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Career in Mechanical Engineering

Update on 2024-04-15

Career in Mechanical Engineering | Scope, Career & More Details

Mechanical engineering involves the application of material science and physics principles to design and maintain mechanical systems. People started recognizing the value of this discipline of engineering during the phase of the industrial revolution. Nevertheless, the mechanical engineering field is a lot more diverse now in comparison to what it was back then.

Earlier, mechanical engineering was restricted to motor vehicles, mechanics, and thermodynamics but it has become more versatile in the 21st century. Presently, the demand for mechanical engineers is rising in the automobile industry.

Being a mechanical engineering aspirant, you must be wondering about the options you are available for making a career in mechanical engineering. Once you are done with your graduation, you can easily acquire a job in the industrial sector.

There are tons of job opportunities that you can tap in the metal, electronics, construction, chemical, automotive, and aerospace sector. After gaining some experience in any of the aforementioned fields, you can also try for a job in the financial sector. Here are some of the jobs that you can apply for after completing your graduation.

1) Researcher or Consultant in the Manufacturing Sector

The skills and expertise that a mechanical engineer holds can be put to great use in the automotive and aerospace industry. An engineer can perform the role of a consultant by guiding the manufacturers on how they should manufacture a particular product by keeping its environmental, health, and safety properties in mind. As a researcher, an engineer can make technological innovations in the industry of mechanical engineering.

2)  Material Engineer

If you want to make a career in mechanical engineering, then one of the best options for you is to become a material engineer. As a materials engineer, you will get to test, process, and create materials that can be further used in manufacturing items like biomedical devices and computer chips. While performing this role, you will learn about the composition and properties of different substances such as nanomaterials, plastics, ceramics, and metals.

3) Patent Law Expert

Your mechanical engineering skills can’t only land you a job in the manufacturing sector but can also help you become a patent expert. Here your job role will be to decide whether a particular invention made by an engineer deserves a patent license or not. However, as a patent law officer being able to check the authenticity of an engineering invention is not sufficient, you should also possess knowledge about patent laws.

4) Try for a Job in the Non-Engineering Sector

If you are not seeking a job in the manufacturing sector after completing your bachelor’s degree but you are good with numbers, analytics, and problem-solving skills, then you should look for an opportunity in management, finance, logistics, or supply chain line. Generally, to make your way in these fields you need relevant work experience in the mechanical engineering line as it is very difficult to jump into another line immediately after completing your graduation.

5) Mechatronics Engineering

This is an advanced branch of engineering. To become a mechatronics engineer, you need to know four different disciplines, which include computer, communication, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Mechatronics engineers maintain, design, and repair automation products.

6) Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineers manufacture, design, and operate different kinds of vehicles. As the demand for eco-friendly vehicles is rising in the market, the role of a mechanical engineer has become both challenging as well as thrilling.

According to an article published in a national newspaper, our country’s share in the automobile market is going to rise to 8% in the years to come, which will ultimately increase the demand for automobile engineers in the next few years.

So, this was all about a career in mechanical engineering. As stated in the article above, you are available with tons of career options after completing your B.Tech in mechanical engineering. You can easily get a job in the manufacturing sector as a consultant or researcher. You can also do mechatronics engineering, mechanical engineering, or automobile engineering.

This evergreen discipline of engineering offers you opportunities in other sectors as well. If you want, you can use your mechanical engineering skills to become a patent law expert. You can also apply for a job in the financial sector but it is recommended to do so after gaining some experience in the mechanical line.

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