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About iProledge Bengaluru

iProledge is an Ed-tech startup founded by Naveen J in 2019 with the aim of going beyond and providing top notch study materials. The coaching provides the unmatched personalised mentorship by the professionals who are best in their industry with some exclusive resources. From fortnight calls to judge each student's progress to diet consultation,  The coaching always aims to go beyond to make sure about both physical and mental well being of the students because both are equally important. The coaching is known for its dedication and diligence of delivering their promises. 

iProledge makes a promise to every aspirant that they will be there for them from the day of their joining to clearing the exam. The courses of coaching are designed with a career focused and practical approach. Coaching provides students with the skills and knowledge that the Employers value and gives a competitive edge to their students in the Job Market. The coaching is always committed to directing their students in the right path not just in academics but also in their career progression. 

Highlights of iProledge

Particulars  Details 
Name of the Coaching iProledge
Year of Establishment 2019
Founded By Naveen J.
Courses Offered 17-18 
Medium of Instruction English/Hindi
Website Click Here

Features of Iproledge

  • Multiple Educators- Coaching has a team of faculty so that their students Learn from the best experts in their specific subjects with insights from multiple panels of experts.
  • Question Bank- Coaching provides Extensive questions to their students for practice to master their skills.
  • Webinars and Meetups- Coaching organise webinars on regular basis for their students so, that theyEngage in interactive meetups with the professionals
  • Handmade Study Notes- Concise and Comprehensive notes are provided to students to ease their effective learning.
  • 24/7 Support- Coaching provides 24/7 Assistance to students for their doubts, whenever they need it, around the clock
  • Grooming Sessions- Coaching conducts grooming sessions for the students to Enhance their professional behaviour for corporate life.
  • Personal Mentorship- Coaching provides One on one guidance to their students from the experienced mentors to solve their doubts and queries.
  • Placement Assistance- Coaching provides proper Guidance to the students for their career opportunities after qualifying in your respective field..

iProledge Courses & fees


( Chartered Financial Analyst )


6 months

Tuition Fees



( Company Secretary )


24 months

Tuition Fees



( Chartered Accountant )


12 months

Tuition Fees



( Certified Public Accountant )


12 months

Tuition Fees


The iProledge offers complete coaching for various examinations. Courses and Fees of Coaching have been mentioned below:


A qualified accountant and a member of ICAI is a Chartered Accountant (CA). CAs are experts in taxation, auditing, accounting and different features of Financial Reporting. CAs advice organisations, businesses and Individuals on a variety of financial matters. In India to become CA, a candidate has to undergo a program of training and education authorised by ICAI. This program includes three levels of examination and gaining experience by working under qualified CA.

Course Fees
CA Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


A Company Secretary (CS) is controlled by the ICSI in India. CS is a professional who ensures that a company functions smoothly and sticks to the law. CS bridges the gap between Shareholders, stakeholders, management and board, ensuring that everybody is on the same page. CS functions as a record keeper of the company and maintaining important documents like resolutions, share registers and meeting minutes. 

Course Fees
CS Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000

CMA India

A Financial Expert who is professional and designated by the ICMAI is a certified Management accountant (CMA). The main focus of CMA is on strategic decision making and internal financial health of the company. CMAs play a major role in fields like financial accounting, performance measurement, risk assessment, cost management and project management. They also contribute to the advice on profitability and investments and strategic planning. 

Course Fees
CMA India Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


CMA is a professional qualification that is globally recognized and also valued in India.  The CMA (USA) equips qualified with a broader skill set for financial management strategically.  It covers and analyses aspects like business economics, financial decision-making, financial planning and management accounting. To become a CMA (USA), aspirants have to pass a two part examination and fulfil the work experience that is required.

Course Fees
CMA USA Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


ACCA is a worldwide qualification recognised by multinational companies and accounting firms which is well respected in India. ACCA offers a wide curriculum containing international audit, financial reporting, assurance, corporate governance, business strategy and taxation. The versatility of ACCA holders make them adaptable for various finance and accounting roles, from auditing and financial reporting to business consultancy and risk management.

Course Fees
ACCA Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000

CPA Canada

The Canadian designation of CPA holds the weight of accounting firms and multinational corporations operating in Canada. The Canadian CPA focuses on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).  Canadian CPAs are valuable for companies with foreign investments and international operations.  Their skill set is assurance, audit and financial reporting, taxation, and follow the global best practices.  To become a Canadian  CPA, candidates have to complete educational requirements, relevant work experience, and examinations. 

Course Fees
CPA Canada Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) selection is offered by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) globally. CISA is a job oriented qualification valued in India also. CISA provides professionals with proficiency in security, control and IT audit. CISAs can Judge IT risks, deploy security controls, audit IT systems, and make sure about adherence with regulations.  CISA also plays an important role in IT governance, advising management on IT controls and risk mitigation strategies. 

