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Update on 2024-04-15

Best Career Counselling Company in India - India's Top Career Counsellors Here

Are you worried about your career and Looking for a suitable career option? Don’t Worry! Now you don't have to be stressed and intimidated over your career decisions such as choosing the right course, college, and a career path. Read this Article and you will find the key to the door of having a successful career. Yes, You have read it right, You can become successful in your career and make the right career decisions without getting bothered about failures. Want to know how? By getting the right guidance from the Best Career Counsellors in India.

Why Need Career Counselling in India

There are many Career Counselling companies in India,  but very few companies among them will provide you accurate and effective career guidance, College Disha is among those few companies which are specialized in the field of education and career guidance.

Career Counselling Procees:

  1. One to One Counselling Session
  2. Conducting Various Assessment tests
  3. Profile Analysis and SWOT Analysis
  4. Listing Suitable Career Options
  5. Filtering out suitable colleges 
  6. Planning the academic journey
  7. Networking and Connecting to Industry Professionals.

College Disha is a unique and best Career Counselling Company in India that aims to help students who are struggling to make the right career and course choices. The company understands that choosing among the plethora of course options, college options, and career paths, can be a daunting task, so they have discovered new career counselling techniques to help the students. The College Disha Platform helps students make career choices that are suitable for their overall profile including their interests, abilities, potential, and passion. We've made College Disha is the Top Career Counselling Company in India. The team at College Disha consists of Professional Career Counsellors, Industry Expert Mentors, and Recruiters with deep networks in various employment sectors like Journalism, Law, Corporate, Education, IT. MNC’s etc. Because of such a dedicated and expert team, College Disha can provide the best career counselling in India. 

Top Career Counseling Company in India

At College Disha, we provide you exclusive access to the latest and authentic information about the most promising career options, trending courses, and top-ranked colleges. There are multiple career options available for a student, but many students are less aware of the newly introduced (trending) career fields and courses that can actually benefit them in their future. To make you more informed and aware of the trending courses and career field, the career guidance company acts as an encyclopedia of career information that provides you with all the necessary information and broadens your career options as per your interests and potential. At College Disha, you get complete details about your ideal career and your potential career field.

Many factors make College Disha the Best Career Counseling company in India. Here, students can feel free to discuss their career expectations, their interests, passions, and also their issues that might affect their career. The Career Counsellors of College Disha helps the students to open up their hearts and minds and create a positive environment so they can talk about their interests, concerns, and issues, etc. The Career Counseling Platform has the Best Career Counsellors in India and they are the reason why College Disha is the top choice when it comes to career counselling. They are the first choice for students and parents who want to find out about suitable courses, colleges, and universities in India.

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What is College Disha & What do We Do

College Disha is an art, commerce and science, and engineering-oriented career counselling company. It provides information to several students who are eager to pursue higher education in their desired streams.

College Disha Career Counselling is a unique career counselling service that blends leadership mentoring and executive advice into one package. The uniqueness of the service is in the fact that it looks at careers as an integrated framework. This helps to build confidence and clarity about their career choices. The counsellors who are successful professionals themselves, help students to reflect upon their passions, academic strengths, and personal desires.

Why we are providing Career Counselling in India

Career counselling is the practice of assisting individuals in identifying their strengths and weaknesses to identify the best-suited career options for them. The goal of career counselling is to help you to make better or we can say “accurate” career decisions that can serve you in the long term and also give you the knowledge and skills to build a prosperous and satisfying career.

College Disha is one of the best career counselling companies in India that helps students to explore their hidden potential and abilities and thereafter helps them in realizing the relevance of subjective factors like Identifying the strengths, weaknesses, interests, and aptitudes, which are important for deriving meaningful work from a career. The career counsellor understands the concept of ‘self-actualization’ and different phases in human development that is why they assist individuals to identify their internally derived needs and find ways to bring about positive changes in their lives. You should also know the Benefits of College Counselling and Course Counselling.

Why Should Career Counselling Company in India

If anyone talks about counselling then more than 90% of people always ask "Why do we Need Career Counseling?" because they think that it is a waste of time & money and they can do such things with their relatives and friends without paying a single penny. But they don't realize that his/her friend or relative will guide them on the behalf of their own interests but it's about your interest and career but in the other hand a counsellor will only focus on your interest and help you to build your career as per your potential. Career counselling is one of the most important aspects of career development and it is the first step towards career development. It helps us channel our job skills i.e. our career into an entirely different field or business where we can be beneficial to other receivers as well. Career Counselling helps in various aspects.

Reasons for Taking Career Counseling in India:

Every student should be aware about Career Counselling because this will make your mind clear and get you rid of all annoying thoughts of counselling.

