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Update on 2024-04-11

Career Counseling Near Me - Best Career Counsellors In India

Table of Content:

  • Career Counseling Near Me
  • No.1 Career Counseling Near Me
  • Why Opt for Career Counseling
  • Career Counseling Process
  • Why Career Counseling is Important
  • Career Counseling Near Delhi NCR
  • Benefits of Career Counseling
  • How to find Best Career Counseling Company
  • Career Counseling Fee Charges
  • How to Book Appointment for Career Counseling
  • College Disha Career Counseling Plans

Best Career Counseling Near Me

Have you just searched for career counseling near me? But ended up browsing plenty of websites associated with "Career Guidance and Career Counseling in India" and now you are confused because of so many options. Don’t Worry! your search now ends with “College Disha”.

It is one of the best career counseling platforms near you and it offers specialized career counseling and education counseling services to the students. If you are someone who has just searched for career counseling near me, then you should definitely check about “College Disha (Best Career Counseling Company)” and its services by visiting the home page of its official website.

Best Career Counseling Near Me: Overview

While searching for career counseling in a nearby location, your search engine will suggest plenty of career counseling companies but figuring out the Best career counseling near me can be a confusing choice to make. This is because Career Counseling companies are located everywhere across Indian cities. But in spite of this, finding the right career counselor is still so uncommon these days.

Most of the students and Parents end up getting scammed in the name of professional career counseling by so-called career guidance companies which are usually set up by a group of not-so-professional and inexperienced career advisors.

On the other hand, We at College Disha provide the candidates with the best career counselors who are profoundly educated and trained in the area of education and psychology. They help you take major career decisions and allow you to make accurate career choices.

Why Career Counseling is Important?

Many people wonder "Why opt for career counseling?" "Why do We Need Career Counseling?" "Why career counseling is important?" Well, the answer is very simple - Our Younger Generation no longer has as clear or as straightforward a vision about their career path as the previous generations had. Yes, they might have more career options now but they lack clarity about their potential, future goals, and career prospects to choose from so many available options. That is why career counseling is so important now more than ever.

Career Counseling Near Delhi NCR

If you are looking forward to getting Career Counseling near Delhi NCR region, then you have just ended up on the right website. You can book a counseling session by India’s no.1 career counseling near Delhi NCR. They are the best career consultants near you and you will be surely satisfied by their authentic career counseling services.

How To Book An Appointment For Career Counseling?

Follow Method to Meet a Right Career Counselor:

Method 1: You can directly call (+91-9319311001) to College Disha Career Counseling Company.

Method 2: By simply visiting the website i.e You have to be register yourself by clicking the registration form, and there you just have to fill out the required details. Just after registration, shortly you will receive a confirmation mail. And after a couple of hours College Disha's Counseling Team Contacts You.

Method 3: You can physically visit College Disha Career Guidance Company which is located in Noida Sector 63, B-Block, 48 First Floor.

Benefits of Career Counseling

  • If You start taking career counseling in the earliest stages of your student life (when the student is in 10th standard),  it can prove to be more effective for a student’s career, during career counseling a candidate is guided to take the apt stream in 10+2 depending on his/her aptitude.
  • Another benefit of career counseling is it helps candidates in planning and preparing a roadmap to achieve their career goals timely.
  • Career Development allows you to get insights into your inner self by introducing you to your hidden strengths, skill sets, abilities, and unknown interests. 
  • Career Counseling is also beneficial for those young people who are unaware of their inner self and want to open themselves in order to attract better career opportunities, if you can relate to this situation then you “must” take career counseling from the best career counselors near you.
  • Career Counseling also helps in breaking the unwanted behavioral patterns (such as procrastinating behavior, anxiety, etc.) which usually leads to unproductiveness in school/college/office.

How To Find The Best Career Counseling Company?

If you are trying to find  best career counseling company for your or your child’s career counseling then do follow these steps:

  1. Conduct thorough research, check the google suggestions, and don’t ignore the google reviews posted by the users.
  2. Check the official websites of the career counseling companies which are suggested by your search engine.
  3. Check out the services offered by these career counseling companies and see if they offer any unique career counseling services. Usually, a good career counseling company like “College Disha”  offers career guidance services like course counseling, exam tips, guidance from industry professions, college counseling and many other similar services. However, the No.1 career counseling company near me - College Disha is popular for its unique service “Off-Campus Placement and 5-Year Job Guarantee Card Click here to know more about these services.
  4. Choose the best career counseling company near you after you check out their services and user reviews thoroughly.

Career Counseling Fee Structure

Career Counseling Fee charges in India usually costs between Rs 1500 to Rs 3000 per hourly session depending on the career counselor or company. But Career Counseling Company - College Disha offers you all the career counseling services under one roof at a very nominal cost. Depending on the type of education counseling you need, we have crafted two different plans.

To book an appointment for career counseling with College Disha - Click here on the Registration Form and fill out all the required details. After that, submit it. You will be shortly contacted by a career counselor to discuss the schedule of the counseling session.

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