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Top 5 Career Counselling Companies In India

Update on 2024-04-15

Top 5 Career Counselling Companies In India - Collegedisha

Choosing the right career is the most vital decision of a student’s life, So the way it is chosen should also be precise. Precise guidance is not that hard when you have the finest companies. These companies try hard to help students in realizing their dream careers and full potential. In the pursuit of a career, students need to understand their aptitude. The process of knowing can be a little confusing as there is various anticipation that goes in the mind.

College Disha is the top career counselling company in India. At College Disha, you can get access to the latest and best information regarding courses, colleges, and universities in India. They are quietly the first choice in the arena of career counseling. Take India’s most advanced career counselling from College Disha and explore your hidden potential.

There are various Top 7 Career Counselling Companies In India that provide career counselling. But it is absolutely important to choose the right ones. There is a very thin line between good and excellent advice. Sharing Top 6 Career Counselling Companies In India with you:

  1. College Disha
  2. Mere Mentor
  3. Mentoria
  4. Mindler
  5. Career Guide
  6. iDream Career
  7. Brainwonders

Presenting the top career counseling companies in India. These companies will help you in understanding various career options in different streams and deciding the right course to pursue, They will hold you until you get admission to the college of your choice.


S.No. Company Name Company Management Company Description
1 College Disha Dileep Jaiswal and Jainendra Kumar, Founder College Disha is the best educational platform. They provide you an amazing career counseling through their expert counselors. Provide absolute guidance to select a course/career/college according to students' actual passion and interest.
2 Mere Mentor Mr. Saurav Kumar, CEO Mere Mentor provides career guidance and skill training programs to students, graduates, and working professionals, thus enhancing their life both personally and professionally.
3 Mentoria Nikhar Arora, Ashish Arora, Juie Divecha Get expert career guidance and counselling from Mentoria’s experts to discover which field you will enjoy and excel in.
4 Mindler Prateek Bhargava, Founder Mindler has the perfect blend of education, technology, and experience for proving the right path in career to the students.
5 CareerGuide Surabhi Dewra, CEO CareerGuide guides students and provides instant answers to career queries with expert career advice.
6 IdreamCareer Ayush Bansal, Founder IdreamCareer provides career counselling to students of class 9th to 12th and undergraduate college students. Impart various services to the students in career counseling.
7 BrainWonders Manish Naidu, Founder BrainWonders provides professional advice and suggestions in career counseling for students.

Career counselling is a special way of counseling through which students can find the right career and can accomplish their dreams with passion. The career life of the students straightly impacts their happiness and mental well-being. So every student wants to enjoy their career life. To find the best-fit career, students need professional support. Through career counselling, students will be able to define their strengths, interests, abilities, and aptitudes to make the right choice. Here are Career Counselling Companies In India.


Career counselling at College Disha is an appropriate way to understand yourself better and get guidance on what is the perfect career that suits your personality. Their counselors are generally present in an academic context to help the students in selecting the right pathway and fulfill their career goals. College Disha counselor helps the students in evaluating their skills and abilities to meet their goals. They assess the most popular career counseling services for students.

The certified counselor of College Disha determines your values, career interests, and skills, and uses that information in helping you choose the best career path. College Disha Counselor conducts aptitude tests, psychometric tests, and personality assessments to access the effective date of the student and guide them toward their right career.

Through the College Counselling service of College Disha, you will be able to discover your strengths, weaknesses, and interests that will help you succeed in a particular field and a certain role. The process of College Disha is firstly they identify students’ actual interests and potential through psychometric tests and then discuss their opinions after that counselors identify the best-fit career options for students.

While choosing the right career for the students, the College Disha Counselor team considers external influencers like eligibility, opportunities, budgets, personal situations, and demographics. Combining these valuable insights their expert counselors guide the students toward a better future that is the best fit for them.

College Disha offers services like career counselling, course counseling, and college counselling. Provides guidance from professionals, internship program, off-campus placement, and job guarantee card. It provides career counseling for free and also charges prices from the students. It also offers online career counselling. Students can have face-to-face counseling sessions.

At College Disha, they try their best in helping students with career planning, career-related problems, and their solutions under one roof.


