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How to Prepare for an Entrance Exam?

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Prepare for an Entrance Exam?

When students decide to pursue their higher education, the first and foremost thing they must consider is preparing themselves for an entrance exam. Each year thousands of aspirants appear in entrance exams and try their luck, but out of them, only a few get selected. If you planning to crack any entrance exam this year, then you must get yourself familiar with a few facts that can help you ace your competitive exams, be it for engineering or pharmaceutical, law or management, etc. Below are some tips and tricks which you can apply to crack any entrance exam.  Let’s delve in.

Create a practical study plan:

90% of the students waste their time planning things rather than executing that plan and in this way, they waste their whole time sitting idle. Planning is the art of possibilities. Therefore, try to imagine such plans which you can administer successfully. Try to give yourself more time for subjects which you find are difficult and need time. Keep a buffer so that you get time to complete your pending tasks.

Use fewer books for theory:

Many of the aspirants have a habit of preferring numberless books for each subject even though most of them convey the same thing. Going through many books would lead to confusion during the revision time and most of your doubts would remain unresolved without a go-to book. Therefore try studying with a few good books, because too many cooks spoil the broth.

Read the questions carefully

Examiners always try to try to trap the students by playing around with the question and their options. Therefore,  you must read the questions very carefully to understand what is required and see the options with high concentration. Mark out those questions which are designed to have more than one correct answer and you are supposed to choose the option with multiple correct answers. The questions asked will be tricky, but you need to read and try to get the core point of the question and then answer it.

Learn time management

Any competitive exam needs the students to focus on time management. Students must be cognizant of the fact that each second of their life matters a lot as they prepare for the entrance exam. Thus, it is necessary to record your priorities and bone upon them to pass with flying colors. Manage your time accordingly and then start preparing. Without time management you will never succeed because many of us wait for tomorrow else knowing that tomorrow never comes.

Prepare your mind for the exam

Your mind should be well-prepared to perform well during the exam. This requires consistency over a long period of time. If your exam is scheduled between 9-12 slots, then you should practice solving papers at the same time so that your mind is trained to be super active during that period. Always try to finish the paper 20 minutes before so that you get some time to recheck your answers.

Know your strength and weakness

Everyone is unique and has some distinct strengths and everyone has specific weaknesses. It’s pretty sure that if you do not get clear on your weaknesses then you will not know your strengths either. Playing with your strengths and navigating through your weaknesses is the best exam strategy you can bet on. Therefore, start working on your weak areas and try to achieve success, you will surely win.  

Practice previous year's papers

One of the most important things which a student must do while preparing for the exam is practice the previous year's question paper. One can drop it for the last 2 months before the exam. These are the questions that have appeared in the exam before and also here can you note the time you are taking to complete the entire paper. Also, try to solve the question papers in the same time slot as your final exam. This will help you increase your speed and you will also get an idea about the pattern of the question paper.

Plan your exam strategy

Planning your way to attempt various questions is quite critical to crack the entrance exam. You cannot solve the question paper the way it is intended to be. The important thing is not to waste time on questions that you think are difficult. First, go for the questions you know very well and then you can dedicate more time to the difficult ones. Also, learn some tricks and formulas as they can help you solve the question in less time period.

Use the method of elimination

Whenever you find you are in doubt use the method of elimination for your redemption. Start by dropping 2 options that have the shortest possible of being right. Sometimes, the fact contained in the options themselves can be used to remove them. Selecting a final answer out of 2 can be quite easy but sometimes it can be tricky too.

➤ Learn all the shortcuts

Every student uses shortcuts while preparing for any entrance exams. Be it for remembering formulas or memorizing charts, use shortcuts to save your time and utilize it in other difficult questions. Some approved shortcuts can help you solve the questions easily in less time. Therefore, learn shortcuts also.

Stay Physically and Mentally Balanced

Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep yourself and your mind healthy and fresh. It is quite neglected during exam preparation but it can have adverse effects on the outcome. Exercise regularly and sleep well so that your mind and body are fresh. Take a proper diet, eat healthy food, fresh fruits and don’t forget to sleep well as early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.

➤ Practice

Finally, there is no substitution for practice. 70% of exam preparation can be done by practicing. Students must do regular practice of questions as this will help them remember them at the time of the exam.  It will make you perfect in that particular field. It is well known said that practice makes a man perfect. The more you start practicing sample papers, tests, and a past entrances exam session, the more will be chances for you to nail it. So, the first thing you have to do is prepare hard for the entrance exam.  Then take practice tests to know your capabilities and then work on them too.

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