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Does it Matter Where you go to College for Engineering

Update on 2024-04-15

Does it Matter Where you go to College for Engineering - Collegedisha

If you’ve just finished your 12th standard and looking for a fine  engineering college, and are interested in getting an Engineering degree, there must be many thoughts create a mess up in your mind for which college to choose, and which branch of Engineering to choose can seem like the most difficult task, and at the same time you have to take the most integral decision of your life. Students always get confused in choosing the right college for them which would be based on my experience here is the advice that I give to prospective engineers.

To complete an engineering course and to fulfil your dreams in this field you have to be crystal clear about your choice of field or just choose as per your interest level. Many students stay confused to choose an engineering college. Whereas Most students and parents seem to be very focused on getting into the “best” branch of any engineering college (Computer Science, Electronics & Telecommunications, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil,) Everybody wants to get into the “top” branch. Everybody wants to get to know which branch has the best “scope” in the future. Does it Matter Where you go to College for Engineering

There are Many reasons to Choose a Perfect College:

  • The vast majority of computer science graduates in the country do not have good jobs on a handsome pay scale (because there are so many of them!) If you study in a bad  college, a good branch is not going to help you out. Also, so-called “good” branches with lots of “scope” tends to be over-crowded, because each and everyone is entering that field. And finally, no one really knows which branch will have the most “scope”.
  • Changing of field is very common amongst engineers. Mechanical engineers those are indulged into banking and finance, chemical engineers are working in Bollywood, and computer scientists in the insurance industry doing much non-computer stuff.
  • If for a field, there are a number of colleges in the country are giving engineering degrees in that field, then almost by definition, that field has quality work going on all over the world. If you find that field boring, then, the most likely explanation is that you’ve been taught that subject by a not so knowledgeable teacher. Any particular subject that you find very interesting was probably taught to you by a good teacher, isn't it? Sometimes in your past. A good professor in any branch can make the branch very fruitful for you.

College does Matter

It’s fashionable to say the college doesn’t matter. But this is very true in such a field like engineering college that you have chosen. And it is very common to lope out examples of students from terrible colleges who have succeeded in life. But that’s flawed logic. Those students who succeed in spite of being in a bad college, are probably succeeding in spite of the college, not because of the college they are in. And probably would have done even better if they had been in a better college.

Better engineering colleges have better systems of education, better professors, and better “resume value. Also, in better colleges, you have better classmates. So if you are getting a not-so-good branch in a very good college and you are confused between a good branch in a not-so-good college, you should definitely choose the good branch in the very good college. I would definitely pick Metallurgical Engineering in IIT-Bombay, over Computer Science at MIT. If engineering colleges are comparable, then go for the “better” branch (for whatever definition of “better”). For example, if you have Mechanical Engineering in COEP, and Computer Science in VIT, then go for VIT – because although COEP is better than VIT, it is not all that much better.

I am not saying that you’re screwed if you get into a bad college. There are ample enough examples to prove that good, motivated students can shine from anywhere. All I’m saying is that if you have a choice, then choose better college over the better branch. If you have stuck into a bad college, then you must work hard just ignore your professors, and try to get guides/mentors/projects from industry (right away, not just in the last year).

City Does Matter a lot for an Engineering College:

To a large extent, success in life is not simply about academic knowledge. It is also about a whole bunch of other factors: What we call “exposure”. This involves all kinds of research like interactions with industry, various (non-academic) activities that you indulge in a city, seeing the various interesting and different things that people are doing in the city, opportunities for getting involved in various initiatives, and generally “smartness” (as in “The Bombay exposure has really made him smart.”) Also, please get out of your parents’ house.

Stay in a hostel or a rented flat with a bunch of your classmates. That will propel you into the real world, give you some maturity, and the ability to deal with all kinds of issues that you need to deal with when you are no longer staying under protective cover provided by your parents. This is an important part of your education at this stage.


So the answer of "Does it Matter Where you go to College for Engineering?" is YES , It does matter a lot to choose a better college of engineering and to choose a city which is well equipped with the number of engineering colleges.

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