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Tips to Prepare Class 10th Science with NCERT Solutions

Update on 2024-04-15

5 Study Tips to Prepare Class 10th Science with NCERT Solutions


Study Tips & Tricks for NCERT 10th Science:

The class 10th science board exam is a crucial exam for students who wish to study the subject in higher classes. Currently, teachers and parents share a common belief that students can score higher marks on 10th boards if they study from reference books. However, this is only partially true because the NCERT science book for the 10th is equally important as it forms the basis of preparation even for competitive exams, let alone the 10th science board exam.

As per the education experts, the NCERT 10th Science solution is the best resource for preparing for the 10th science board exam. One cannot deny the above statement as the syllabus has been prescribed by the CBSE. The Board adheres to the curriculum and prepares the CBSE question paper for 10th science accordingly. Moving forward, you should note down 5 study Tips for 10th science with NCERT solutions.

5 Effective Study Tips for 10th Science:

With the growing advancements in the field of technology, the number of students opting for the science subject in 11th is on the rise. However, science subjects at the matric level become difficult for some students. No worries, you can easily master the concept if you follow the 5 Tips for 10th science mentioned below:

Tip #1: Prepare notes from NCERT 10th Science Book:

The first and foremost step while preparing for any exam is to make notes and that too from an authentic source. NCERT science textbook is hands down the best book for preparing 10th science notes. The language of the book is easy to understand and precise; therefore, you will face no difficulty in understanding the concepts.

The best part is that the NCERT books maintain a higher level of quality as these are error-free; you will hardly find misprinted information in the book. It is now evident why you should prepare notes for the NCERT textbook only.

Tip #2: Solve all the examples to score effortlessly:

Do not leave even a single example unsolved while preparing for the board exam. Did you know that almost one-fourth of the question paper contains examples from the NCERT book? It took students long enough to realize this fact, but now they tend to solve every single question in the textbook under the guidance of their tuition or school teachers.

If you are not used to solving examples from the NCERT textbook, then develop this habit to score higher marks with less effort. If you are looking for accurate answers to the questions in the NCERT class 10th science book, it is recommended to view the solutions on the 'Gradeup School' website.

Tip #3: Go through all the activities and experiments:

Science is all about experiments and activities that we perform in our day-to-day lives. Gone are the days when students used to cram the theory and score marks in science subjects. Lately, teachers have recognized this habit of students and begun assessing them based on practical knowledge. As per the latest exam pattern, conceptual and numerical problems constitute more than 50% of the question paper.

Most importantly, the practical knowledge about the topics will strengthen your concepts to the core such that you will remember them for life long. Hence, studying the experiments and activities will not only help you score high marks but enhance your application-based knowledge.

Tip #4: Revise science notes over and over again:

Revision plays a very crucial role and reflects in your performance on the report card. You can assume your notes as raw material and revision of notes can be thought of as a finished product.

Tip #5: Attempt CBSE 10th Previous year papers:

Once you have done your revision, put your knowledge to the test by attempting the CBSE 10th Exam Science question paper. Make sure that you put on the timer before solving the sample question papers. This way, it gives you a virtual sense of solving the question paper.

Note: That's all the students! These five Tips for 10th science with the help of NCERT solutions, will allow you to score better marks in board exams.

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