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About Dhyeya IAS New Delhi

Welcome to Dhyeya IAS Coaching, Varanasi. For students who wish to make lucrative careers in Civil Services and become IAS officers must have heard of the Dhyeya IAS Coaching in Varanasi.

It is the best coaching institute ahead of its race which starts with an aim to develop and nurture a competitive attitude amongst its students.

The teachers are qualified professionals in their respective tasks and subject matters. At Dhyeyas IAS Coaching, every aspect of the student's personality is heard and developed.

With sheer commitment, qualitative guidance and practical training and along with a driving determination, students are made or rather sculpted into geniuses, into the IAS officiers our country needs in the coming years. 

One of the strategies that set Dheyeyas apart is that they choose their candidates from all strata of the social ladder, mostly from those of humble backgrounds.

The modest culture, hence, followed by the Dhyeyas IAS Coaching, ensures results based on hard work and sheer determination. 

There are certainly other strategies that the Dhyeya IAS in Varanasi institute follows to achieve above-standard results, such as classroom programmes, society balancing and economical approaches in their day-to-day running of the business.   

The Dhyeyas IAS Coaching institute assists its candidates to frame and plan an accurate strategy and planning for entry-level IAS examinations, that of, Preliminary and the MAINS. 

The Dhyeyas IAS Coaching provides a host of helping and guidance facilities to their students. Some of the guidance techniques include:

  • Counselling for the students
  • Class Training Programmes
  • Test Evaluation Programme
  • Study Material Development
  • Study Material Improvement
  • Administrative Management
  • Human Resources Development Centre
  • Distance Education
  • Learning Programs, etc.

Note: The above techniques help the students to realize their dreams and also provide for their all-over improvement and development.  

Dhyeya IAS Courses & fees


( Indian Administrative Service )


24 months

Tuition Fees


Courses at Dhyeyas IAS Coaching

There are many types of courses that Dhyeyas IAS Coaching provides its students for their different needs. We will try to provide a basic brief information catalog of each type.

The first-course type is called the Free UPSC, IAS Coaching

This course is specifically designed for the students who belong to the lower or rather humbler backgrounds of society. The Department for the Welfare of SC or ST and OBC,

GNCT of Delhi is in collaboration with providing academic and financial help to the students who wish to pursue the IAS profession or simply appear for the UPSC. 

The students will get a host of benefits such as:

  • Help in the Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC and State Public Services Commissions for both the Prelims and Mains examination.
  • This course also helps students to prepare for the Judicial Services Examination.
  • Preparation for the Entrance Examination for professional courses for students with science stream in their 12th board examination.
  • Preparation for the entrance exams for other professional courses such as MBA, CLAT, etc.
  • Students are also prepared for Group-C posts and Group-A and Group-B exams other than Civil Services Exam conducted by the UPSC.

Dhyeya IAS Coaching Varanasi Fee Structure 2024

Name of the Course Duration of the Course Fees to be Paid
Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC and State Public Services Commision for both Prelims and Mains 12 months (Minimum) Rs. 1 lac
Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC and State Public Services Commision for both Prelims and Mains 4 months (Minimum) Rs. 40,000/-
Group-A and Group-B Exams other than Civil Services Exam 6 Months (Minimum) Rs. 50,000/-
Coaching Classes for preparing students for the interview 1 month (Minimum) Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 5,000 for other exams

Note: A monthly stipend of Rs.2,500 per student will be paid to the local students for attending the coaching classes through cheque.

Dhyeya IAS Coaching - Classroom Programmes

Name of the Batch Duration About
Premium Batch (Prelims + Main + (Interview) 12 months Regular Class tests, writing skill development, value addition programs before IAS Prelims and Main examination, Development of Integrated and Interdisciplinary approach from basic and advanced, proper guidance and feedback.
Foundation Batch (Complete PCS Preparation or IAS Prelims) 6 months Development of basic understanding of General Studies for IAS Exam and Complete, preparation for State PCS exams and other exams conducted by the UPSC, Commision such as IES, CAPF, CDS, etc, Special Focus on undergraduate students.
Main Batch (Main + Interview) 8 months Development of Conceptual understanding at an Advanced level and Interdisciplinary approach, Special focus on undergraduate students.
CSAT Batch (Prelims) 4 months Concept Building and clarification, special practice sessions, and mock tests.
UDAAN (10+2) Batch (Prelims + Mains + Interview) 3 years Competitive and energetic environment, building confidence and personality development, focus on project work, case studies, outdoor social activities, empirical studies, enhancing their grasping power, time management, and study management techniques, etc.
Optional Subjects 6 months History, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, etc.

Interview Program

The purpose of this program is to assess candidates' suitability for a career in the public works department, testing his or her competitiveness, knowledge, experience, unbiased, etc. Through this program, candidates are prepared to exhibit not only the art of balanced and precise thought processing but are also taught the technique of communicating effectively.

Experts work on the individual and help him or she prepare for the interview by working and developing their personality through training sessions and mock interview sessions.

Live Streaming Online Classrooms

The live streaming program is created for students who can not attend regular classes and or students who are in the working population. If you are working and wish to pursue or appear for the Civil Services Examination but without leaving your jobs, or if you are students who cannot attend classes regularly, then this is the right program choice for you.

