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Career Guidance After 12th

Update on 2024-04-18

Career Guidance After 12th - Best Career Counselling in India

We at College Disha provide you with complete career guidance after the 12th with the help of leading career consultants in India. The College Disha community is composed of some of the best career counselling experts in the country. Career Guidance aims to help you find the best career option after the 12th. There are many students who feel lost after completing school. Career counselling/career counselling helps such students to find their way to a suitable career option after the 12th. In order to assist students to make apt career decisions, College Disha is providing students with a wide array of career options and specialized career guidance.

Career Guidance After 12th:

This article will help you to understand the importance of Career Guidance in the lives of students. Read the full article to know more about “Benefits of career counselling after 12th”:

This article will help you to understand the importance of Career Guidance in the lives of students. Read the full article to know more about “Benefits of Career Guidance”:

Note: In a whole World of courses, if you cannot find a suitable career for yourself, then you must look out for your interests and the skills in which you are an expert. To learn about your interests and skills, book your career counselling sessions at College Disha and be assured of getting the best career for yourself. Know More

➤ Why Do You Need Career Guidance After 12th?

Many people have asked us "Why is getting professional Career Guidance After 12th is so necessary for students ?"  Well, here are some major reasons:

  • Getting career guidance from the best career guidance company like College Disha will enable you to choose the best career option after the 12th.
  • The importance of career guidance programs can be derived from the fact that very few students and parents are familiar with the latest career options that came into existence after globalization, they are only aware of the classic career prospects of medical, engineering, and civil services. These traditional career fields (such as the Engineering field) are already overflowing with professionals, The current status of most of the traditional career fields is- “High Supply and Less Demand”, due to which there is cut-throat competition in these career fields. Therefore students need to move towards more promising and new career paths. That is why there is a desperate need for Career Guidance after 12th now more than ever. 
  • Seeking Career counselling after the 12th can help the student to explore a rewarding career path that befits your potential and interests. 
  • We all are well- aware of the current rate of unemployment in the country. The more disturbing fact is that the unemployment rate of graduate degree holders is also increasing with each passing year. This is a truth that makes the current scenario more stressful for any ambitious student.  This rising unemployment rate of the literate population has proved that there is a crucial need for Career Guidance in India. 
  • Today’s youth lack the necessary skills, knowledge, and guidance to select their career path wisely. They are often clueless and give in to family pressure and misleading information when it is about choosing a career path. They choose a career that does not match their skill sets. As a result, they are unable to get a suitable job with good salary prospects. This has led to rising levels of unemployment and mental stress among the present generation.
  • Proper Career Counselling can build impressive careers for individuals and can do a lot of good for them. Receiving Career Guidance after the 12th is more effective for better and timely results as after the 12th, the candidate has to make a choice of education field in which he/she wants to pursue a career and this decision will directly impact his/her future career prospects. We think that each and every student should go for career counselling after the 12th. If you are already convinced with this notion and searching for the best career guidance company for your career counselling, then do consider “College Disha” as one of the best options.
  • The importance of Career Guidance is hence justified by all of these points mentioned above in this article.

➤ Career Counselling After 12th

  • Almost every student must have googled these questions: "What is the best career option after the 12th?"  "What should I do After the 12th?"  "Which is the Best Course after 12th Science/ Commerce/Arts?"
  • These are the most relatable questions googled by the majority of students in India. But we think instead of asking these questions from a search engine, it is better to ask these questions from a professional career counsellor in person. Because a Career Counselor can provide you with more personalized career advice than anyone else. A career counsellor is a professional who conducts various assessment tests to determine your potential, abilities, and skills, and then he/she suggests to you the suitable career path that matches your skill sets and abilities.
  • There are many career guidance companies in India that offer you the best career counselling after 12th. These career guidance companies have a team of experienced and professional career counsellors who use their knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you in building successful careers. For instance - College Disha is one such name in the long list of best career guidance companies in India.
  • For better results, we suggest you find the best career guidance company for your career counselling session.

➤ Benefits Of Career Guidance After 12th

Career guidance/career counselling helps with your personal and professional development. There are many other benefits of career guidance after the 12th. Want to know about the advantages of career guidance? Here You Go!

  • Receiving Career counselling after the 12th will help you to discover your interest areas, understand your true potential and build your confidence.
  • After attending one or a few career counseling sessions you will be able to understand your strengths and will be able to get a positive approach towards your future goals.
  • The career Guidance program will help you to figure out your potential career path and your counselor will help you to design a roadmap for your career goals.
  • You will get information about some off-beat yet promising career options.
  • Career Counselling from the best career guidance company can also help you to Overcome Anxiety and Procrastination behaviour.
  • Some Career Guidance companies also help you to build industry connections which might be of great advantage for your career. College Disha is one of those companies which helps you to do so.

So these were some major benefits of Career Guidance after 12th,  There are many other benefits of career guidance. You will get to know about them once you will start attending career counselling sessions. For a better Career and timely achievements, taking career guidance from the best career guidance company is a step you should take!

Top Cities for Career Counselling In India

Career Guidance After 12th Science

Are you a science student and don’t want to stick to the mediocre careers of engineering and medicine? If yes then College Disha can help you with this. We can suggest some of the best career options after 12th science and help you to choose the right career option according to your profile. You can contact us anytime or fill in the inquiry form by clicking here.

