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Career counseling after 10th

Update on 2024-04-15

Career Guidance After 10th - Career Counseling After 10th

Career Counseling After 10th

After passing the 10th board exams, every student finds himself/herself in a dilemma of choosing the right stream. It is a major turning point in a student’s life and most of the students feel quite uncertain about their stream. Stream selection after 10th is one of those major decisions in their life which puts a huge impact on their future career prospects.

During this time most of the students ask themselves “Which stream is best after 10th?” “Which stream should I opt for?” and many other similar questions. That is when career counseling comes into use. Taking career guidance after 10th can help you to choose the right set of subjects and it benefits you in many other ways. It is the best way to ensure the right stream selection after the 10th.

We are writing this article to educate you about the following topics:

  • Reasons to take career guidance after 10th
  • What stream should I choose after the 10th?
  • How to choose the right stream after the 10th?
  • Why choose Science after 10th?
  • Why choose the Commerce stream after the 10th?
  • Why choose the Arts stream after 10th? 
  • Professional courses after 10th

Continue reading the article to find answers to all your questions related to career guidance after 10th and which stream is best after 10th?

Reasons to Take Career Guidance After 10th

Taking career guidance after 10th has so many advantages. Some of the best reasons to take career guidance after 10th are as follows:

  • Professional Career counselors accurately evaluate your strengths areas, weak points, abilities, and skills. Based on them, they identify the ideal stream for you.
  • They provide you with authentic insights into your hidden talents and help you in enhancing your talents by suggesting some tips.
  • They will assist you in planning a career itinerary for you, so you can achieve your career goals on time.
  • They help you to overcome your fears, unwanted habits, and toxic character traits which might be a threat to your career.
  • Career guidance after 10th can give you enlightening information about off-beat career options and trending career options.
  • It can also help you in improving your academic performance.
  • Career counseling is all about exploring yourself! So yes career counseling can definitely help you in becoming a wiser and more confident version of yourself.

What Stream Should I Choose After 10th?

Stream selection after the 10th should be based on parameters such as strength areas, interests, career expectations, skill sets, and strong subjects. Remember, to make the right stream choice, it is imperative to properly evaluate yourself based on these parameters.

Career counselors at College Disha can evaluate you on the basis of these parameters and correctly answer your question “What stream should I choose after 10th?”. These experts conduct assessment tests to identify your strong and weak areas.

Based on the evaluation they suggest you a list of career options suitable for your profile. After the complete assessment and evaluation, you have suggested the right stream for your higher secondary education.

Also, during College Disha’s career guidance after 10th, the career counselor informs you about the subjects, topics, difficulty levels, and career prospects of these streams, so you can make a more informed and confident decision about your 10+2 stream.

How to Choose the Right Stream After 10th?

Following are the steps to choose the right stream after 10th:

Step 1: Identify your Interest

While choosing a stream, it is very important to identify your interests. For eg- some students find Mathematics an interesting subject while others do not! Some students have an artistic approach to everything while some find art boring. Some find learning new languages quite thrilling while others are more interested in tech. Make sure that you keep your interests in mind while choosing your stream.

Step 2: Identify your Strengths and Weaknesses

Many students opt for their steam based on the opinion of parents or peers. People still have a popular opinion that “ Science stream is for intelligent students, commerce stream is for average ones and Arts/Humanities is for students with below-average intelligence.

Well, it is just a myth. Your stream choice should not be affected by such opinions. Despite getting influenced by these myths, it’s better to choose your subjects based on your strengths and weaknesses. Do not choose a subject that doesn’t match your strengths and skillsets.

For example, many students end up taking the Science stream because that’s what most of their friends and family members suggest. In such a case, the student ignores his/her strengths and weaknesses and chooses what seems “cool” or “favorable” to them and their acquaintances. But after a few months in school, he starts disliking his subjects and it reflects well on his/her exam scores.

By taking career counselling after 10th, you can identify your strengths as well as weak areas and avoid such regrettable situations.

Step 3: Research the Stream and their Scope

Before coming to any final conclusion, make sure that you know about your stream’s subjects, difficulty levels, and the career scope it offers. You can take the help of College Disha’s expert Career Counselor.

They are trained and certified in the field of education and psychology. Therefore, they can enlighten you with all the information related to all three streams and their future scope during the career guidance after 10th.

Step 4: Match your desirable stream with your career expectations

This step is just to cross-check that you are heading toward the right path. Your career goals should match your stream. For eg- if you are tech-savvy and fascinated with apps, gaming, and websites and see it as a perfect career for you, then it’s better to take computer science/ computer subjects as a major or additional subject in your stream (preferably science stream).

Why Choose the Science Stream After 10th?

Science Stream has three major sub-domains that are:

  • Non-medical which consists of three major subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • Medical which consists of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the main subjects
  • Students can also choose Maths and Biology both along with Physics and Chemistry

Following are the reasons to choose the science stream after the 10th:

  • Students who are fascinated with science and have genius minds to solve the complicated problems of Mathematics can find this stream suitable for their education and that is why you should choose the science stream after 10th.
  • If you want to pursue your career in the discipline of technology, architecture, medicine, Computer science, or the scientific research field. Then the science stream is a perfect match for your profile and you should definitely choose science after 10th.
  • If you have a zeal to create innovative things then there's no better stream than the science stream as it provides you a strong base for your higher studies and its subjects consist of subjects that teach you the fundamentals of innovation and creation.
  • Also, the science stream offers you a vast scope than any other stream. Almost every sector is open to science students. 

Why Choose the Commerce Stream After 10th?

