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What is Journalism

Update on 2024-04-15

What is Journalism? | Check Journalism Colleges and their Fees Structure

Best Journalism Colleges in India:

India, a country with a staggering population and an even staggering information rate, will always require people conversant enough to deliver ideas. As there are many people, there are many voices and viewpoints. Journalism is a field much coveted in India, as the number of people watching news and media is increasing day by day. The country with the most number of youths, has one of the largest media chains in the world, with over a thousand news and media channels, in different languages and dialects. This article aims to provide information about the Best Journalism Colleges in India, however, before that, we will attempt to provide a brief description of journalism and salary prospects. 

What is Journalism?

Journalism has been a popular field of career for many students since it is a field where active participation is required by the candidate and rather than being a desk job, it is a field job. There are many forms, genres of journalism, some include hard-hitting investigative journalists, political, news reporting, entertainment, etc. Journalism also encompasses newspapers, magazines, editorial columns, information services, review writing, blogging, features, etc. 

Some critics, bloggers, and students feel journalism includes every platform where viewpoints are shared and debated, answers are found to contemporary political and social problems, etc. This can also be a valid and acceptable definition of journalism. 

Skills for a Good Journalist Possesses:

Journalism is a form of art. Just like every artistic medium, it also requires some amount of skills and technical training, intricate knowledge of the field. Due to this reason, choosing among the Best Journalism Colleges in India is essential for students. Journalists are people who are mainly adept at putting their point across, question and strive to any lengths to get answers. They are the people who are skilled in reading in between the lines of political commentary, news reports, public speeches by politicians, etc. 

Whatever be the specialized field of choice for the candidate, there are certain skills a journalist must possess. Some of them are listed below:

Technical Skills:

Students need to know the basics of journalism and the various processes involved in the process of journalism, from creating a piece to editing to publishing, printing, etc. Many of the Best Journalism Colleges in India do focus on imparting specialized training to their students in the details regarding the processes, equipping students with an overall knowledge and making sure that they know more about journaling than merely writing a piece.

✍ Writing Skills:

Candidates who wish to become fluent journalists must be masters at their art. The most important skill to possess is the skill to write since that is what journalism is all about. Writing is more than just correct grammar, incomprehensible words, etc. There is a certain skill to write and write in such a way that the main idea gets portrayed beautifully to the audience.

✍ Persistence and Investigative Skills:

Journalism is a field where the candidate has to be active and committed. They have to stay up-to-date with the current political information, environmental effects, researches, etc. They also have to have certain investigative skills where the candidate can provide the news in an unbiased, audience-friendly fashion. He or she has to commit to providing uncorrupted, unbiased, original and uninfluenced information and ensure that the audience that gets to know the information can base their opinions in a sound fashion. All of these investigative skills are developed in the dynamic course curriculum of Best Journalism Colleges in India since they design their courses in such a way.


Ethics also means the quality of work. A journalist's piece of writing should be original and factual alongside being original. It is essential to stick to the facts and figures of the news the journalist wishes to portray and he or she should ensure that no biased or corrupt information seeps through.

Best Journalism Colleges in India:

There are many journalism colleges in India and some of them rank pretty high up in the list of the Top Best Journalism Colleges in India. Many colleges have an interactive course curriculum for their students to ensure that they get practical experience alongside the theoretical experience. It is also to develop the habit of reporting and gathering practical training as well.

Below we have listed some of the best journalism colleges in India.

Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore:

One of the reasons why this is on the top list of the Best Journalism Colleges in India is due to the many journalism course options it provides its students. They provide Broadcast journalism, print journalism, multimedia journalism, etc. They also provide their students optional courses alongside, to ensure that they can specialize in the field of their choice, and learn the ethics of the profession alongside.

Average Fee: Rs. 3 lac/-

Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune:

The second college that comes on the list of the  Best Journalism Colleges in India is the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication. Some of the top recruiters conduct placement drives and pool drives on the campus, many of which include names such as Times Now, Zee Network, CNN, IBN, etc. This is the Best Journalism College in India in terms of placement drives. The average salary package of a student can range between Rs. 4 lac to Rs 10 lac annually.

Average Fee: Rs. 10 lac to Rs. 8 lac/-

Lady Shri Ram College For Women, Delhi:

One of the best government colleges for women candidates is LSR, Delhi. The course in this college aims to give women a voice to speak. The course is provided through a variety of lectures, seminars, projects and workshops and even film screenings for their students. The college also has an in-house publication department called SPACE, which is among the best student newsletters in the country.

Average Fee: Rs. 30,000- Rs 35,000/-

Christ College, Bangalore:

The many numbers of illustrious and well-established alumni in the field of journalism have their roots in this university. There are a variety of features that make this university different from the other colleges. Its well equipped technical labs, unique teacher to student ratio (10:1), ensure a quality of education that is not available in most other colleges.

Average Fee: Rs. 1 lac to Rs 2 lac/-

School of Communication, Manipal:

Manipal University is among the best-established universities in the country. This specific constituent unit of the University, School of Communication, is among the best at journalism courses. The school has various collaborations with schools of Norway, France, Germany, etc. The students are given wide and global exposure in terms of the technical and theoretical skills they learn. Due to this fact, the students in this school usually get offered positions in global companies across the world.

Average Fee: Rs. 2 to Rs. 3 lac/-

Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi:

The College offers a very typical kind of exposure to its students early on in their careers since it provides practical training not only in terms of journalism or specifically writing but also encourages its students to equip themselves with the knowledge required for various job roles in the Media houses and departments. This may include freelancing, development studies, policy research, etc. They also teach their students to undertake roles such as teaching in the field.

Average Fee: Rs. 10,000/-

Kishinchand Chellaram College, Mumbai:

This college has a varied and very balanced course curriculum for its students, in which they are imparted technical and practical skills alongside a theoretical knowledge base. A clear historical and social understanding of the dynamics of mass communication is imparted to their students due to which some of their students have also been offered blue-collar jobs in the media industry.

Average Fee: Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000/-

Career prospects for Journalism in India:

The best journalism colleges in India provide placement drives on their campuses for students. Some students also like to study alongside while taking practical internships at newspapers agencies or media houses, etc. This is usually very beneficial for the students since it provides practical exposure like no other.

Some of the popular job designations include Assistant Informations Officer, Staff Reporter, Correspondent, etc. Some of the specialization in journalism include investigative journalism, public relations, visual and print media, advertising, etc. Popular employers are news agencies, magazines, publishing houses including government posts in the Indian Information Service.

Salary Prospects of Journalism in India:

Salaries are also entirely dependent on the experience level of the candidate. This is because it takes a certain amount of experience and failures before a candidate will be able to develop his or her own voice. A salary package usually starts with Rs. 25,000 till Rs. 30,000 per month at entry-level jobs. Once in mid-career or after some level of experience, the salary is expected to increase around Rs. 1 lac per month.

However, many journalists usually take on their own roles and entrepreneur posts later on in their careers, since a higher pay scale is very much expected. In short, Constant travelling, late nights, demanding work hours are included in the package of the career of journalism. Candidates must have a very active and extroverted personality to be able to seek success in this course or field.

Hence students can opt for a variety of colleges since there isn’t a lack of choice, but students should choose a college that suits their financial and personal ambitions and requirements. Some colleges offer a dynamic journalism course and for a lower fee than other colleges that have a purely theoretical approach and charge a higher fee. Thus this article wished to provide information on the Best Journalism Colleges in India and we hope it achieved that.

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