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How to Prepare for MBA Placements

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Prepare for MBA Placements? - Step by Step Guide to Preparing For MBA Placements

About MBA Course & How to Prepare for MBA Placements?

MBA Course full form is a Master of Business Administration. MBA is one of the most popular postgraduate courses in India. Many regional and national level institutes offer this course in various kinds of streams like Marketing, Finance, HR, etc. There are some premier institutes, which are known for their reputation in the field of Management ie. Indian Institute of Management.

āœ But there is a big question that arises against the students in the last semester of courses like how to get placement in the reputed industry. How to show himself better than others in front of the recruiter.

āœ If you are in this phase then this article is for you where it clearly explains all the methodologies and procedures that are helpful to get placed in any reputed industry.

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Question for MBA

Que: What should I do to prepare for the MBA placements?

Ans: Every MBA Candidate is required to prepare himself for the MBA placement in the following ways.

  • Soft skills
  • Concepts

In the soft skills part, you have to be very careful about your outer attire, communication skills, and dress up.

Outlook: The candidate’s outlook is very pleasant and attractive during the interview. So every candidate should prepare themselves as per formal outlook.

The dress should be formal and well-maintained. Hair groomed before the placement starts

Communication skills: In MBA placement, communication skills should be excellent. Every candidate should brush up on their skills and can drive conversation and express himself clearly during the interview


 If we talk about concept-wise, then the concept should be sound. You should have the capability to convert your educational concept into a real-time situation. So you should be ready and prepare yourself for this situation.

Que: How does an MBA student begin preparing for placements?

Ans: Students start preparing for the placement by considering the following factors:

Researching the top companies:

Suppose he is looking to give an interview, first he makes the top companies list and finds out the details about them. Their workflow, in which industry companies are working, what is their working procedure, etc.

Preparing CV:

He prepares CV as per their educational and professional achievements. If he is the fresher candidate and recently passed out, he has to consider their industrial training achievement in the CV inefficient manner. One important thing to remember, the CV should not belong and every detail should be written in a precise way which should be enough to leave an impact on the recruiter's mind.

Que: How to get a job after the MBA course:

Ans: After completion MBA degree, you can get a job in the various kind of areas like:

  • You could become a teacher in a reputed college
  • Contact your alumni network
  • Apply for the conferences:

You should not be hesitating to represent your idea at the conference. You have to make sure to learn and develop your idea and then start working on your presentation skills. Hurry up and look around for any conferences related to your industry and contact them

  • Learn new skills:

You should have learned new skills which makes you unique as compare your competitors 

Explore career option:

You have to explore the career option as per your choice and caliber. Do not try to go behind others. You should know very well, which is your plus point and which are negative points. Try to remove your negative points as earlier as possible and find out the best career options.

Que: How do I prepare for an MBA placement interview?

Ans: There are some following important points that are enough to crack the placement interview which is discussed below.

Make a crisp resume:

All the important contains should be highlighted in the resume like your achievement and your extracurricular activities. You should be able to explain each and everything which you have explained in your resume.

Research on interview and organization:

It always helps to know about the company and interviewer also in the earlier. This will help you to know about the expected question being asked during the interview session

Ignore common mistakes:

    • Make eye contact with the interviewer
    • Be truthful, honest and humble
    • Do not aggressive during the interview
    • Other mistakes are chewing pencils, nervousness, being casual, etc.

Proper dress up:

The candidate should be in the proper dress at the time of the interview. 

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Que: How do you crack an MBA Placement:

Ans: There are five common stages or points which are important to crack an MBA placement which are:

Clearing aptitude test:

Several companies have aptitude tests in the initial round. So you have to clear that round 


After clearing the aptitude test, you have to clear the interview session conducted by the company. During the interview, stay confident and calm


Resume making the first impression on the recruiter. The recruiter does not have enough time to review your complete resume. So it is necessary to make your resume in a short length and effective manner.


Always do some basic research about the company and their workflow to understand them in a better way

Attire and punctuality:

Do not arrive at late for the interview. It would be better to reach an interview venue before the time. Dressing suitable is also crucial. Wear formal attire and follow the etiquettes.

Que: What are the skills required to get an MBA Placement on campus?

Ans: There are the following skills are required to get an MBA placement on the campus which are discussed below.

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Team player
  • Leadership skills
  • Honesty
  • Open to learning new technology and ready to adapt to new challenges

Que: What are the questions asked in MBA Placements?

Ans: There is some following basic question list that is being asked in the MBA placement:

  • Do you know yourself? Tell me something about yourself
  • Have you done a SWOT analysis
  • Why should we hire you
  • What is your weakness
  • What is your strength
  • They will ask you some situational questions also

Que: How should I dress for an MBA placement interview?

Ans: For a campus interview, Male students should wear formal pants and shirts with a tie. You should not wear jeans and any other kind of funky dress. You should not wear a printed or colorful dress during the MBA placement interview. The leather black shoe is highly acceptable. Do not wear sports shoes. Formal pants, belt, shirt with full sleeves with a collar. You can also wear a tie and a blazer.

For women, it can be pantsuits or a skirt suit. My personal favorite dress should not be worn like jeans with the jacket combination. Women can wear a Saari and shirts with trousers in the MBA placement interview. One important thing noted down is that does not wear a more colorful saari. Saari should be decent. Avoid a salwar kameez in the interview. which does not come under formal dress.

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