Course Fees
CISA Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is designated from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). CPA USA is a well respected program in the US. The US CPA leans towards US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. The US CPAs have a great knowledge in taxation, auditing, financial accounting and following the standard of high professionals. 

Course Fees
CPA USA Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


The term FRM in India is Financial Risk Manager. The Risk Professionals Which is a global association offers the FRM certificate, which is increasingly valued in the Indian finance sector and well respected globally. The FRM program provides professionals with proficiency in assessing, mitigating, identifying and managing financial risks faced by different institutions.  FRM in India can be as a professional certification that is globally recognised or a postgraduate degree specialising in risk management.

Course Fees
FRM Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is designated from the UK. It is a well regarded global qualification and also valued by some consulting firms and multinational corporations in India. CIMA UK covers areas like management accounting, financial analysis, risk management, financial accounting and business strategy. The CIMA program includes a series of examinations and gaining practical knowledge with work experience under the qualified member.

Course Fees
CIMA UK Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000

CPA Australia

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is designated from CPA Australia. The CPA Australia program prioritises International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). CPA Australia candidates have a strong foundation in taxation, auditing, financial accounting and follow the standards that are globally recognised. 
financial accounting, auditing, taxation (though specific Indian tax knowledge might be needed), and adhere to globally recognized standards. The road to becoming a CPA Australia includes passing exams and having work experience required by the organisation.

Course Fees
CIMA Australia Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) is a globally recognized professional certification offered by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). While not mandatory in India, it demonstrates expertise in internal audit processes, risk management, and controls. This can be valuable for internal auditors working in Indian companies, especially those with international operations or adhering to global best practices.

Course Fees
CIA Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


IFRS represents a set of accounting standards provided by the accounting standard of the International Board that aim is to create an uniformity in companies across the world preparing their finance statement. IFRS has a growing adoption particularly for companies listed with foreign investors, companies raising capitals from abroad and Multinational companies. For professionals working in globalised business environments, IFRS is a valuable strength.

Course Fees
IFRS Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


Actuarial science is a specialised field that applies statistical and mathematical methods to judge uncertainty and risk in various finance sectors. Actuaries use their skills to calculate probabilities, model future events and analyse data related to financial issues, disability, life expectancy and healthcare costs. The actuaries demand is growing in India due to increasing expansion of the pension sector, insurance penetration and risk management awareness. To become actuary in India, candidates have to follow professional programs offered by IAI.

Course Fees
Acturial Science Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


Enrolled Agent (EA) is a Tax practitioner which is authorised by Government and recognised by IRS to represent their taxpayer before any agency. EA does not need any specific kind of educational background but candidates must pass the examination displaying their knowledge of procedures and tax law. EAs are specialised in filing and preparing estate, business and individuals tax returns. EAs are precious assets for taxpayers who need help in navigating US Tax codes complexities, particularly for those facing IRS issues and those with unique tax situations.

Course Fees
EA Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000 is a program for undergraduates that prepares students with a strong base in commercial principles and business. B.Com serves as a roadmap for various careers in banking, finance, accounting and other commerce related fields. B.Com does not guarantee a high paying job but it opens the door to many opportunities. B.Com Graduates can take direct entry in corporations, banks and accounting firms in entry level positions. degrees also serve as a strong foundation in professional courses like CS, CMA and CA. 

Course Fees
B. com Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000


The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is an expert qualification that is globally recognized and awarded by the Institute of CFA. The CFA program provides aspirants with a great understanding of portfolio management, ethics, financial markets, investment analysis and asset allocation. The CFA program consists of three levels of examinations, gradually testing knowledge of candidates and requiring work experience. Candidates with CFA programs play a valuable role in asset management, wealth management, investment banking and some different areas of finance.  

Course Fees
CFA Rs 10,000- Rs 50,000

iProledge Admission procedure

There is no specific process to follow to get into iProledge. Interested candidates can go to the below-given instructions to get in touch with the team:

  1. Firstly, candidates have to browse their official website mentioned here:
  2. Once that has been done, a page will appear in front of their screen. 
  3. On their homepage, they can see on the right side of their screen there is a small Contact Us Column, Click on that.
  4. Candidates will be directed to Whatsapp chat where Candidates need to fill in their basic information like their name, email, Interested subject and message.
  5. After filling all details, candidates need to carefully check their information and click the submit button.
  6. Once they have submitted, they will get a confirmation from the team's end regarding the form submission.
  7. Lastly, one of the representatives from the team's end will guide them regarding the details pertaining to the course or any other queries that they have regarding the institute. 

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iProledge address

2nd floor, Branch, 44, S End Rd, next to Garadi Apartments, Tata Silk Farm, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

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