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Classic Defence Academy was founded in 2018 with the goal of providing training and coaching to aspiring applicants seeking to join the Indian Armed Forces. The program addresses all aspects, including physical training, psychological training, communication and personality development, and writing.

The institute offers instruction in NDA/CDS/AFCAT/Air Force (X&Y GROUP)/Navy (AA,SSR MR)/Coastguard. Classic Defence Academy works with all of the main schools and educational institutes in the Varanasi region to provide Defence Career Counselling and Preparation services.

A Defence academy typically refers to an educational institution that provides training and education for individuals pursuing careers in the military or Defence-related fields. The specific features of a Defence academy may vary depending on the country and its military structure. However, here are some common features of Classic Defence Academy.

Key Points of Classic Defence Academy

  • Military Training: here the students will be getting a  comprehensive military training program, which consists of physical fitness, weapons training, tactics, strategy, and other essential military skills.
  • Academic Education: In addition to military training, Classic Defence Academy provides academic education. 
  • Leadership Development: Classic Defence Academy focuses on developing leadership qualities in their cadets or students.
  • Discipline and Character Development: Discipline is a core aspect of military training. Defence academies emphasize the importance of discipline.
  • Physical Fitness: Military personnel need to maintain high levels of physical fitness. They have rigorous physical training programs to ensure that cadets are physically fit. 
  • Research and Development: Classic Defence Academy engages in research and development activities related to military technology, strategy, and tactics.
  • International Collaboration: the academy collaborates with other military institutions globally for joint training programs, knowledge exchange, and international cooperation in Defence matters.

Classic Defence Academy address

RLGComplex Second Floor, Pahadiya Chauraha, Paharia Road-Varanasi H O, Varanasi - 221001

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