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Career in Electronics Engineering

Update on 2024-04-15

Career in Electronics Engineering | Best college for Electronics Engineering in India

Career in Electronics Engineering

Electronics engineering is one of the most popular engineering fields known today. Today because of the existence of this branch of engineering our life is more comfortable and simple.

Electronics has not only given a contribution to technological innovations but has also played a significant role in increasing the productivity of agriculture, energy, oil, and several other industries.

It would be impossible to carry out production tests in the chemical and petroleum industry without the availability of electronic devices. The health care sector relies heavily on electronic instruments for checking body functions and performing chemical tests.

Here in this article, you will get to know how one can make a Career in Electronics Engineering. First, we will discuss the duties of an electronics engineer and then continue with available career opportunities after completing B.Tech in electronics engineering.

Duties of an Electronics Engineering

Here are some of the duties that an electronics engineer needs to perform.

  • Comes up with new techniques to use electrical energy for creating new equipment or bringing improvement in old products.
  • Gives instructions to others while testing, installing, and manufacturing new products to make sure that the products manufactured are up to the standards.
  • An electronic engineer performs necessary calculations for creating construction specifications and standards.
  • Collaborates with production managers for completing the projects effectively and efficiently.
  • Recommends solutions to the complaints launched by the customers.
  • He or she analyzes the requirements of the customers and develops products accordingly.
  • Introduces required modifications in already manufactured products.
  • Ensures that all the safety standards are met while developing an electronic instrument or system.
  • Carries out maintenance tests for electronic items.

Available Job Opportunities After Completing Electronics Engineering

If you are pursuing electronics engineering, then you must be wondering about different career choices after completing your graduation.

1) Government Jobs

If you want to make a career in electronics engineering, then the best option for you would be to look for a job in State or Central Government. You can apply for junior posts in government services through direct recruitment. If you wanna apply for a gazetted post, then you will have to clear the entrance exam conducted by the union and state service commission.

You can also apply for a job in public or private sector companies such as the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Atomic energy commission, Indian Railways, and Central Electronics Ltd.

The vacancies in such companies are advertised in leading national newspapers. The candidates are first required to give a basic input test. Those who clear these tests qualify for the interview round and the ones who make it through the interviews finally get selected.

2) Start your own Business

A career in electronics engineering doesn’t only mean looking for a job in the industrial sector. As an electronics engineer, you can start your own business as well. If you are someone who doesn’t like to follow commands, then starting a business after completing engineering is the best option for you. You can commence your own assembly or repair shop for recording equipment, amplifiers, and television receivers. You can yield high returns after making a little investment. As far as it is concerned about monetary assistance, then you can easily acquire it from banks and several other lending institutions.

3) Go for Post-Graduation

Generally, students get stuck with one decision after completing their graduation i.e whether they should complete their post-graduation or apply for a job. But if you are looking for a decent job and a well-established career, then it is recommended to complete your post-graduation. MS increases your chances of getting hired in a multinational corporation. It adds value to your resume and you get so many other benefits by doing an MS.

So, this was all about a career in electronics engineering. You can apply for a job in a government department or a non-government institution. If you think it is way too early for you to start working, then you should continue with your studies. In case you don’t want to proceed with your higher education, then you can commence a business. There are a variety of options that you are available with after completing your B.Tech, do whatever floats your boat.

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