The Dhyeyas IAS Coaching uses a unique Cloud+CDN Live Streaming technology, which is a uniquely built Satellite-based technology that enables students and teachers to communicate and interact in real-time in the comfort of their homes.

The classes are 100% live and the students and teachers can interact and communicate their doubts through facilities such as Instant-Chat options, and two different voice lines for students who wish to communicate through voice mode. Students are also given the choice of attending Live Demo Classes before making their decisions.

Dhyeya IAS Admission procedure

Eligibility for Free UPSC, IAS Coaching

The students have to fulfill certain eligibility criteria to be able to enroll in the course above.

The criteria are as follows:

  • Students who belong to the SC/ST/OBC category and reside in Delhi are eligible for the scheme. Their total family income should not be more than 8 lac per annum. The coaching fee is provided by the Government.
  • Students must have scored a minimum number of aggregate marks as specified by the agency and under the scheme.
  • The students will be selected by the coaching institute based on their academic performance and eligibility test prescribed by the Dhyeyas IAS Coaching institution.
  • The Sponsoring Department may also nominate some needy students for coaching.
  • Benefits under the scheme can only be availed by a student once.
  • The selected candidates have to attend all the classes, if he or she does not attend the classes without any verifiable reason, his or her seat will be given to the other prospective student.

Scholarship Test

Dhyeyas IAS Coaching Institute also offers a scholarship test for their students in both English and Hindi mediums. The test details are released on the official website for students to check and apply.

The test dates and test times are also shown for students so that they can apply for any scholarships and grants.

Steps to View the Scholarship Test

Below we have provided the steps that students should follow to view the latest scholarship details and the upcoming dates and times.

  • Visit the official website Dhyeyas IAS Coaching.
  • Head over to the top of the homepage and click on the link ‘Courses’.
  • Click on ‘Scholarship Test’.
  • A new window will appear with the latest scholarship test name, dates and time, etc.

Dhyeyas IAS Coaching UDAAN Programme

The UDAAN program is specifically designed for students who wish to appear for the Civil Services Examinations after their 12th-grade board examination and the students that have the time to prepare since this course takes up 3 years of preparation.

Below we have provided the eligibility criteria for the program:

  • Candidates must have attained the minimum age limit of 15 years and not more than 20 years.
  • They must have passed their 12th-grade board exam or should be appearing for it in the same year. They should have pursued a 12th-grade board education from a recognized board. 

Note: The total fee structure for this program is approximately Rs. 2,53,000 lac.

First Installment Rs. 40,000/-
Second Installment Rs. 36,700/-
Third Installment Rs. 29,500/-
Fourth Installment Rs. 29,500/-
Fifth Installment Rs. 29,500/-
Sixth Installment Rs. 29,500/-
Seventh Installment Rs. 29,500/-
Eighth Installment Rs. 29,500/-

Note: The students also have to pay an additional entrance exam fee of Rs. 200/-.

Students can apply online for the program, by heading over to the official website, clicking the option of the course, and scrolling down to the link ‘UDAAN’. Scroll all the way down and a registration form will appear.

Fill it out and submit it. Students can visit or check out their examination centers that are near their location. (Only students of Lucknow, Gomti Nagar, and Aliganj can apply offline).

Test Series

Students can pay a fee and check out the various test series that include the books, mock test papers, etc, needed for students to prepare and practice what they have learned on the official test series provided by the Dhyeyas IAS Coaching.

Students can check out the test series most suited to their level of the examinations they are appearing for.

The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Head over to the ‘Courses’ and click on Test Series.
  • Scroll down and the test series that are most relevant to you. There will be the price list available right next.
  • Click on the ‘More Info’ tab and pay.

Note: Hence these are the various programs that the Dhyeyas IAS Coaching, Varanasi provides for their students.  

Why Choose Dhyeyas IAS Coaching?

Some of the reasons why students choose the Dhyeyas IAS Coaching over other similar IAS coaching institutes are due to the following reasons.

  • Best Study Material: Dhyeyas has the best study material in terms of relevance and up-to-date course curriculum. The syllabus is regularly revised and regulated and formed according to the requirements of the examination conducting authority.

  • Dedicated Team of Academicians: The teaching and faculty staff are nothing short of experts and professionals in their fields. Students are taught to engage and learn by the expert teaching strategies of the teachers and professors. The teachers are all encouraged to create student-teacher bonds that help them help the students. The round-the-clock facility of Academic help from the professors to the students help them clear their doubts and discuss the relevant subject matter.

  • Holistic Personality Development: Students of Dhyeyas IAS Coaching are taught to lead by example and become leaders of tommorow by engaging their core and personality traits. The academician staff not only helps with the subject matter but also helps them nurture and shape their talent. They enhance the talent and building capabilities. They are taught the art of turning problems into opportunities.
  • Art of Writing Answers: The students of Dhyeyas IAS Coaching are taught the art of writing the Mains and Prelims answers and to rightfully attempt the question papers and helping them score marks. They are alongside taught the expert technique of emotional and intelligence quotient. This helps them gain confidence and a belief in themsleves that not only helps them even after they have passed and become IAS officers.

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