Mere Mentor is a Career-Tech company with field experience of over a decade in career counselling. The best career counselling in India provides career guidance and skill enhancement programs to enhance students from 8th to 12th, graduates, and working professionals. Mere Mentor tries to bridge the gap between skills, awareness, and opportunities that act as a barricade for students and sails with the motto, 'Pathway to your Passion.'

Mere Mentor's unique career counselling process includes multi-dimensional psychometric assessments, credible and reliable career assessment reports, informative counselling sessions, futuristic action plans, and industry expert connections. It has more than 100 experts on board to serve students and youths with proper career guidance.

It also has a digital Career Library with more than 200 careers explained in detail, comprising eligibility criteria, top institutes, employment sector, job profiles, prospects (scope), salary insights, etc. Mere Mentor also has video modules and a curriculum for exam stress management to shoo away students’ test fears and mental health concerns that arise during revisions like stress and anxiety.


Mentoria is an online career guidance and mentorship platform that enables students and working professionals to discover themselves and the courses and careers they will enjoy and excel at. Their team of experienced psychologists, psychometricians, career consultants, content researchers, counselling experts, and subject matter experts will ensure that all the users have an exciting career discovery journey as they discover which career is perfect for them. Mentoria is driven by the vision to foster generations of happier, more productive, and successful individuals through holistic career guidance and mentorship.

Their unique 4-step guidance programme which consists of career tests, career counselling, career guides, and blogs/webinars has helped more than 1.85 lakh individuals find their passion and right career. They have also partnered with 60+ schools and 80+ corporates to help more and more people become aware of their ability to choose careers. Due to its online presence, Mentoria has been able to offer convenient and accurate career guidance services across India.

Apart from career counselling, Mentoria also offers College Admissions consultation and CV Planner services.


Mindler provides career counselling to the students of class 8th to 12th and graduates students. You can discover your perfect subject combinations, and stream with the help of a comprehensive assessment of your interests and strengths. Get expert guidance in finding your perfect career according to your abilities and interests.

Mindler uses a unique scientific approach to guide a career. They use a 4-step effective process in guiding the students for their perfect career path. Mindler counselors get detailed reports of your tests and recommend you a career according to the data. They ensure the validity and accuracy of results.

Mindler counselors match your insights with the best-fit career. Insights like work style, academics, motivators, and daily schedule. Their counselors will help you in making the right choice for your career through personalized career counseling from experts. It also helps in career e-guides, entrance exams, resume preparations, and more.


CareerGuide plan students career through AI-enabled technologies and certified career counselors. Career Guide provides scientific career assessments to the students for discovering their true interests and potential.

It includes assessments like:

  • Ideal career test
  • Skill-based career test
  • Stream selector
  • Engineering branch selector
  • Humanities career selector
  • Commerce career selector
  • Professional skill index
  • Educator professional skills

The aim of CareerGuide is to help students in understanding themselves and providing all resources in the career selection process.


IdreamCareer offers customized guidance and career counselling services to students according to their specific needs. They provide career counselling in college applications and scholarships. They help students of classes 9h to 10th in selecting the subject and stream that suits their personality and aptitude.

Their extensive career counselors ensure that students get guidance to the right course or college. IdreamCareer career counselling program includes guidance on scholarships available and the college application process.

Help the students who are stuck in the selection of courses and colleges. IdreamCareer clears all the confusion of the students so that they can lead to a fulfilling careers. They provide services like:

  • Career dashboard
  • Psychometric tests
  • Trained career counselors
  • Application Guidance


Discover your potential through BrainWonders. It is one of the largest career counselling companies. Counselors of BrainWonders are qualified and guide the students in understanding their skills and abilities. With the help of career guidance tests like interest tests and aptitude tests, students get the right guidance toward their career path.

BrainWonders use the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test (DMIT) to find the true personality of the students. Under this method, the fingerprints of the students are taken through a scanner. After that, a report is generated in which complete data is present about the student’s strengths, weaknesses, personality, and potential.

They do career counseling based on the report and it has proven the most effective way of counselling. They guide the students to the right career based on their skill sets and abilities. BrainWonders provide career counselling to students after their class 10th and 12th. Students will be benefited from an excellent training program and management support of BrainWonders.

Top 7 Counselors in India

  1. Amrita Singh
  2. Anuradha Kishore
  3. Rahul Dasondi
  4. Padmavathi Devarakonda
  5. Jagadish Kund
  6. Preetika Sharma
  7. Son Mishra

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