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Difference Between Career Guidance and Career Counselling

Update on 2024-04-15

Difference Between Career Guidance and Career Counselling - College Disha

The importance of career counselling and career guidance in a student’s life can be easily understood if it is compared with the education system. It acts as a guide and counselor to the students from their tender age until they reach the last graduation level.

There is a lot of difference in the concept of career counselling and career guidance. The first one is more about helping students in coming up with their future goals and agenda, while the second one deals more with their inner strength and power and how to help a student achieve in life.

For some people, it might look like a similar concept of career counselling and career guidance but they are two different things that should be used by individuals as an aid to create success. 

Are you wondering what the difference is between career guidance and career counselling? In this article, We will outline what they are and how they can help you choose a career. 

The terms "Career Counseling" and "Career Guidance" are often confused as the same. But there is a world of difference between them. There are two distinct types of career counselling and guidance.

Career counselling is more personalized which not only focuses on helping you identify what you want from your career but also helps you to identify your strengths and weaknesses before recommending suitable courses for you. Career guidance is a step-by-step process that gives technical knowledge on a particular pursuit.

Career counselling has become a very popular career choice, especially for students who want to become successful in the corporate world. Whether you are confused about what career to choose or what course would be most suitable for you, career counselling will give you an answer which will not just help you achieve your goals but also later on in your life.

Career guidance usually involves working with a friendly and well-trained expert who will look into the different aspects of your personality and look for the best-suited career for you.

Career Guidance' is a package of services provided by the career expert in a particular field. The career guidance aims to assist you to be successful in your career. Thus, it can be said 'career counselling and career guidance' are actually inter-connected terms. Career guidance advice from an expert point of view, Career counseling focuses on the individual parts of the problem.


Career guidance is an umbrella term for all the activities and services that are designed to help people make better choices about their careers. Career guidance is the advice you get from the experts. They are not necessarily your parents or teachers. They could be career counselors in school, college advisors, or people at your university's career services office.

Great career guidance can help people solve local career problems, decide what to study in college, or decide whether to start a company. The advantages and disadvantages of the subject matter are defined by the expert. Share all the consequences that will happen in the future because they have already experienced the same things you're going through, and they survived. 

An expert is a person who has deep knowledge and expertise in a particular area and can offer special insights or advice and this is what career guidance involves. Career guidance helps students in making the right career decision and they get ready solutions for their career problems from the expert. People with more experience are better able to give career guidance because they have a broader understanding of the subject matter.


In simple terms, career counselling is defined as psychological guidance given to a person, who is not sure about the career path he or she should take for the rest of his or her life. Career counseling is a process of sharing information and advice to help you with ​​your career decisions.

The student will approach the counselor for guidance regarding career-related issues – interests, aptitude, and personality traits needed for a successful career as compared to alternative careers. A career counselor is someone who helps young people realize their true potential and choose their perfect careers. A career is the whole of your working life and has many aspects: earnings, skill development, and match with your interests and needs. A career counselor helps you fit them all together. Why do We Need Career Counseling?

When students talk to career counselors, they talk about their emotions and how they feel in specific situations. Career Counseling helps a student resolve problems with feelings, thinking, and behaving in real-life situations.

Career counseling is a non-judgmental, goal-driven process where the counselor develops strategies to help students in choosing the best-fit career for them. A career counselor is an individual who listens and gives advice based on a student’s personal and professional circumstances. You can check and visit the Top Career Counselling Companies In India


Both are concerned with the process of deciding what to do next in your career or guiding your decision-making. The difference is subtle but important. It is important to understand the difference between career guidance and career counselling. Whereas career guidance has only an advisory role, career counselling provides definite treatment to the issues of career development. 

