible and Interested Candidates check and download all Subject Bihar Teacher Eligibility Test Syllabus in PDF format from its official website.

Bihar TET Exam Syllabus:

BTET Syllabus: The exam is organized by the State Boards of Secondary Education of the particular state in which the appointments have to be made. The exam is held every year in the months of June/ July respectively for all the states. Given below are the details of the exam including the paper pattern and selection process for all the interested candidates to go through.

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Bihar TET Syllabus 2023 - BTET Syllabus

The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) is going to conduct the Bihar TET Exam in June 2023. Candidates who are appearing in the Bihar TET Exam should be aware of the Bihar TET Syllabus 2023. The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has uploaded the Bihar TET Exam Syllabus on its official website. Applicants can access the Bihar TET Syllabus Subject- Wise from its official website i.e for both the papers (I &II).

The Bihar TET Syllabus 2023 will help the candidates to know their subjects and subject's topic paper-wise. Candidates can use the Bihar (BTET) TET Syllabus to make a perfect preparation plan.

BTET Paper 1 & 2 Syllabus:


  • Child development and Pedagogy
  • Language I (Hindi / English/ Urdu/ Bangla/ Maithili)
  • Language II (Hindi / Urdu/ Bangla / English/ Maithili)
  • Mathematics
  • Environmental Sciences


  • Child development and Pedagogy
  • Language I (Anyone of Hindi / Urdu / Bangla / Maithili / Bhojpuri / Sanskrit / Arabic / Persian / English)
  • Language II (Anyone of Hindi / Urdu / Bangla / Maithili / Bhojpuri / Sanskrit / Arabic / Persian / English)
  • Mathematics and science or sociology
Child Development And Pedagogy
Language I
Language II
Social Studies/Social Sciences

Concept of development and its relationship with learning

Remedial Teaching

Pedagogy of Language Development 15 Questions

Number System



Principles of the development of children

Language Skills

Learning and acquisition

Knowing our Numbers

Source of Food

When, Where and How

influence of Heredity & Environment

Role of listening and speaking

Principles of language Teaching

Playing with Numbers

Components of Food

The Earliest Societies

Socialization processes:

  • Social world & children 

Principles of language Teaching

For communicating ideas, A critical perspective on the role of grammar in learning the language

Whole Numbers

Cleaning Food

The First Farmers and Herders

Concepts of child-centred and progressive education

Learning and acquisition

verbally and in written form

Negative numbers and integers

Materials of daily use

The First Cities

Critical perspective of the construct of Intelligence

Pedagogy of Language Development

Challenges of teaching a language in a diversified classroom; language difficulties, errors, and disorders.



Early States

Multi-Dimensional Intelligence

Language Comprehension

Language Skills


The World of the Living

Political Developments

Language & Thought


Evaluating language comprehension and proficiency: 

  • Speaking,
  • Listening,
  • Reading
  • writing

Introduction to Algebra

Moving Things People and Ideas

Culture and Science

To address the needs of the children with learning difficulties, and impairment, etc


Teaching and learning materials: 

  • Textbook, multimedia materials multilingual resource of the classroom

Ratio and Proportion

Electric Current and circuits

New Kings and Kingdoms

Addressing the Talented, Creative, Specially abled Learners


Remedial Teaching



The sultans of Delhi

  • Basic processes of teaching and learning
  • children’s strategies of learning
  • learning as a social activity
  •  A social context of learning.

Basic geometrical ideas (2-D)

Natural Phenomena


A Child as a ‘scientific investigator’ and  a problem solver


Understanding Elementary Shapes (2D-3D)

Natural Resources

Creation of an Empire

Cognition & Emotions


Symmetry: (reflection)


Social Change

Motivation and learning


Construction (using Straight edge Scale, protractors, compasses)


Regional Cultures

Factors contributing to learning – personal & environmental






Data Handling


Planet: Earth in the solar system




Environment in its totality: natural and human environment


Human Environment: settlement, transport, and communication


Air and Water


Resources: Types-Natural and Human


Social and Political Life






Local Government


Making a Living




State Government


Understanding Media


Unpacking Gender


The Constitution


Parliamentary Government


The Judiciary


Social Justice and the Marginalised

Distribution of the Marks for Paper- 1 and 2

The marks distribution for Bihar TET Syllabus paper-1 and paper-2 is given below in table format


निर्दिष्ट विषय वस्तु

100 Marks

शिक्षण कला एवं अन्य दक्षता

50 Marks

Bihar Teacher Eligibility Test: Selection Process:

The Bihar TET Recruitment 2023 selection process will be based on:- 

  • Written Exam
  • Physical Fitness Test

Check Bihar TET Syllabus

Bihar TET Syllabus 2023

In Child development:
Bihar TET Syllabus for Pedagogy and Child Development :

1. Inclusive Education concept and to understand the special needs of children: Addressing disadvantaged & deprived learners from various backgrounds
2. Addressing the Talented
3. Creative
4. Especially able Learners
5. Addressing children needs with their difficulties in learning
6. Learning & Pedagogy: to understand children learning and thinking process; how & why children ‘fail’ to accomplish success in their performance at school
7. Basic processes of teaching and learning
8. Children’s strategies of learning; learning as a social activity
9. Learning social context
10. Other concepts of learning in children
11. Understanding children’s ‘errors’ as significant steps in the learning process
12. Cognition and Emotions
13. Motivation & learning
14. Contributing Factors to learning: personal and environmental
15. Child Development related to primary school

Bihar TET Syllabus 2023

Bihar TET Syllabus for Environmental Studies:

Bihar TET Syllabus 2023

1. Practical Work Basic Primary and Elementary level EVS fundamentals
2. Pedagogical Issues: EVS Concept & scope
3. Environmental Education & Environmental Studies
4. Presenting concepts Approaches
5. Importance of Environmental Studies and Integrated Environmental Studies
6. Learning Principles
7. Activities
8. Scope & relation to Science & Social Science Material of Teaching
9. Aids
10. Experimentation

Bihar TET Syllabus 2023

BTET Syllabus for Language I & Language II:

1. Acquisition and Learning in language development pedagogy
2. Listening roles and speaking
3. Principles of languages and Teaching
4. Critical aspects of grammar
5. Remedial Teachings
6. Teaching challenges in the classroom to evaluate proficiency in language comprehension
7. The material of teaching in learning
8. Language Skills
9. Language Comprehension: Reading unseen passages
10. Verbal abilities
11. Grammar
12. Inference

BTET Mathematics Syllabus:

1. Geometry: Shapes and their local understanding
2. Numbers: numbers and operations
3. Currency: Money resolve problem
4. Measurement: Length, Mass, Weight, Volume Time
5. Game of statistics
6. Mental math pattern
7. Nature and nature of mathematics
8. Importance of maths teaching
9. Methods of mathematics teaching
10. Math’s language
11. Mathematical location in the curriculum
12. Teaching problems in math
13. Diagnostic and therapeutic teaching and assessment
14. Analysis of errors
15. Learning-related dimensions 

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