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Update on 2024-04-15

Career Counsellor Near Me - Best Career Consultant in India

Table of Content:

  • Career Counsellor near me
  • Who are career counselors?
  • Best career counselor Near Me
  • How to find the Best Career Counselling Company?
  • Why do I need a Career Counselor?
  • Difference between Career Counselor and Career Advisor
  • Steps to providing Career Counseling
  • Process to Book an Appointment for Career Counseling
  • Career Counselor fee Charges
  • Free services offered by College Disha
  • Paid services offered by College Disha
  • Conclusion

Career Counsellor Near Me

Are you looking for a career counselor who can guide you towards a successful career path? You will find many career counselors if you are searching on the Internet but how will you know the answer to the question, "who is the best career counselor near me?".

Who are Career Counselors?

Career Counselors provide career guidance to teenagers who are exploring their career options, professionals who are considering a change of career, parents who are returning to the workforce after raising their children, and other people seeking job opportunities. In addition, career counseling can be available in a variety of settings, including group sessions and one-on-one sessions, in person or via digital means.

Best Career Counselor Near Me

If you are looking for a reliable career counseling company, College Disha is the one for you. You may ask, why College Disha? The answer is College Disha counselors will not just suggest any career option for you. They will analyze your skills and aptitude before suggesting the career path that will be best suited for you.
In today’s competitive world, it is not easy to make wise career decisions easily. Besides the popular courses, there are so many career options that you are bound to get confused. College Disha is the one stop solution to all your worries and confusions. So if you are thinking who is the best
career counselor near me, the answer is College Disha.

College Disha will guide you towards a successful career path irrespective of which Class you are studying. So whether you are a student of Class 5th or of Class 12th, you will get the perfect career related solution from College Disha.

How to Find the Best Career Counselling Company?

So how to find the best career counseling company? While selecting a career counselling company, you must keep in mind a few things. The career counselor will help you to bridge the gap between your skills and knowledge. An effective education consultant near me must also have knowledge on courses, colleges, admissions, entrance exams and college fees.
It is not easy to find the best career counseling company as there are so many options on the search engine that guarantee to offer the best services. But College Disha offers some unique services which makes it stand out from the rest.

Following are the unique services which are offered by College Disha:

  • Career guidance for students of any age group (Class 5 to Class 12)
  • Career guidance from industry professionals
  • Best Colleges and Courses near you
  • Internship Opportunities for Freshers
  • Off Campus Placement
  • 5 year Job Guarantee Card

Among all the above mentioned services, the off campus placement and 5 year job guarantee card are the unique services that are only provided by College Disha. To know more about the services, visit the website of College Disha.

Why do I need a Career Counselor?

Today’s youth are living in a highly competitive world where one wrong career move can lead to lifelong regret. A counselor is like a mentor who can quickly identify your interests and suggest career options that are best suited for you.

If this thought of "why do I need a career counselor" still troubles you, given below is the role of a career counselor for students. Take a look at the benefit of a right career counselor.

  • Evaluate your Strengths and Weaknesses

The benefit of a right career counselor for students is immense as they will try to understand what you are good at and what not. Students nowadays will either fall prey to peer pressure or select the career path that is chosen by many. But each student has a unique attribute that only a career counselor will understand. College Disha is a career counseling company that will make you aware of your skills and help you make the correct career choice.

  • Make you aware of Career Opportunities

As a student you will only know about the popular career choices that are opted by many. But there are plenty of other options  that an education consultant is familiar with. These trending courses are offered by the best colleges and paves way for a well paid career path. So those of you who are wondering who is the best education consultant near me, College Disha is the one stop education portal who knows how to boost the career of a student.

  • Understand your skills with Psychometric Assessments

If you are still thinking about how to find the best career counselor near me, here is the answer. College Disha provides the best career counseling near me. College Disha will understand your interests and behavior  through psychometric assessments. After analyzing your aptitude and abilities, College Disha will guide you towards the best possible options that will help you make informed career decisions.

