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Best Custom Essay Services - Why to choose Pro-Essay Writers

Update on 2024-04-15

Best Custom Essay Services - Why to choose Pro-Essay Writers?

Custom essay services can be found online with just the click of a button. However, sometimes using these services can come with risk. With the possibility of getting in trouble for plagiarism, why would students turn to use cheap custom essay writing services? 

As it turns out, using these services isn’t as black and white as it seems. Admittedly, some students do buy essays and turn them in as their own work. This is 100% plagiarism and there’s no real excuse for it. However, ordering a cheap custom essay doesn’t automatically count as plagiarism. It all depends on what a student uses it for.

When Can Students Use Cheap Custom Essay Services?

College students often purchase cheap custom essays online. If a student turns in someone else’s work as their own, they will likely fail the assignment for plagiarism. However, there are ways to use a custom essay without plagiarizing. 

When a professional writer works on an assignment, they are likely to use professional references, formatting, and grammar and spelling. Students can do a few things with this. Firstly, they can use the paper as a simple reference to see what a professional paper should look like. Secondly, they can take the references used in the paper to write an essay on their own. Doing either of these things with an essay isn’t plagiarism—it’s just like getting help from a friend!

Why Do Students Turn to Cheap Custom Essay Services?

The question remains— why would students bother with using a cheap essay service in the first place? Do they intend to cheat? Do they just need help? Are they lazy? The answer is much more complicated than any of that. Below are a couple of the most common reasons that students use a custom essay writing service.


One of the best reasons for students to consider using a custom essay writing company is because it simply saves time. College students aren’t known for having a lot of free time. If they can save time by buying cheap essay samples for their references online, then why shouldn’t they? Hiring a writer to find scholarly sources can help to save countless hours of the student’s precious time. 

Citation and Formatting Examples:

Colleges often require their students to master several paper formatting styles. The most common of these styles being MLA, APA, AP, and Chicago. While they are all pretty similar, professors find their differences to be most important. Because of this, it can be difficult for students to remember the specifics of each style guide.

Buying an essay online can help to resolve that problem. Professional academic writers are famous for knowing how to use style guides properly. Students can use their work as examples to use in their own papers.


One of the hardest parts of writing any sort of academic paper is thinking of the perfect title or topic. Hiring an academic writer takes this pressure off the student. A student just needs to give the writer the rubric’s general prompt and the writer can think of a topic from there. Once the paper is completed, students can use the ideas from it to write a paper on their own. As a bonus, there will likely be scholarly sources included in the pre-written paper that students can use in their own paper. This not only makes writing their own paper easier but faster as well.

There are dozens of reasons why a student might choose to buy a cheap essay online, and the above are just a few. Students are busy and sometimes they simply need help from a professional academic writer—and there’s nothing wrong with that! Keep these reasons in mind in case you ever need to hire an academic writer or order a cheap custom essay online!

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