Important Reasons to Meet a Career Counsellor:

  • After completing Higher Secondary Education, Career Counselling is important for the students as it will help them to get a certain clarity about their career goals and expectations. It also helps in breaking the stereotypical career norms like pursuing the traditional courses like Engineering, Medical, etc.
  • Career counselling helps you make decisions that are more in line with your future goals and values and the overall outlook for your future. It ensures that you are heading in the right direction and on the right career path towards those goals you want to meet.
  • Career Counselling helps in breaking unwanted behavioural patterns, there are certain habits like procrastinating, not keeping updated on the latest developments in your chosen career paths, neglecting your emotional and mental health, underestimating yourself, these habits keep us away from being focused and leads to unproductivity.
  • The Employment sector is shrinking constantly and now the students need to explore more promising career options to achieve a sustainable career, which directly makes Career Counselling in India “the need of the hour”.
  • Career Counselling is the process of providing aspiring students with the knowledge and skills they require to make sound decisions concerning their future. It also helps you to identify your network and develop your networking skills to discover job vacancies. In our fast-paced world, networking is necessary for accelerating career development.
  • Choosing your career is the most important, long-term decision an individual makes once in a lifetime. Career decisions may affect personal finances, satisfaction and happiness, stress levels, and one's identity as well. So Career Counselling is strongly recommended to the students as During course counselling, you are informed about the upcoming obstacles that will come in your career path. This will help you to prepare yourself for future difficulties and make better decisions.
  • Every student has to make major career decisions at some point in their lives. The process of career decision is not easy as it seems but, career counselling makes one feel relaxed and also helps the student to design a Career Roadmap for you, so you can achieve the goals without getting off-track.

Impact of Career counselling in Career:

The impact of career counselling on the life of students is enormous. It influences their future and standard of living as well. The power of career counselling is the ability to facilitate the involvement and collaboration of parents, counsellors, and students. It has been noticed that career counselling had a great influence on the lives of many people all over the globe. It helps people to get a career path and understand his/her potential.

  • Students are overburdened with the unnecessary burden of anxiety. It manifests itself in various forms. The most common among them is the experience of a student being bogged down by the pressure (exams, results, preparation) and failing to perform. Students are stressed about social issues such as making friends. getting along with family members and teachers, or managing the workload, friendships, career prospects, and so on. Their inability to handle change leads to frustration, stress, and often depression. Career Counseling on the other hand helps the individual to open up and discuss the insecurities and issues he/she is facing which directly or indirectly affect his/her career.
  • One of the most important things at this point is career counselling. It is very important for the students to find out their aptitude, likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, and what they would be good at. By working on this information, students can build a career based on their choice which will give them joy while working.
  • There is no life without a career. Everyone wants a prosperous career to enjoy a good life with full freedom. All students need career counselling to become successful in their lives. Career counselling can help students in gaining a new approach to decide on their future careers.
  • Career Counselling helps in breaking Many factors that make unwanted behavioural patterns like procrastinating, overthinking, self-doubts, underestimating yourself, etc. which are becoming a blockage in your career path.
  • Many factors play an important role in deciding the career of a student at each stage of his life. An individual should get well aware of these factors at every stage in his life so that he could make the best decision making for choosing his career.

Top Career Counselling Company in India:

College Disha provides the Best Career Counselling Company in India, the company is specialized in providing career guidance to students. While many new companies claim to understand the various Career options open for students, College Disha has already been working in this field for 7 years and has helped many students to achieve their dream career goals.

At College Disha, they help students get the best possible education at any level be it undergraduate or postgraduate level, etc. Their mission is to provide an enriched educational experience to the students.

Why Choose College Disha?

The secret behind College Disha’s success is the exclusive 'brain mapping' process they use to help students discover their passions and the careers that suit them best.

What makes them different is the ability to strike that right balance between being a mentor and an executive. They understand that students have to make career decisions in isolation, without any viable second opinion. They know that the best way to help a student understand his strengths and weaknesses is to face challenges directly from life. To provide second opinions you need experience, and to have experience, you need guidance from an expert. College Disha has all of it!

  • College Disha provides college counselling in India.
  • College Disha provides course counselling in India.
  • College Disha provides career counselling in India.
  • It is a career counselling company based in India. But unlike other companies in the field, they offer a combination of leadership mentoring and deep insights from industry professionals. Moreover, they provide multiple career counselling and career development services under one roof.
  • It helps students to believe that they can do better than average. They motivate students to think out of the box and explore their niche.
  • It opens up the world of corporate and white-collar sectors for students by taking them into these places and under the guidance of professionals, guides them to an illustrious career.
  • It is unquestionably the foremost provider of career counselling in India. If you want to know about courses, colleges, and universities in India, then look no further than College Disha.
  • College Disha has the best career Counselors in India. College Disha career counsellors provide various career counselling services for personality development, career profiling, aptitude tests, job search strategy, and management to the students.
  • College Disha’s objective is to help you carve a niche for yourself in the best professional environment – enabling you to chart your course to success.

