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Why do We Need Career Counseling

Update on 2024-04-15

Why do We Need Career Counseling? College Disha Provides Free Career Counselling

What is Career Counseling?

Whether you’ve finished school, your Bachelor’s or Master’s- in the end, you’ll always be left with the same question, “What Now?”  A simple question with infinite answers.  For students, the dilemma is even serious. They can be anything they want, from scientists, engineers, to teachers, artists, the range of options to choose from is endless.

However, it is exactly because of these options, choosing a perfect career for you and your personal taste gets difficult, if not impossible. 

Why do We Need Career Counseling?

Most people will spend most of their lives working. From the age of 21 to 67 years approx, people spend their lives at work or “working”, but very few people report being satisfied with their job. This is where career counselling, also known as career guidance, comes into play. It is counselling designed to help students or current working employees to choose, change or leave their career for a career that better suits their personality, dreams, and ambitions. 

Career counselling can help you make heads and tails of your career development by giving you answers to questions about personal interests, skill strength, and how to achieve your goals. 

Who is a Career Counsellor?

In simple words, a career counsellor is an individual trained to aid or help people in their career choices at various stages. He/She will help you in every process and at every stage in your working life.

College Disha has a variety and a wide range of career counsellors trained in providing valuable career-related advice to students. They are a highly skilled team consisting of IIM Graduates and Professors that will help understand the needs and desires of our students and help them choose the best career option. 

In Short, a Career Counsellor Will:

  • Help you figure out who you are, and what you want out of your education, your career, your life. 
  • Be someone you can talk to, about your feelings, frustrations, ideas, and concerns about your career life. They will help you sort out, organize, and make sense of your choices and feelings. 
  • Help you identify the factors that affect or influence your career and development.
  • They will help you determine the ‘next-step. 
  • The advice you in course selection and scheduling.
  • Tell you which field to major in and what career to pursue.

Why you Need Career Counseling?

Career is a life-long process, and hence career counselling can be needed at any stage in life.  Below are the reasons why Career Counseling is beneficial for you:

  • Determine your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Set goals for higher results.
  • Discard confusions related to choices.
  • Support and motivation.

Why Choose College Disha Career Counsellors:

Step-by-step life coach: Our counsellors provide help to students and working class alike. We also provide placements for graduates through our web portal. Even if you get fired or for some reason leave the job, College Disha counsellors will help you get a job after that too. 

From Confusion To Clarification: Our counsellors drive the students from “What to do?” “Why do I do?” and “How to do it?” to “I will do” “This is how I’ll pursue” “This is the best career option for me”, through step by step strategy and guide. They provide a roadmap towards your career journey keeping in mind your personal long term goals. 

Get Free Career Counseling through College Disha:

Everyone needs career guidance at some point in life. Some people may choose to seek Career Counseling very early, perhaps in their 20s. Some may seek career counselling in their mid-life. However, we at College Disha are always at hand to help our students and guide them till the end.  Our trained team of counsellors will help you in numerous ways. some are listed below:

Help pick the right career for you: Our career counsellors are experts in assessing your aptitudes, personality, interests. They use this evaluation to suggest the best career option for you.

Extensive resources and support: Our career counsellors are equipped with the knowledge, and resources related to the latest educational trends, such as jobs that are “in” and jobs that are not. 

Help remove career-related frustration: Choosing a career path can be a demanding path, for both parents and students alike. Our team of career counsellors function in such a way, that this demanding task seems a piece of cake. 

Provide Role-Models: Our team of career counsellors are connected to a wide range of professionals and experts in their fields. This helps students learn and gain information about the specific field they are interested in.  

Help narrow down opportunities: There are numerous jobs in a single career path. The variations and choices in the Engineering field, Doctoral field, Humanities field are endless. Our team of career counsellors helps in narrowing down all these career options to the best career option for you. 

Latest equipment: Our career counsellors are equipped with the latest Psychometric Assessments (Career Assessment). It is a scientific and standardized process carried out to analyse a person’s aptitude and personality, and to judge the best career option for him.   

Courses College Disha offers:

College Disha helps its students at every step in their career path, and as many times our help may be required. We provide career counselling to students currently in their 10th or 12th. We have a neat stack of courses divided into different categories:

Our team of course counsellors help students who are in their 10th standard and who don’t want to study further. They are offered 

  • Diploma Courses
  • Computer Certification courses
  • ITI Courses

Students who have completed their 12th are offered a variety of courses and fields to choose from, according to the abilities of the student.

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