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Designing is one of the popular course choices among the students who have just passed their 12th standard. In order to build a career in this field, one needs to possess artistic thoughts naturally. Either one has to do on a computer system, fabrics or any kind of material, it equally requires real talent and creative minds.

Courses after 12th – Design Courses are for the aspirants who want to pursue a specialization in particular design field so that they get a practical understanding of how to grow and explore their natural art skill. If you are looking ahead for a bright future in the design field and want to kick start your career as a design professional in any industry, this is the perfect article, you must read. The article gives you an overview of various Courses after 12th – Design Courses referred as Bachelor of Design(B.Des.) courses that will help you to improve your skills in the field of designing. Here is the list below.

List of Courses after 12th – Design Courses


Fashion Designing is one most popular design courses among Indian students. This course can be completed in various streams like textile technology, ornamentation, garment construction and manufacturing, fashion marketing, merchandising etc. Fashion designing graduates can work in different roles like fashion designers, fashion consultants, stylists, fashion merchandisers, fashion event organizers etc. This field is branched into two courses namely Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design), and B.Sc. in Fashion Designing BFT (Bachelor of Fashion Technology). Other than the Bachelor’s Degree courses students can even pursue diploma certificate courses in fashion designing.


Most of us make use of leather accessories in our day to day lives. Some like Belts, wallets, purse, handbags, furniture, car seats etc and so the demand for leather goods is rising. The leather designing course deals with processing, designing and merchandising of leather, leather products, and accessories.

Especially, the crafted leather is on trends and so the demand for skilled professionals is rising subsequently. This course helps to bring out the creative part in students, by providing them with opportunities to work in merchandising as well as designing jobs in the leather industry.

The various bachelor degree courses in leather designing include Bachelor of Design- Leather Designing, B.Sc. in Leather Designing and Bachelor of Design- Fashion Leather Accessory Design. Likewise, fashion designing, diploma courses, and certifications are also available in leather designing.


Textile technology is one of the major industry in India and majorly affects the growth of the fashion industry. The textile designing course deals with topics such as textile technology, design skills, marketing skills, CAD, printing and merchandising.

Bachelor of Design in Textile Designing covers courses such as B.Sc. in Textile Design, Textile Engineering, Diploma in Textile Engineering, Diploma in Textile Designing and few certificate courses.


Interior design is a much-desired art of today which involves designing and decorating the interiors (and often the exteriors) or a room or building keeping in mind about space and resource availability provided to them. The various domains of interior designing include interior designing, furniture designing, landscape designing, set designing and product designing. Some graduation courses in Interior Designing include- Bachelor of Design- Interior Designing and B.Sc. in Interior Designing. Aspirants who aim to become an interior designer can also prefer various diploma and certification programs.


Product designing is a field that deals with the design of existing products and development of new products which serve different purposes. Product designers add little tweaks to the design and layout in order to increase the overall usability and productivity of products.

Bachelor of Design- Product Design is the most common designing course among students. While other field courses include B.Sc. Product Design and Design Engineering. Diploma and Certificate courses also exist for product designing.


Accessory designing is a subfield of the fashion industry. This field covers the design, development, and manufacturing of accessories like metal ornaments, handbags, lifestyle products, watches, footwear, jewelry etc.

Aspirants who want to pursue their career in accessory or ornament design they can go for courses like Bachelor of Design in Accessory Designing, B.Sc. in Accessory Design, and some other diploma certifications too.


Animation Design or Animation Film Design courses are all related to Animation and Multimedia which covers 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Clay modeling, Mixed Media, Graphic Narratives etc. Training given in this field makes students capable of jobs like animation, digital filmmaking, and graphic design.

Some well-known courses include Bachelor of Design- Animation Film Design, BA in Animation, B.Sc. in Animation. Diploma in animation is also very popular among students.


Graphic Design is one way of visual communication which uses vibrant colors, appealing images, typography, signs, and space to convey messages and solve problems. Some graphics art form can be seen in newspapers, magazines, logos, websites, boards, hoardings etc. Students who want to seek a career in graphic designing in some IT industry can go for Bachelor of Design- Graphic Design, BA and B.Sc. in Graphic Designing and other diploma courses are also available in this field.

So these were the basic Courses after 12th – Design Courses in various domains. There are many other design courses like B.Des. Furniture Designing, B.Des. Ceramic and Glass Design, B.Des. Exhibition Design and B.Des. Film and Video Communication.

Want to know some more details about Bachelor of Design program. The next and last section gives you basic course details like eligibility criteria, course duration, entrance tests and PG courses available after graduation.


Duration: Most of the Design courses are a 4-year undergraduate level Bachelor’s Degree program. The program includes a balanced mix of theory lectures and practical workshop sessions.

Eligibility: The minimum educational qualification required for B.Des. course is- 10+2 passed in any stream (Science, Commerce or Arts) from a recognized board in India.

Entrance Tests: Most of the entrance tests for design courses in India conduct 2-3 rounds for candidate selection. To seek admission in a reputed Design Institute, a student has to appear and crack any of the relevant entrance tests listed below.

CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design)

NID- DAT (National Institute of Design- Design Aptitude Test)

UPES- DAT (UPES- Design Aptitude Test)

SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test)

NIFT Entrance

PEARL Entrance Test

SOFT Entrance Test

NEED (National Entrance Examination for Design)

AIEED ( All India Entrance Exam for Design)

AIFD (Army Institute of Fashion Design)

FDDI (Footwear Design and Development Institute)

IICD Entrance Exam

UID Aptitude Test

So if you have creativity in your mind, it's time to express your creativity through your work. A career in your own interest field can lead you with a wide range of opportunities.

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