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Know where do you stand and where you can.

1. Fill Basic Details About Your Education

2. To Know About Stream And Colleges

Q1. Which Statement describe you the Best?

Q2. Which Subject you were best at during school?

Q3. What is your aim in life?

Q4.Which is the following you dislike the most?

Q5. What kind of student were you in school?

Q6. Which stream you are interested to pursue in higher studies?

Steps To Use Predictor

College Disha is the perfect platform to catapult your career to new heights. We help to choose and get admission into most prestigious institutes in India.

Fill all the basic details which will include your scores of both i.e. SSC & HSC and help us know where you stand in academics. Now, take the quiz adjacent to it. Choose the correct answers and help us know you more.


After filling all the details its time to Click on the “Predict Now”Button. Recheck the basic details before submitting it. All filled details play a crucial role in the prediction.


Your data will be analyzed by our systems. After reading out all the details and scores a pop will appear on your screen which will convey you the prediction. It will tell which course and stream you should go for. Under the prediction, best colleges for that course will be listed below.

Get more information about the Predicted Course and College

To get more information or to ask any query related to the colleges, you can press the “Request Info” tab. If you feel like applying for any of them, you can simply click on the button “Apply Now” and proceed further.

How our Course Predictor will help you?

College Disha Course Predictor will gather the educational information and the answers filled by you in the quiz. It will analyze the data and predict the best Career and College suitable for you for the particular stream.

Get your Personalised report via mail

Our Course Predictor will foretell about the course which is suitable for your personality. College suggestions will also be provided for the predicted course. Get your personalised report via mail for future reference. Predicted course, stream, college and free counselling procedure will be mentioned in the same.


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