Process of Career Counselling Company in India:

Career counselling refers to the process by which individuals get intellectual and emotional support from others as they attempt to devise a satisfying career for themselves. In the context of education and training, counsellors help students to achieve an awareness of their abilities, aptitudes, interests, values, and external opportunities; and to choose appropriate occupations or professions. At College Disha, students are counselled by professional career counsellors. They provide students with the best facility for career counselling and make sure that they make the right career decision for their future. College Disha aims to provide the best counselling in India and help the students to overcome the fear of career failure. 

Students often need to be counselled to ensure that they make the right career decision. Students need to be counselled in such a way that they do not feel humiliated nor excluded, They need enough information to find appropriate courses. They should be aware of the courses available so they can consider which one would suit them best, and our top career counsellors will help students find the right courses.

Selecting a career can be a tedious task; it involves a lot of research, gathering information, studying the pros and cons of all the options available, and finally making a decision. But it’s easy for College Disha in finding the best career for the students according to their interests, skills, and preferences. Because they follow the process of career counselling which is set by them. Following is the process of career counselling:

  • The first and foremost step in career counselling is that our best career counsellor would sit with you, listen to your views, concerns, and issues, and talk to you about your present and past performance in detail. Based on what he/she finds out he/she will counsel you and will conduct a few assessment tests.
  • Our Career counsellors use various techniques for finding out the suitable and best career of the students. College Disha career counsellors don't just rely on college degrees, they use other techniques. Namely, psychometric tests, career assessment tests, and personality profiling tests. The test will provide you with a description of your calibre, potential, and personality which will provide you with clarity to make a career decision. 
  • What next! You'll get guidance from our career counsellor to choose the right path for your career.

Best Career Counsellors Company in India:

College Disha has a team of professional and trained Career Counsellors who are certified in the education and career counselling field. It is their key responsibility to help the candidates to explore their core interests, abilities, potential, strengths, weaknesses, and aptitude as these are the main factors that directly affect their career. To determine all these factors, career counsellors use various assessment tools. Many Assessment tests such as Aptitude tests, psychometric tests, IQ Tests and Academic profile analyses, SWOT Analysis tests, etc . are conducted by the Career Counsellor. By using all these tools, College Disha's Career counsellor determines the potential and abilities of the individual and enlists a set of possible career options for them.

  • The Career Counselling team of College Disha is cooperative, supportive and encourages the students to bring out their best version. College Disha’s Career Counsellor provides a safe and confidential space for discussion so that students can pour their hearts and mind out without any hesitation. It is the responsibility of a Career Counsellor to offer an open communication platform to their candidates for an effective counselling session.
  • At College Disha, Career Counsellors give unbiased insights and advice to the students. Students can rely on the counsellors to get all the honest reviews and suggestions related to their careers, courses, or colleges.
  • The Career Counsellors has extensive knowledge about the various career prospects related to different fields, professional education courses, and the employment scope. So they use their experience and knowledge to guide you through the right career path.
  • Career Counsellors of College Disha also helps you to identify your relevant network and develop your networking skills which will help you discover job vacancies. In our fast-paced world, networking is necessary for accelerating career development and by using networking skills you can get excellent career opportunities.
  • Moreover, the career counsellors also provide you with the right direction along with resources and tips on how to locate specific job openings or research specific companies

It is a fact that College Disha has the Best Career Counsellor in India as they leave no stone unturned to help their candidates in the career development process. They use their skills, knowledge, expertise, networks, and experience to assist the candidates in:

  • Educational Planning 
  • Career Planning
  • Connecting to major departments of the course
  • Determining strong academic areas of an individual
  • Boosting the Confidence
  • Identifying the core strength and weaknesses of the students
  • Developing Optimism in the individual
  • Connecting to the Industry Experts
  • Awardinganalysesdents about potential career options
  • Determining the skill sets
  • Providing Resources for career development
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Getting Job/Career Opportunities
  • Building up the industry networks

Your career is your calling, not just a job. And that calling has a long-term impact on your life, so how you transition through it is an important decision. That’s why College Disha is always here to provide you with professional counselling to help you make decisions about your career and future jobs. Check the list of the top 5 career counselling companies in India. For more concerns, you can contact us

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