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Difference between DCA and PGDCA Course

Update on 2024-06-05

Difference between DCA and PGDCA Course | DCA vs PGDCA Course Details

Get Details overview about Difference between DCA and PGDCA course, which is better for students for their career growth and scope. In this article students will get all the aspect of both courses and get point to point difference between them.

What is the Difference between DCA and PGDCA Courses?

The main difference between the Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) and the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) is in their level of education and the eligibility criteria required for these courses. DCA is an undergraduate diploma course that gives you the basic knowledge and skills related to computer applications, suitable for those who have completed their 10+2 or equivalent examination. 

PGDCA is a postgraduate diploma course designed for graduates who wish to brush up their skills in computer applications. The PGDCA course is more advanced and covers a broader range of topics in greater depth compared to DCA. As well as, DCA serves as a foundational course in computer applications, while PGDCA is targeted towards providing specialized knowledge to those who already have a basic understanding or a bachelor's degree.

Career Opportunities in DCA course: 

Computer application courses are now led to increase in this new technology world. DCA is the study of basic understanding of computer applications. This course has a variety of jobs, here students are prepared for such types of jobs i.e., data entry, and more advanced positions such as a web designer and graphic designer. 

Such programs which students have to focus on more are key programming languages, system analysis, financial management, database management, and some more advanced topics such as using  Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Graphic design software such as Adobe In- design, Corel draw, and Adobe photoshop. 

Generally, This field specialized in some basic programs are:

  1. Computer Language and programming
  2. Internet
  3. Desktop Publishing
  4. Web Page Design 
  5. Graphic Design and Animation
  6. E-Business

Diploma in Computer Application Duration and Fee Structure:

This is the beneficial degree of one year, 2-semester diploma course with a duration of  6 months per semester. DCA is pursued after completing 10 + 2. 

Top Colleges offering DCA Courses

           Top Universities Name  Reviews  Registration Form
National Institute of Management (NIM),    Mumbai      10/10 reviews Apply Now!
Kanya Mahavidyalaya (KMV), Jalandhar     9.8/10 reviews Apply Now!
Nirmala College, Ranchi     8.7/10 reviews Apply Now!
Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU), Bhopal     8.1/10 reviews Apply Now!
Khalsa College, Amritsar     7.8/10 reviews Apply Now!
Madhusudan Institute of Cooperative Management, Bhubaneshwar     7.7/10 reviews Apply Now!
Lady Brabourne College (LBC), Kolkata   7.4/10 reviews Apply Now!

Fee Structure of DCA: 

This is a graduate-level course and the fee structure is starting from 5,000 - 20,000 INR. 

University Name                  City      Fees Per Annum in INR Registration Form
University Of Calcutta             Kolkata                 7,810 Apply Now!
Jamia Millia Islamia           New Delhi              5,610   Apply Now!
Banaras Hindu University           Varanasi               10,000 Apply Now!
University Of Allahabad           Allahabad              7,820 Apply Now!
Amity University             Noida             42,000 Apply Now!
University Of Rajasthan           Jaipur             11,800 Apply Now!

Syllabus and Course Description are Tabulated below:


Introduction to Computers Project Management
Principles of Programming Unix Operating System
Programming Language Database  Management Information System
Word Processing and  Spreadsheet Financial Accounting system
System Analysis and Design C++
Computer Graphics  -

Career opportunities in PGDCA course:

PGDCA is a one-year-long program that students can take after a bachelor's degree. This course is designed for those students who are interested in computer applications. This provides more specialization in computer science with technology. Know about the Difference between DCA and PGDCA courses, which is better?

This program is made for students who want to learn more about different fields like accounting, banking. This also trains students for IT professional ( Information Technology) for the future. 

Some Specialized basic programs in this field are: 

  1. MS Office Applications
  2. Programming Languages like C++, JAVA
  3. Tally
  4. System Analysis and Data Processing
  5. Software Hacking and IT Security
  6. Software Engineering

Fee Structure of PGDCA Course

Institute Name                 City    Average Fees Registration Form
University of Delhi              New Delhi 30,000 Apply Now!
Sikkim Manipal University              Manipal  32,340 Apply Now!
Amity University                 Raipur  94,575 Apply Now!
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College             New Delhi  43,000 Apply Now!
Osmania University              Osmania  20,000 Apply Now!

Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application Syllabus

  S. No.           Subjects of Study 
1 ICT Tools
2 Computer Organisation and Architecture
3 C Programming 
4 Operating system
5 Soft Skills Development
6 OOPS Using C++
7 Management Process and OB
8 Data Structure using Java
9 Database Management Systems
10 Projects 

DCA vs PGDCA Course:

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DCA is the study of basic computer knowledge and PGDCA is a more technical and deep study of computer applications. After DCA students can eligible for jobs but after completing PGDCA students become more professional in this field. 

In PGDCA students can get one more certificate while on the other hand DCA completing students have only one certificate of the bachelor degree. For higher studies, students want to do PGDCA and this degree provides more opportunities for students. 

Which is better DCA or PGDCA?

"Difference between DCA and PGDCA course, DCA vs PGDCA program, which is better DCA or PGDCA, which is better for me DCA or PGDCA, degree courses vs diploma courses, DCA, PGDCA, DCA vs PGDCA course details, DCA & PGDCA difference."

DCA Course Details:

DCA ( Diploma in Computer Application) is the education of technical boards and this is offered by Universities in India after completing 10 +2 grades. Duration of DCA is one year in which 2 semesters with 6 months each. Students who completed a Diploma in Computer Application can apply for a job as a computer operator in any organization. Some more jobs which apply by DCA’s students are like Programming Languages, System Analysis, etc. 

PGDCA Course Details:

PGDCA (Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application) is also a one-year course in India. Students can take this after Graduation in any discipline or need to have DCA to enroll for the PGDCA program. Students want to do this course to learn more about Computer Applications in different fields like accounting, insurance. They can choose this with their interest. APGDCA stands with “Advanced Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application”. This is also a course duration of 2 years and both PGDCA and APGDCA give the better career of becoming System Analyst, EPD Manager, Software Engineer, and many more to students.

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