  • Career counseling primarily involves pointing out the motives and objectives of actions, whereas Career guidance requires implementing technical advice only.
  • The nature of career guidance is preventive and the nature of career counselling is remedial, healing, and curative. 
  • Career guidance is given on career-related problems and education whereas career counselling is given on education, career, personal, psychology-related problems. 
  • In summary, Career counseling is more encompassing of your life as a whole and provides you options and that makes you more responsible for your future. Career guidance is tailored to the issue at hand and provides an answer to the problem but doesn't help with long-term solutions or overall happiness. Career counselling can profoundly affect your future.
  • An analysis of processes and situations is the core part of career counseling. Career guidance focuses on processes.
  • Career guidance is provided by an experienced person in a particular field. Career counselling is provided by trained expert professionals called career counselors. 
  • Career Counselling is the process of exploring career choices, options, and direction by bringing out interests, skills, values, and aptitudes. Career Guidance is the process of helping a person choose a career path by considering his present, future, and internal demands and requirements for success. 
  • Career Guidance is about the process of getting external advice. Career Counseling is about looking inward for solutions.
  • In Career guidance, the expert decides for you, and in Career counseling, the counselor enables you to decide for yourself.
  • Career counseling is a private matter, and all information you share with your counselor will remain confidential. Career guidance is quite open to discussion. 
  • The career guidance approach is more objective and impersonal, while the Career counseling approach is more subjective and personal.


Career counselling and career guidance are two closely related things that people might well get confused about.

Career Guidance

Career Counselling

Career Guidance helps people know where they want to go and marks out a roadmap.

Career Counselling helps one choose the right path that can take them to their destination.

Career guidance is provided by an expert to help a person(students) to choose careers, jobs, education, etc. Career guidance aims to help the individual find and identify work that is in line with their skills, abilities, achievements, likes, and dislikes to improve their performance potential and chances of success. 

Career Counsellors define career counseling as: "A process where a student shares concerns, information, questions, hopes, or dreams, and the counselor provides relevant information to help the client make informed decisions".

Career guidance is more concerned with helping people to choose which careers to pursue.

Career counselling is the process of helping people make decisions about their careers.

Career Guidance is aim-oriented 

Career Counselling is process-oriented.

In career guidance decisions are taken by the superiors or guide. 

In career counselling, a decision is taken by the student itself with the help of the counselor. 

If you're guided by an experienced person or superior in your career, that person can provide guidance and help you to learn. 

In career counselling, you get trained professional counselor advice for choosing the best career for you. 

Whenever students have a problem they can have career guidance accordingly. 

Career counselling mainly comes into action after class 10th and 12th. and career counseling after 10th becomes so important

In career guidance, there is no need for any psychometric tests and aptitude tests. 

Students need to take tests to assess their skills and interests.

In career guidance, only the related subject expert is required. 

In career counselling, career-certified counselors are required. 

Which is Better Career Guidance or Career Counselling

It is a painful experience for all students who are not successful in any field of career. In this competitive world, people want to reach on top so they can be premium in the sea of workers. Choosing a career plays an important role in a student’s life.

Students are extremely confused and feel down because their hard work just does not pay off. No one knows how to be successful, but still, everyone has their way of doing things. How we have been responsible for guiding the students has been endorsed to each other by parents teachers and students themselves.

That’s why it is always recommended to have some tips or tricks that will help the student confidently while getting success or guidance from any family member or teacher. Generally, guidance comes from teachers and parents and counseling comes from trained professionals. 

A student can develop his skills till he reaches the level of an expert, but unless he has a proper career orientation for choosing his future career, he would not be able to choose the right career. So the students need to take career guidance or career counselling for choosing the right career. 

It depends on students what they need from their careers. If any student knows his interests and knows in which career he wants to go but is not aware of future happenings. Wants to know what happens if he chooses that career.

Here career guidance comes into the picture where an expert in a particular field gives the students advice and helps them choose the right career. Career guidance is important, for many reasons, including establishing a career path that makes the most use of our talents while offering us meaningful work.

If a student is confused about which career to choose, he is not sure about his interest and skills. The career counseling helps students in understanding their interests, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and potential. Based on their interests, a student can choose his best-fit career. Counseling is a type of therapy used to improve an individual's well-being.

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