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How to  Become RAW Agent

Update on 2024-04-15

How to become RAW Agent - Steps to become a RAW Officer

What is RAW Agent

RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing of foreign intelligence that works under prime minister ground. RAW is a secret department and it finds information about other countries' progress, strategies to protect our country from inconsistent terrorism, inconsistent proliferation, and gives advice to Indian policymakers to make the best policies for the safety of the country. they make plans for stoping the military attacks from other countries, the main work is that they become a spy and sent them to other countries to find out their plans, strategies and form the anti-terrorism force for the enemy country.

All over the main work of a RAW agent is to keep national security safe from the enemy. This job is well esteemed and many individuals look for this job. because it includes the secret intelligence bureau. Becoming a RAW agent is not an easy task, individuals need to be strong mentally and physically to perform the mission at a perfect pace. This is not the end, individuals also have to clear the examination and rigorous training to become a RAW agent.

We have provided complete information on How to become RAW Agent are as follows-

Objectives of RAW Agent

  •  It safeguards the security of the nuclear program of India.
  • Spy on other countries' strategies, policies, and keep eye on them to secure the national interest of India.
  • Monitor economic, military, scientific, and political progress in-country because it has a direct connection with national security and foreign policy. they make foreign policy formation based on this data only.
  • they form the hidden operations for securing India's national interest.
  • Anti-terror operations are formed and run by the RAW agent.

Eligibility for becoming a RAW Agent

As there are no other specific exams held for a RAW agent because they get selected from the government departments only like Military services, Army services, Police services, UPSC services, and administrative services. 

Education qualification - for qualifying the educational eligibility criteria an individual needs to complete his graduation from a recognized university and additional an individual should also learn a Foreign language it can come into use when they were sent to other countries for spying.

Age Limit - individual needs to be less than 56 years of age. There is a need for at least 20 years of experience in government department services.

Basic criteria - An individual must be a citizen of India, an individual should not have any criminal background and not be addicted to drugs. This criterion has to be followed by the individual otherwise they will not get selected as a RAW agent.

Steps to become a RAW Agent

  1. To become a Raw agent an individual needs to get selected for it so here are some steps that will help you In knowing how to become RAW agent.
  2. The selection process of a RAW agent involves the selection of individuals from a government department like civil services, armed services, intelligence services.
  3. An individual can be recruited for a RAW agent directly from the university. There is a need to build up your career strong and durable to get selected. 
  4. There is no way to apply for a RAW agent because they select individuals from armed and civil services.
  5. if you get selected then you get a chance to give the national aptitude test. after that they held interviews to check the personality and psychological thinking of an individual.
  6. You get basic training for 10 days in Delhi. Basic training includes the complete introduction of intelligence and an overview job. You get training in scientific learning, security information, language, and common techniques that will come into use when you perform missions.
  7. After that, you get advanced training for 1-2 years in the intelligence bureau. Advanced training includes training in handling a real-life situation, handling interrogation, self-defense, handling intelligence devices, and handling missions.
  8. After completion of your training, you'll be ready to join your job as a RAW agent.

The LifeStyle of RAW Agents

  • RAW agent's life and work are not easy. An individual needs courage and determination to perform the job as a RAW agent.
  • They get a chance to go to foreign countries but alone because they sent them for a mission not for holiday.
  • They have to attend meetings and do lots of research for their mission.
  • There are chances to get exposed to other countries during the mission, so they have to be very careful and get themselves prepared for the possible situation in the future.
  • They are not allowed to share their identity with their family and friends.
  • The lifeStyle of RAW Agents is always at risk when they are on missions.
  • They have to meet with corrupt officers to get the information.
  • They need to follow the information, target, lead, and have to report about what is happening.
  • Working in headquarters is safe but still, it has the chances of happening critical events. If tragedies, fallout, or intelligence get failed then they are responsible for it. Sometimes they have to delete the records of their colleagues who get arrested and then they don’t even recognize them.
  • If an agent gets arrested in a foreign country during the mission then the government rejects them.
  • They don't get any medals or honors for work. but when they complete the mission with full dedication this saves lots of life in the country.

Post for a RAW Agent:

  1. Field officer
  2. Assistant field officer
  3. Senior field officer
  4. Deputy field officer

Along with fieldwork, some other jobs are available in RAW

  1. Desk Officer
  2. Analyst
  3. Accountant
  4. Clerk
  5. Stenographer
  6. Admin Officer etc.

Hierarchical Structure of Officers



Chief Secretary 

Class 1 (group-A)Officer

Additional Secretary

Class 1 (group-A)Officer

Joint Secretary

Class 1 (group-A)Officer

Deputy Secretary 

Class 1 (group-A)Officer

Senior Field Officer

Class B/C Officer

Field Officer

Class B/C Officer

Deputy Field Officer

Class B/C Officer

Assistant Field Officer

Class B/C Officer

Salary of a RAW Agent

Only knowing how to become RAW Agent is not enough you must know the appx salary of a RAW Agent The salary of a RAW agent is based on grade-A service and the RAW agent is an A-grade service. A RAW agent gets many allowances and benefits that fall in their category. The salary of a RAW agent starts from 0.8 to 1.3 lacs per month. A fresh RAW agent salary can lie between 55,000 to 80,000 per month. Salary and allowance depend on the experience of an individual. who has 10 years of experience will get a handsome salary per month for his work.

Salary can be taken into three forms - monthly, quarterly, and yearly but allowance and other benefits are given monthly. The government gives the expense for food, travel, and other external expenses that come during the mission. RAW agent family doesn't get any allowance or benefits as per the rule of government they only may get dearness allowance but it is exceptional. RAW agents get the life risk allowance, irregularly scheduled allowance, etc.

I hope this article really solved your doubt on - How to become RAW Agent

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