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Difference Between BBM Course and BMS Course

Update on 2024-04-15

Difference Between BBM Course and BMS Course - BBM Course Vs BMS Course

Difference Between BBM Course and BMS Course:

At a glance, these BBM courses and BMS Courses may look like the same thing. That’s because it is. Both these are Management courses, aimed at equipping students for management posts in a corporate organization. The syllabus for both courses is similar. The Difference Between BBM Course and BMS Course usually lies in the way they are taught. Some key differences are listed below:

Difference BBM Course BMS Course

Focus of study

A theoretical approach to core management concepts. 

A logic-oriented, analytical approach

Area of specialization

It provides specialization in various areas such as marketing, finance, etc.

A brief introduction to the critical aspects of management skills.


The course has been taught for a long time. 

Relatively new in India, started by Shaheed Sukhdev College.

What is BBM Course?

Bachelor of Business Management(BBM) is an undergraduate course aimed at training management students with the skills and knowledge to effectively take up roles at the managerial level in any corporate organization. The course establishes the basic business sense in the students, related to all the areas of business management such as accounting, finance, human resource, public relations, international relations, marketing, etc.

However, they are not taught how to ‘start a new business. The focus is on how to maintain an already running business. The student gains insight into global businesses through the practical knowledge gained throughout the coursework.

Scope of BBM Course:

BBM Course, in itself, doesn’t offer much employability growth. A student has to pursue a postgraduate or diploma after a Bachelor’s in Business Management, to be successful in his career. Students generally learn management techniques and in turn become assets to an already existing business. Due to globalization, numerous career opportunities are available to graduates in the field of manufacturing, the technological sector, the transportation sector, export companies, industrial houses, marketing industries, etc.

Eligibility for BBM Course:

The BBM degree is also a 3-year undergraduate degree. It is divided into 6 semesters as well. Many colleges and universities conduct an entrance exam and the student must pass it in order to gain admission to BBM. However, admission on merit basis is also adopted by students. 

What is the BMS Course?

Bachelor of Business Management Studies (BMS) is a management education program. Its main focus is on equipping students with the necessary knowledge on how organizations work, how they are managed, how organizations function at the national and international level and how they deal with local situations, etc.

Hence, BMS Course is a general management course for students who are desirous of wanting a career in administrative roles. They manage decisions regarding human resources, material acquisition, operations, etc.  

Scope of BMS Course:

One of the reasons why students are opting for a Bachelors in Management studies over traditional degrees is the ready job vacancy right after completing graduation. With other degrees, you have to pursue higher education, such as an MBA, etc for employment, but with BMS Course, there is ready employment, and the choice to pursue a postgraduate degree is in the hands of the students.

The banking and insurance sectors have a very high demand for BMS graduates. Tanks to the specialized focus of studies in the coursework of the BMS degree, students find it easier to get employment in their chosen fields in the business and corporate sectors.

Eligibility for BMS Course:

The BMS degree is a 3-year undergraduate degree. It is divided into 6 semesters evenly throughout the 3 years. The students eligible to study BMS Course must have passed 10+2 in any stream.

Admission Process for BBM Course and BMS Course:

The admission process for both courses is pretty much the same. Since most admission processes are done online, the standard for the admission procedure is the same.

  • You must fill the online application form of the university you are applying to. 
  • Fill in the details of your 10+2 mark sheet. The scanned documents such as your ID proof, 10th, and 12th mark sheet, your signature, etc.
  • Pay the fee. (It may differ from college to college and university to university).

Entrance Exams for BBM Course and BMS Course:

✍ UGAT (Undergraduate Aptitude Test) is the entrance exam for which students interested in BBM Course must pass through. 

✍ UGAT is administered by AIMA (All India Management Association). The test usually screens students for graduate management courses.

✍ DU JAT is another entrance exam for admission in BMS courses BMS. It is a national-level entrance exam conducted by Delhi University.

Note: Math is a compulsory subject for DU-JAT. Apart from these, universities conduct their own entrance tests such as IPMAT (IIM-Indore), CUET (Christ University), NPAT (NMIMS).   

The Average Fee for BBM Course Vs BMS Course:

The Average Fee for BMS Course is listed below:

Name of the college Average fee per annum

Jai Hind College, Mumbai

Rs 20,000-25,000

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies

RS. 14,000- 15,000

Gargi College for Women, New Delhi

Rs. 9,000- 10,000

GIBS Business College, Bangalore

Rs. 90,000- 1,00,000

Laksmibai College

Rs.14,500- 16,000

The Average Fee for BBM course is listed below:

Name of the college The average fee per annum

Christ University

Rs. 3 -3.5 Lakh

Symbiosis International University

Rs. 2.80 Lakh

Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra

Rs. 16,000- 17,000

PES Institute of Technology

Rs. 4-4.5 Lakh

NMIMS, Mumbai

Rs. 2.5 -3 Lakh

Salary Expectation After BBM Course/BMS Course:

Since these two are managerial degrees, one can expect to get employed with a very good salary package and incentives. Companies like Accenture,  ICICI Bank, IBM, etc pay very well to BBM or BMS degree holders. 

 Job Role Payscale

Financial Analyst

Rs. 2- 3 Lakh

Operations Management

Rs 3 Lakh- 1 crore

Marketing Executive

Rs. 2- 7 Lakh

Human Resource Manager

Rs. 2- 1 crore

The Job Profile of BBM graduates include:

Marketing Coordinator- 
developing and executing marketing strategies such as slogans, advertisements, etc.

Business Development Manager-
Responsible for analyzing business growth opportunities and risks.  

Operations Manager-
Oversee the use of resources and be responsible for the correct use of those resources. They are also responsible for overseeing that the business follows the ethical code of conduct in terms of usage of resources, natural and artificial.

Executive Assistant-
The person is a member of the senior staff team. He/She is usually assigned to a senior member of the board of directors, such as the executive of the company, and they handle and supervise the duties of the same. 

Quality Specialist-
They are responsible to ensure that the products their company produces are free of defects and shortcomings. 

Job Profile of a BMS Graduate:

Marketing Manager:
They are responsible for analyzing industry trends and demands of the current consumer profile they serve.

Human Resource Manager:
It is responsible for ensuring quality employees for its company. He/She is also responsible for the welfare of the workers in the company, their remuneration, incentives, etc.

Finance Manager:
People who are responsible for the financial health of the organization they work for. They prepare budget reports, accounts, and other accounting data. 

Project Manager:
Is the person responsible for the overall planning, executing, monitoring, supervision, and closure of a project. 

Sales Manager:
The person is responsible for guiding and supervising the sales team of an organization. They set sales goals, plans, and training, etc for the sale of their products.  

Are the BBM Course and BMS Course worth it?

The prospect of getting hired by a renowned company for the skills you possess after completing the BMS Course or BBM Course is like a dream come true. Both the courses are no different from each other, and yet they both are way better than traditional courses that have long been over-used and over-studied.

The need of the hour is a practical-hands-on approach that doesn’t just cram students with business models or ideas that are no longer useful today, but an out-of-the-box curriculum that helps the student understand events that shape up the corporate and business sector of the modern world.

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