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Update on 2024-04-15

JNU College Ranking 2024 - Read Reviews Here

JNU is one of the best-renowned center and foremost university in India. JNU is the world-renowned center for teaching and research. JNU was ranked on No-2 among all the universities of India by the national institutional ranking framework. NIRF is the organization which is conducted by the ministry of human resources. In the last year, JNU had been given rank number 2 from the NIRF. JNU has been received the best university of India award from the president of India in the year of 2017. JNU overall rank is 7th as per the overall rank 






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NIRF Parameter List To Define The University And College Ranking:

NIRF is the authority who is responsible to allocate the particular rank on the basis of the following general parameter which is essentials and important in this kind of defining ranking which is given below.

Teaching And Learning Resources:

  • Student strength which includes doctoral students
  • Faculty students ratio with the emphasis of the permanent faculty
  • Combined metric for the faculty with the Ph.D. or any equivalent and experience
  • Financial resources and their utilization

Research And Professional Practices:

  • Combined metric for the publications
  • Combined metric for the quality of the publication
  • IPR and patents: published and granted patents
  • The footprint of the project and professional practices

Graduation Outcome:

  • Metric for the university examination
  • Metric for the number of Ph.D. students graduated

Outreach And Inclusivity:

  • Percentage of the students from the other states or countries
  • Percentage of women students 
  • Economically and socially challenged students
  • Facilities for the physically challenged students
  • Perception ranking

Peer Perception:

  • Academic peers and employers
JNU College Details - Official Information
JNU College Ranking Click here
JNU College Admission Click here
JNU College Fees Click here
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Some Other Factors Which Are Responsible To Affect The JNU College Ranking:

There are some other factors that are mainly responsible to affect the college ranking directly or indirectly. So let us discuss all those factors in the details which are responsible to affect the college ranking:

  • Under-graduate performance of the students in the university exam
  • Average alumni have given rates by the university
  • Faculty resource for the academic year
  • Graduate rate performance in the university exam
  • Financial resources provided to the students by the university.
  • Social mobility.

Teachers With A Doctoral Degree Or Terminal Degree:

If the university teacher have the doctoral degree then NIRF considered it as the best part of the university or college level which means that if any university’s faculty have the terminal degree, then that particular college or university performance will be little bit lower as compared with the performance given by the university or college which has doctoral degree faculty.

Financial resources:

Financial resource including the fund spends on the published research paper, filing a patent, and on some other academic and research activity. If any university is ready to spend finance on this particular parameter, then NIRF considered it as the innovative approach adopted by the university which is considered as one of the important factors to define the college rank.

Expert opinion poll: 

If the education expert considered any university or college best, which is considered as the best college and university on the global basis which is also an important parameter to define the college or university ranking.

First year students’ retention rate:

The first-year students' retention rate means students are seeking interest in the college and university. NIRF also consider this parameter to define the college rank. In the student's retention rate, NIRF lookout the average students' retention rate.

Average Graduation rate:

Average graduation rate is also an important parameter to define the college/University ranking

Graduation rate performance:

If the graduation rate performance is quite excellent, then it is considered to be in the best category which is also one of the important parameters to define the college ranking.

Rank predictor to define the rank: 

A rank predictor is an online tool that is used to define the college ranking as well as the students' ranking. This rank predictor accepts the students' marks and on the basis of the student's marks, it will give an expected rank to the students which are useful to pre-estimation for the allocation of the college. This rank predictor tool does not give a hundred percent result, but it gives nearby results related to the rank. This tool is usually used by the coaching center head and students as well.

Brief note about JNU:

JNU is a public university which is located at the heart of the country which is a new Delhi. JNU has been established in the year of 1969. There is around 614 numbers of staff and approximate 9000 students are enrolled in the various courses. This university allows students to take admission approximately 900 students in the graduate course whereas 2150 students in the post-graduate courses. This is the central university and the visitor is the president of India. All the major courses are there in the JNU campus. There are many affiliated defense colleges and business colleges which run under the JNU administration as well.  

Ranking of JNU on the globe basis:

The ranking of JNU on the globe basis is under the top 500 university which is quite good as per the ranking at the international level.

JNU College Reviews:


As per placement wise, the JNU review is excellent. JNU has its own mark which is enough to attract many companies to hire a candidate to work at their own place. Most of the students are usually be deployed in the government administration of India. If we talk about the private sector, most of the renowned company wants to visit the campus to hire students on a handsome salary


Infrastructure wise JNU campus is very large. All the departments have their own building and JNU provides wireless network facilities to the students inside the campus. The lab is well equipped with the instruments to do the practical. Food quality is very good in the hostel campus at a very cheap rate. The hostels' room is big and enough for survival.

JNU Faculty:

If we talk about the faculties wise, then no word to say about it. No doubt, JNU has the best faculty inside its campus throughout the other universities. JNU faculty are well experienced in their area and faculty of all the departments are very friendly and dynamics. 


JNU organized many other programs like college fest and some extracurricular activities which are helpful to bring out students from the stress level. JNU is ready to provide scholarships for bright students. Gym facilities are also there. So overall the JNU college reviews are quite excellent as compared to other institutes or universities.

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