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Top 5 Tips To Improve The Education System

Update on 2024-04-15

Top 5 Tips To Improve The Education System

Why is Everything Wrong with our Education System?

The Education System was designed way back in the Industrial Age, the sudden increase in the industries and innovations in countries and cities. To ensure a steady workforce and competent labour, the introduction of the newly designed education system was initiated. Its role was to mainly prepare the population for clerical positions and become competent workers in the rapidly improving industries of the world. 

It created a class conscious mentality among its young students and maintained the discipline and cleric-mentality of future workers. Many leading industrialists of the world agree that the education systems of the major countries in the world haven't changed much since then.

As mentioned above, one of the purposes of schools after the Era of the Industrial Age, was mainly to prepare its young attendees with the skills necessary for survival in the world. The world has changed rapidly, but the education system remains the same. 

Some of the very basic examples that prove Why is everything wrong with our Education system:

Example: On a normal day in a school, students are meant to follow instructions from their teachers. They are told what to do, explained and taught, without much emphasis on practical knowledge. “Stop Talking, “Turn to page 4”, etc.  

Proof: Just like workers in a factory are meant to follow the instructions of their superiors. 

Example: The day is a normal school schedule is divided by bell rings. The bell rings signify breaks and intervals and also the next period.

Proof: The same system applies in industries where workers have a bell ring that intimates their break time and other schedules. 

Top 5 Tips To Help Improve The Education System:

However, in today’s rapid, you can’t get far by simply following instructions. You need to possess a certain set of skills and experience to be able to succeed in any field you are working for. Skills such as communication, collaboration, and creativity are just some of the vast list of skills that enhance the personality of an individual. 

The skill to collaborate is mainly the skill some people have, whereby they can easily convey their ideas and thoughts to others. This skill is not at all allowed to develop in industrial age influenced classrooms. The “no talking” is a heavy marker of that. No autonomy or control is given to the child in a normal school system. They are under supervision and each minute in their daily life schedule is heavily and tightly controlled. 

The students, when they go out into the real world, have to manage time on their own, work on projects that are more important than others, decide how to effectively manage time, etc. All of this, or rather the skill of time management is not at all allowed to develop in the students. 

Why do we Need to Improve the Education System?

Apart from the above, the learning that takes place, one of the most important aspects of a school is inauthentic. It is mostly rote learning and the emphasis is never on teaching students skills and important information. It is always about stuff they may never use again in their lives, that is, a complete lack of skill-focused learning. 

After a few months, the information “crammed” in the head of a child is examined and the child is graded on how much he or she could retain the information. This is done through exams. To ensure the child has successfully retained and absorbed information rather than testing how developed he or she has become in terms of practical knowledge, it can be so much more than retention and memorization.

The biggest problem with the education system is the “lack of diversity”. The students, irrespective of their background, personal interests, and passions, are taught the same thing, in the same manner, tested in the same way, at the same time, just like everyone else. 

This mode of learning discourages the very fact of being human, “We are all Different and Unique.” The only way to achieve happiness is to pursue what the child is most passionate about. The education system in schools is rather killing that passion, by looking at every child through a uniform lens. 

In the section below, we have provided Tips To Help Improve The Education System.

Improving The Education System:

After the read above, you might question, “How can we help improve the education system?” or “What must be done to improve the education system of India?”

An answer to these questions requires a drastic and unprecedented change in the education system. The first thing that is required to change an existing institution is to realize that it has problems. The Indian Education System has been in disarray (disorganized)  for most of the years and countless political parties have come and ruled and none have provided extensive measures for the improvement of the Indian Education System. 

In the world, the majorly talented and successful people such as Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein, other industrialists, and personalities, have failed at the traditional school system and yet still managed to make living better than most Harvard graduates. This is so because of the skills these people possess, but it is also a marker for the failure of the education system, as a whole.  

Top 5 Tips To Help Improve The Education System:

1 Tip To Help Improve The Education System:

A good education system must care for their children and help them answer the most important question in a child’s life. “What Am I Good At?” “How Do I Fit In This World?” “What Do I Wanna Do In My Life?”, etc. The students should be able to answer these questions at some point in their school life, so they don't spend the rest of their lives searching for answers or worse, stuck in a job that sucks them bloodless and makes them unhappy. Sadly this is a very common case.

2 Tip To Help Improve The Education System:

Since every child is unique and different, their learning and thinking capabilities are also different. A good education system should be able to provide for every type of child. Students who have a slow-learning grasp are considered failures while those that are good at learning are considered to be excellent students. However, it is really the opposite, the “excellent students” make great clerks, since they excel in a system designed for clerks. Students should be taught in an individual-based way. They should be taught using resources and tools that suit their needs and help them understand concepts better. 

For example; a visual learner like me, for example, should be taught using visual resources, such as videos, etc. An auditory learner, or should be given listening resources such as podcasts, sound files, etc. 

3 Tip To Help Improve The Education System:

Students in a normal school are lectured for half of the day. Different teachers come and lecture, hone on and on, and then go. Another teacher enters and does the same. This is not learning, it is basically “drilling”. A good school system should focus more on the students than the teachers. When a teacher lectures without a thought of the kids, the emphasis is on the teacher rather than the students. This can be changed, by encouraging the students to take an active role rather than a passive role in learning. Instead of lecturing, teachers can ask students to make presentations on the topic, assign assignments, etc. This ensures that the students learn by way of doing rather than being “drilled” and spoon-fed. The main emphasis should not be on giving information, students have that at their fingertips in today’s digital age. Rather the emphasis should be on developing the skill behind researching and navigating the way through the sea of knowledge for the most relevant information. 

4 Tip To Help Improve The Education System:

Classrooms should be much more fun than a room full of tables and chairs with numbered charts and drawings on the wall. It should be an engaging and “relaxing” environment, where students can comfortably engage in the process of learning. What I am about to say might sound scandalous (improper), but every American Public School has classrooms with sofas, “a garden”, “a game centre”,  “learning space”, “reading corner”, etc. The classrooms are huge and it is divided into different spaces. This encourages students and it is scientifically proven that when the students are relaxed and calm, learning happens. The image above is in direct contrast to the wooden chairs and benches students in other parts of the world sit in. This is not to say that the American Schooling System is great, but at least they are trying to change with the times. 

5 Tip To Help Improve The Education System:

Including other “menial” subjects like dance, painting, pottery, sculpting, literature, etc as “main” subjects rather than “extra subjects”, will be a great starting point. These subjects are infamous for no reason except that they are in direct contrast to the “brilliant subjects” of Science, Mathematics, and IT, etc. These subjects are “failures”. However, that is not at all true. Not every student wishes to be a Mathematician, an Astronaut, a Scientist, an Engineer, etc. Some students are naturally artistic rather than logical. These are the subjects that generate skills. Painting is a skill, reading is a skill, sculpting is a skill, and the only reason why a sculptor today cannot earn as much as an engineer is that these subjects are not respected they deserve in schools, let alone in the world outside. The subjects that are considered “useless” are actually multi-faceted. They not only develop the major skill but learning these subjects develops other life skills as well. The skill of painting, not only develops the skill of painting, but it develops the colour perception of the students, the ability to look at forms of the world and gauge their depth, the colour contrast, etc. 

Hence the answer to ‘How to Help Improve The Education System’, is not really short. You can’t just wake up one night and hope the education system stops churning out clerks and workers, but rather individuals with developed personalities, or just happy individuals. The process requires a work Period.

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