  • Leads way towards your Dream job

The steps to providing career counseling is to help you land your dream job in future. Professional career counseling will eliminate the wrong options and match your skills with the suitable choices that will pave the way to a dream job in future. College Disha knows how to boost the career of a student by guiding them through the entire process of career counseling and appropriate career choices.

Difference Between Career Counselor and Career Advisor

Students who often wonder why do I need a career counselor are also confused about the difference between a career counselor and a career advisor. Though both sound similar, there are some differences between them which we will discuss presently.

Career Counselor Career Advisor
Helps students who are uncertain about their career Helps individuals to excel in their career goals
Analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the student and suggests potential career paths Understands current situation of the client and provide plans to fulfill future goals
Conducts psychometric and personality tests of the students to identify their interests and abilities Analyze the hurdles that the client is facing at present and provides effective solutions
Informs the students on the best colleges and courses,admission procedures and suitable career options Advice the client on the best workplace practices that will improve productivity

Students, now  you know the difference between career counselor and career advisor. If you are still wondering who offers the best career counselling near me, there is only one name and that is College Disha.

College Disha counselors guide the students through their entire journey from course counseling, college counseling, entrance exam information, internship opportunities and career options.

Steps to Providing Career Counseling

Students, now that you have the answer to "who is the best career counsellor near me", it is time to understand the steps to providing career counseling.

Step 1: Psychometric assessments to understand your aptitude and abilities

Step 2: Personality test to identify your true potential and correct attributes of your personality

Step 3: Interest test to understand your preferred courses and subjects

Step 4: Aptitude test to understand your strengths, weaknesses and capabilities

Above Steps, with a unique methods for career counseling, which makes ensure, why College Disha has become the best Career Counselling Company in India.

College Disha has expert counselors who follow all the above mentioned steps to understand the unique characteristics of each student. The counselors then guide the students on several career options that suit their interests and abilities.

Process to Book an Appointment for Career Counseling

Students, now that you are clear about "why I need a career counselor", it is time that you book an appointment with the College Disha counselor who will  guide you to a robust career path. So, students who are thinking about how to book appointments for career counseling here are some easy ways.

You can follow any one of these to get in touch with a College Disha Career Counselor:

  • Visit the official website of College Disha and open the Registration page. Fill the form with the necessary academic and personal details and then submit. After submission you will receive a confirmation mail then after a couple of days You will get a call from the College Disha’s counseling team soon.
  • You can Call College Disha career counseling company directly at (+91-9319311001) to fix an appointment. 
  • You can physically visit the College Disha Career Guidance Company directly at the following address:
    • B-48, Sector 63,
    • Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Career Counseling Fee Structure

The career counseling fees are varied for different Counseling services. Most of the career counseling companies demand very high fees for their services and charge clients on an hourly basis. Career counseling at College Disha provides better understanding, clarity, and cost-effectiveness of careers and College Disha’s career counselor fees are very reasonable. College Disha has a range of unique services that are subscription based. Some services are free and students can avail them anytime.

Free Services Offered by College Disha include:

College Directory: Get information on more than 10000 colleges in India.

Entrance exams: Know about the top Entrance exams, application, syllabus and exam schedule.

Important updates: Get notifications on top Entrance exam dates, admit card, result.

Personalized guidance: College Disha experts are ready to resolve your queries anytime.

College counseling: Know about the colleges offering the best courses and subjects as per your interests.

College Disha also offers subscription based courses at a very nominal charge of INR 9,999. The subscription model of College Disha includes both free and paid services.

Paid services Offered by College Disha include:

Course counseling: Psychometric tests to analyze student profiles.

Professional Guidance: Career guidance from industry experts with vast knowledge and experience.

Free Internships: Internship opportunities with reputed organizations.

Off Campus Placement: Get a secured job with good organizations in case you do not get campus placement.

Job Guarantee Card: Avail the job guarantee card which is valid for 5 years after course completion.

College Disha Support: Contact College Disha anytime for Education related guidance.

Conclusion: Students, I hope I have given the answer to your query - career counselor near me. So if you are seeking career counseling advice, call College Disha immediately. Their experienced counselors will resolve all your queries and help you to choose your career path intelligently.

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