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High-Paying Arts Stream Jobs

Update on 2024-04-15

Watch Out for These Coolest High Paying Arts Stream Jobs 2024

Details of High-Paying Arts Stream Jobs 2024

The high-paying arts stream jobs will be covered in this article. Many of the highest-paying occupations in India's arts sector have made it possible for persons in the field to live opulent and comfortable lives for themselves.

You'll be astonished by the range of rewarding careers available in this industry.

People frequently hold the humanities or arts stream in lower regard because they assume they won't have access to as many lucrative prospects as those available in the science or business education sectors.

However, the stream can provide a number of well-paying professions following a BA thanks to a variety of art topics.

List of Highest Paying Arts Stream Jobs 2024

Here we have listed the best-paying arts field jobs in India in 2024:

UX Designer (User Experience)

As was already said, a UX designer position is one of the most sought-after career paths for graphic designers. A UX designer's duties include creating wireframes and sitemaps, working with the product team and clients, and conducting usability tests.

A UX designer also does research, draws sketches, and builds prototypes of digital product experiences in accordance with user experience standards. An entry-level UX designer typically makes around 7 LPA.

UX Designer

Animation Designer

The most sought-after positions for content creators on the market include creating visual material. Jobs for animators are constantly in high demand, whether it be in the video game industry or in movies, VFX, animation, illustration, etc.

You can enroll in a 3-year BA in Animation & Multimedia or BSc in Animation program to learn how to become one. An entry-level animator has an average starting salary of 8 LPA.

Animation Designer

Journalist Salary in India

Journalism is your calling if you enjoy telling engaging stories and writing about them. You can either work as a news representative or as a reporter who writes for publications like magazines, newspapers, the internet, etc.

Either obtain a degree in English or enroll in a journalism and mass communication program to become a journalist. An entry-level worker in the field might expect to make 9 LPA in a reputed media house.

Journalist Salary in India

Graphic Designer

Jobs in the field of graphic design are also in high demand. Because one of a graphic designer's main responsibilities is developing brochures, logos, websites, etc., their position demands both creative and technical talents.

You must pass an entrance exam, such as the NID Entrance Exam or IIAD Entrance Exam, in order to become a graphic designer. A graphic designer's beginning pay in India is about 2 LPA, and it rises with talent and experience.

Graphic Designer


As the second-largest industry in India, architecture offers several prospects to individuals who are interested. An employee with a Bachelor's degree in architecture (B.Arch.) earns roughly 1 to 10 lac per year.

Whereas an employee with a Master's degree in architecture (M.Arch.) earns 4 to 16 lac per year. As a result, the average salary of a junior architect is between INR 15,000 and 30,000 per month.

Architect salary in india

Fashion Designer

This is the profession for you if you enjoy fashion or have an artistic flair. Fashion changes more frequently than the seasons, thus positions as fashion designers need those who can think creatively and are always up to date on trends in color and fashion.

If you pass the entrance exam for a fashion design school, your training as a fashion aficionado will start. Depending on talent and exposure, a fashion designer's starting income can range from 3 to 8 LPA.

Fashion Designer salary in india

Event Manager

A competent event manager prepares, organizes, manages, coordinates, and guarantees the safety of any event. A little birthday celebration or a large cricket match both qualify as events. Even a political rally counts as an event.

The venue, spending plan, venue, decor, and other details of the event will all be formalized by the event manager. You should choose this vocation if you possess the ability to motivate a group of people to devote their time to organizing an event while coordinating with hundreds of people at once. From entry-level to senior-level positions, the monthly average salary ranges from 8 to 12 LPA.

Event Manager salary in india


You can pursue a profession in law after earning your degree in the arts. You can pursue LLB., In addition to having one of the best salaries in the arts sector in India, lawyers also have a tough and distinctive line of work.

You can see how lucrative this sector is because the current upper limit of their compensation in India is INR 20 LPA, making it one of the high-paying arts stream jobs. For students in the arts field, it is one of the top-paying careers.

Lawyer salary in india

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