These are some reasons to choose Commerce stream after 10th:

  • The Commerce stream consists of subjects like Economics, Accountancy, and Business Studies. This stream is a perfect fit for students who see themselves as future managers and bankers.
  • This stream offers you the most respected and lucrative career options like an investment banker, Financial analyst, HR Manager, Chartered accountant, Company Secretary, Business Manager, etc. A commerce stream is best suited for candidates who aspire to become future corporate leaders.
  • The Commerce stream gives you in-depth knowledge about business and accounting. If you want to be involved in your family business or set up your own enterprise, then there is no other better option than the commerce stream. You will be able to manage your finances, taxes, and business operations efficiently after completing 10+2 from the commerce stream.

Why Choose the Arts Stream After 10th?

Arts/Humanities is a stream that offers you versatile career prospects. In addition to this, there are many other reasons to choose the Arts stream after 10th:

  • The best thing about choosing an art stream is that you will have a variety of subjects in your curriculum. You will study subjects such as History, Political science, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Sanskrit, Hindi, and English. The arts stream is the most interesting stream of all three.
  • The arts stream provides a solid base for government competitive exams such as NDA, SSC exams, UPSC exams, and many others.
  • The subjects of the arts stream are not complex like other streams. They are easily understandable.
  • You can save a lot on education expenses as there is no such need for coaching, tuition, or additional classes to understand the subjects.
  • The arts stream is also suitable for students who want to pursue careers as Psychologists, lecturers, teachers, archeologists, and many other trending professions.

Professional Courses After 10th

Since the competition has increased and employers look for skills rather than degrees, many industries have opened their doors for 10 pass graduates. Therefore many students choose to opt for a diploma or certification course right after completing 10th.

They ditch schooling after the 10th and start pursuing courses that suit their interests. If you are someone who is not interested in continuing higher secondary education and looking for a Professional course after 10th then here are some best suggestions are:

List of Best Courses After 10th

Professional Courses After 10th (Polytechnic) Professional Courses After 10th (Arts and Commerce)
Diploma in Programming Diploma in Journalism
Diploma in Marine Technology Diploma in Photography
Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Diploma in Game Designing
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Diploma in English/any other language
Diploma in Information Technology Diploma in Food Technology
Diploma in Automobile Engineering Diploma in Makeup & Beauty
Diploma in Electronics & Communication Diploma in Event Management
Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering Diploma in Makeup & Beauty
Diploma in Biotechnology Diploma in Designing
Diploma in Chemical Engineering Diploma in Web
Diploma in Architecture Diploma in Psychology
Diploma in Biomedical Engineering Graduate Certificate in Marketing
Diploma in Leather Technology Diploma in Accounting
Diploma in Textile Technology Diploma in Animation, Art & Design
Diploma in Petroleum Technology Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Plastic Technology Diploma in Hospitality Management
Diploma in Rubber Technology Diploma in Agriculture
- Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery
- Diploma in Acting/Drama

Common fAQ's for Career Guidance After 10th

Ques 1. Which Courses are best after the 10th?

Opting for Career Guidance after 10th is not highly recommended, however, if you really need to find a job, then the career options after the 10th include three branches:

  • Diploma courses after 10th
  • ITI courses After 10th
  • Computer-Certification courses
  • Vocational Courses after 10th

In Diploma Courses after 10th, one can opt for technical diploma courses such as Ceramic Technology, Mining Technology, Petroleum Engineering, etc.

In non-technical courses, one can opt for Architecture assistant, Rubber Technology, Stenography, 3D Animation, etc.

In IT courses, one can choose between Engineering and Non-Engineering courses.

In engineering, one can opt for, Mechanical, Civil engineering, Pump Operator, Sheet-Metal work.

Non-engineering courses, dress-making, Secretarial practice, commercial art, hand composition, etc. 

In Computer-Certification Courses, one can choose between Digital Marketing, Social Media Manager, SEO Consultant, Graphic Designer, etc. 

Ques 2. What are the courses available after the 10th?

  • There are many options available to choose from. Almost every field is open for students after the 10th.
  • NCV, DNS, and Commercial Diving courses are open for students to pursue after 10th class in the Merchant Navy field.
  • Some specialized courses such as Web Designing course, Graphic Designing course, Programming Languages Course, etc are also available for students to pursue in the Computer-industry.
  • Since the competition has increased and employers look for skills rather than degrees, many industries have opened their doors for 10 pass graduates.

Ques 3. What should I do after 10th science?

  • Diploma courses are a favorite amongst 10th-grade pass-outs since they are job-oriented. There are two types of technical and non-technical courses.
  • The programs in the technical field are known as Diplomas in Engineering. These are highly specialized courses that deal with specific fields, such as Metallurgy, Agriculture, Automobile, etc.
  • The non-technical courses are also called vocational courses, and they are in a wide range of fields, such as food production, leather, dairy, beauty care, etc.
  • Students can choose from anyone.
  • For details, please visit the official College Disha web portal.

Ques 4. Is commerce better than science?

  • If we are talking about the course structure, then commerce is easier than science. The science subjects and course structure require students to study extensively and continuously.
  • Science has many diverse career options, there is cut-throat competition. However, Commerce has wider career options and there is less competition, and one can land a job, right after.
  • Commerce is less expensive than Science, you don’t have to attend any expensive coaching classes, and that saves a lot of money.
  • Commerce and Science are different fields and open up different career avenues.
  • Your choice should solely rest on your own dreams, aspirations, finances, etc.

Near Coastal Voyage (NCV), Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS), and Commercial Diving courses are also open for students to pursue after 10th class in the Merchant Navy field. Web Designing courses, Graphic Designing courses, Programming Languages Courses, etc are also available for students who want to pursue careers in the IT industry.

So these were some of the most popular professional courses after 10th highly recommended by “College Disha”. To know more about the best courses after 10th or to get career counseling after 10th, you can contact or write to us.

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