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How to Settle in Canada?

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Settle in Canada? - Start your life in Canada - Canadian Immigrant

Why Migrate To Canada?

The most common and popular reason for Indian nationals to migrate to Canada is actually to secure a job,  make a better living and settle in that country itself. While most aspirants migrate right after graduation to pursue a postgraduate degree abroad which makes them more suitable candidates for the process of recruitment in the eyes of the job providers in a foreign land. The reason for this migration to new places and foreign lands by the Indian nationals, in particular, is that the state of the economy in India is not as good as one would like it to be. 

Above that,  there is a huge population explosion that has taken place which has increased the competition not just for the admission process to various courses in India but subsequently in the job application process also. All these reasons have contributed to the emergence of the growing trend of the migration of Indian nationals to Canada.  But now situations are changing for the worse. The economic slowdown and recession are not just prevalent in India but it has become a global phenomenon that is being dealt with by the countries by taking stringent measures. 

The measures are strict and unfavourable for foreign nationals. To tackle the problem of recession the countries are planning to reserve more jobs for their own citizens and capping the number of jobs that can be offered by the firms to foreign nationals. This comes as a major problem for those Indian citizens who had for long thought of migrating abroad to settle and have a permanent residency in a new country. 

Study And Settlement In Canada:

The Eligibility criteria which have been laid by the Government Of Canada for the immigrants to travel to Canada on a student visa are considered to be friendly for the students and do not pose many hassles for the students as such. The Government of Canada has made it mandatory for any person who wants to get a student visa issued to their name that they, first of all, get themselves enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution which is commonly called the DLI. 

Once this criterion is fulfilled by the candidate, then he will be required to prove that he has got enough money to for the tuition fee of the University which they are applying, they will have to show that they are so capable that they can effectively manage not just their living expenses in Canada but also the expenses of the family members who may accompany them to Canada as dependants concerning the student’s study visa.

Like any other country would state, the Canadian Government has clearly stated that any student who is seeking the issuance of a student visa to his name, must not, at any point in his life had a history of committing a crime which thereby also requires them to obey all the rules stipulated by the Government of Canada. For studying in Canada,  you must look for a short-duration course that can provide employment opportunities to you. For such a course, you can do a PGDM in Canada. After a PGDM,  you can take managerial jobs in Canada. 

IELTS- Basic Requirement For Any Sort Of Visa:

 For becoming eligible for the Student Visa in Canada, the student will be required to clear the English proficiency test, IELTS. The Government of Canada has made it mandatory for any applicant to sit for the IELTS exam and that he or she will be required to secure at least 5.5 bands in all four segments of the IELTS exam to be eligible for a Student Visa in Canada.

IELTS is a popular test that is accepted by many renowned Universities around Canada. IELTS is an English proficiency test, which is the main eligibility criteria for studying in the Universities of English speaking countries. It is the most common academic test worldwide and it is thought of as a highly accurate test to check the proficiency of the applicant in English. The scoring in the IELTS exam is done in the form of bands. 

Every University and country has specified its own cut-off for the number of bands that are required for matching the eligibility criteria of the University. IELTS is an integrated test that is not just meant for the testing of the skills of the applicant in terms of his or her theoretical ability in the English language but it is also meant for checking proficiency in spoken English practices.  The test is also used in the English language and in the recruitment of English teachers who have the job of teaching in higher educational institutions.

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