Our career counsellor will contact you shortly. In the meantime, you can check out the trending and best career options after 12th science. We have listed some of them below with their salaries:

Best Career Option After 12th Science
Average Salary in India


Rs 3.46 L.P.A


Rs 17.54 L.P.A

Merchant Navy Officer

Rs 12 L.P.A to Rs 22 L.P.A

Software Developer

Rs 5.07 L.P.A

Data Scientist

Rs 8.24 L.P.A

Business Analyst

Rs 6.06 L.P.A

Data Analyst

Rs 4.39 L.P.A


Rs 6.39 L.P.A

SEO Specialist/Analyst

Rs 2.48 L.P.A

Aeronautical Engineer

Rs 6.81 L.P.A

Petroleum Engineer

Rs 8.02 L.P.A

Transportation Engineer

Rs 4.50 L.P.A

Robotics Engineer

Rs 4.14 L.P.A

Textile Engineer

Rs 4.05 L.P.A

Ceramic Engineer

Rs 5.00 L.P.A

Food Technologist

Rs 4.15 L.P.A

Best Career Options After 12th Science (Medical):

Best Career Option after 12th Science (Medical)

Average Salary in India


Rs 11.22 L.P.A


Rs 2.56 L.P.A


Rs 2.69 L.P.A

Drug Manufacturer

Rs 6.16 L.P.A

Hospital Management

Rs 4.77 L.P.A

Research Analyst

Rs 3.72 L.P.A

Analytical Chemist

Rs 3.75 L.P.A


Rs 3.03 L.P.A

Public Health Specialist

Rs 9.00 L.P.A


Rs 3.12 L.P.A

Medical Writer

Rs 4.23 L.P.A

Medical Lab Technologist

Rs 4.00 L.P.A

Crime Scene Investigator

Rs 6.00 L.P.A

Crime Laboratory Analyst

Rs 4.97 L.P.A

Forensic Medical Examiner

Rs 4.97 L.P.A


Rs 7.00 L.P.A


Rs 5.68 L.P.A


Rs 3.80 L.P.A


Rs 3.80 L.P.A

Forest Researcher

Rs 3.42 L.P.A

Career Counseling After 12th Commerce:

Many students think that there is a very limited career scope for commerce students. This stream is usually associated with only Banking and Accountancy. The commerce students find themselves with very few career options after completing 12th. That is why they are in utmost need of career guidance after 12th commerce. If you are someone who is not sure about your career after completing your higher secondary education from the commerce stream, then you should reach out to a reliable career guidance company (like College Disha) as they can help you to find the best career option after 12th commerce that suits your skill sets and personality.

The following are some of the best career options after 12th commerce, Students who are looking for suitable career options after completing 12th from commerce stream can take reference from this list:

Best Career Options after 12th Commerce

Average Salary in India

Business Development ManagerBest Career Options After 12th Science (Medical):

Rs 5.99 L.P.A

Financial Risk Manager

Rs 10.00 L.P.A


Rs 2.49 L.P.A

Digital Marketer

Rs 5.47 L.P.A

Chartered Accountant

Rs 8.00 L.P.A

Company Secretary

Rs 5.93 L.P.A

Financial Advisor

Rs 3.88 L.P.A

Business Analyst

Rs 6.06 L.P.A


Rs 3.52 L.P.A

Corporate Lawyer

Rs 7.02 L.P.A

Research & Development Manager

Rs 11.58 L.P.A

Investment Banker

Rs 9.04 L.P.A

HR Generalist

Rs 3.73 L.P.A

Career Guidance After 12th Arts/Humanities:

There is an immense career scope for students who belong to Arts/Humanities streams. Many students choose to pursue their careers in the civil service or the government sector. These two are the mainstream career options for Arts students. But of course, there are many other career options apart from these two. To help you in finding some of the best career options after 12th Arts/Humanities we have prepared a list of the same along with their average salary scale:

We have prepared a list of the same along with their average salary scale:

Best career options after 12th Arts/Humanities

Average Salary in India

News Journalist

Rs 3.87 L.P.A


Rs 4.04 L.P.A

Social Worker

Rs 3.97 L.P.A

Content Writer

Rs 2.81 L.P.A

Graphic Designer/UI-UX Designer

Rs 3.04 L.P.A - Rs 6.54 L.P.A

Interior Designer

Rs 3.04 L.P.A

Fashion Designer

Rs 3.90 L.P.A

Textile Designer

Rs 4.16 L.P.A


Rs 3.22 L.P.A


Rs 7.02 L.P.A

Hospitality Manager

Rs 5.05 L.P.A

Web Designer

Rs 2.73 L.P.A


Rs 3.07 L.P.A


Rs 7.68 L.P.A

Flight Attendant

Rs 5.72 L.P.A

Front Office Executive

Rs 2.05 L.P.A

Video Film Maker

Rs 3.17 L.P.A

Visual Artist

Rs 3.38 L.P.A

Baker / Cake Designer

Rs 3.00 L.P.A

Wedding Planner / Event Manager

Rs 4.00 L.P.A

Ceramic Designer

Rs 4.07 L.P.A

If you still feel unsure and confused about your career path, then you should definitely seek career counseling after 12th Arts/Humanities. So you can figure out which career option fits your profile and how you can achieve your career goals in that particular career field.

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