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Limitless is the word from which ‘Infinity’ is derived from. That means limitless as the studies or education which lacks all boundaries. More or less the main target of Infinity Group is same as the word infinity which makes it ranks among top five engineering and technical colleges at Allahabad. The main target of Infinity group is far beyond bringing it to the top among top five engineering and technical colleges located at Allahabad but it aims to the acquisition of quality based education which is not just limited to the accession of the degrees.

Infinity Institute of technology which is nearly the top among the top five technical and engineering colleges at Allahabad had seen its first dawn in the year  2012 at Allahabad. It bloomed out as a private educational institute which later got affiliation from well renowned AICTE. It has achieved many furlongs in the field of technical education under the admonishment of  Dr. A.A. Siddiqui as its director who acted as a milestone in its journey from a beginner to a leader among top technical and engineering colleges at Allahabad. The main pretension of the infinity group was to cater the students with best technical knowledge through different practical sources without limiting to erudition.

Facilities offered

Many types of facilities are offered by the college authorities as per their set standards which make it count among top ten engineering colleges in India and top engineering college in Allahabad. Different types of unique and outstanding facilities are offered in order to meet all of the basic requirements of the students for the best grooming in their career and personality to excel professionally and come out in flying colours. Some of them are mentioned under

Wifi- Wifi facility is available throughout the campus, under the parental control of the college and concerned authorities to avoid any type of inconvenience or misconduct. High-speed wifi connection is provided to students.

Infrastructure- The college campus is accoutered with many amenities, to provide all the requirements of the aspirants pursuing their courses at  Infinity Institute of Technology Allahabad. As counted among the top five technical colleges at Allahabad the list of the resources archaic is much longer but some of them are listed below.

Classroom- Classrooms are meant for studies so that students can grab maximum from it so if we talk about INFINITY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY  Allahabad. It has following unique feature-

  • Well seating arrangement
  • Proper ventilation in each room is maintained.
  • Every room is well lit
  • Central Cooling is available in each room.
  • Hygiene is kept mandatory.
  • Classrooms are much spacious.
  • Classrooms are attached with much e-learning
  • Students focus is considered as first priority.    

Transport- Transport facilities are the base of commutation to the college as it makes everything much accessible for their students. Keeping the students best at top priorities college is armed with many buses and winger which reach to every nook and corner of the city. It results further in a hustle free and better course experience for the students and workplace for staff. Some of the salient features of the transport department are as follows:

  • Pick and drop facility at the doorstep
  • It is a safe and secure mode of transport
  • Spares energy, time and effort
  • College transports are under GPS tracking.
  • Transport fees are 15000 for the whole year.

MR Shoeb Ahmed

Head of the transport department

Contact number: 9335153200

Library- Infinity Institute of technology is costumed with a well-furnished library having many of the unique features like:

  • The library premises is fully air-conditioned
  • Dedicated staff members
  • Good and spacious  seating arrangement with study tables accompanied with group study rooms is available
  • Various national and international journals are available in abundance.
  • More than 7000 books are available dealing in various technical and non-technical studies.
  • Students have access to various types of resources for further reference like  electronic references, documents, CD ROMs computers etc
  • Books are issued to the students for self-studies.
  • Xerox facility is available inside premises for better support.

Convenience store- A multipurpose convenience store is running inside the campus targeting every  low and high need of the students, like

  • Xerox
  • Printouts
  • Notebooks
  • Course books (basic)
  • Stationary and many more

Cafeteria- When courses are technical with vast to explore procrastination is much obvious, so to calm the minds of the students, increase the interaction levels between all students for healthy atmosphere and also to serve with their mid-meal cravings a proper cafeteria is set up in the premises. Many types of snacks and the proper diet focused dishes are offered here at many pocket-friendly prices.

Medical- Medical backup is available all day long and even at the night to deal with any type of medical emergencies. A team of professionally qualified professionals including a registered physician is available with their assistants in both genders which are equipped with all basic first aid needs like normal medication with a dispensary is accessible to students in case of need or any medical emergency.

Auditorium- The institution premises comprises of the auditorium which is a dire need for group gathering for many purposes to serve such as group discussions, presentations, conferences and group lectures conducted by many literary figures time to time. The auditorium has many unique features some of them are listed under

  • Arrangement for audio lectures
  • Proper arrangement for video lectures
  • Proper sitting arrangement considering high density
  • Central cooling available
  • Many types of high-grade facilities available for proper demonstration of presentations.


  • The electrical lab is accoutred with many different types of inductors transistors and transformers to help students with all types of practical technical studies.
  • Chemical lab help students with chemical compounds and many other instruments like Spectrometric, PH metric, and metal ore analysis are also available.
  • Physics lab is equipped with dark house experiments for semiconductors and many other apparatus dealing with optical magnetic and electrical practicals.
  • Professional Communication Lab is to work with vocal communication skills and personality development of the students to make them perform well at the group discussions and interview sessions organized by the recruiters during placement.
  • Workshops are available for the students equipped with Welding, Machine Shop, Black Smithy, Fitting, Carpentry and Sheet Metal Shop.

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