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10 Most Demanding Jobs in India

Update on 2024-04-15

15 Most Demanding Jobs in India - Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India 2024

Details of Most Demanding Jobs in India

A lot has changed in the employment sector in the past 3 years. The pandemic has set the world on the edge of transformation not only in the terms of lifestyle, education, and work but also in the aspects of creating new opportunities for themselves.

People are now looking for High Demand Jobs in India so they can earn good paychecks and have job security.

Due to the Pandemic, Businesses moved towards digitalization. While the country was on complete lockdown, these times also shed some light on the need to upscale individual skills to survive in such times.

Many Businesses derailed from their tracks while others have to bear losses as the markets got completely collapsed, and people lost jobs. So, these times of ruckus and havoc made us realize that we need to move towards more reliable career options that can be.

So, here in this article, we are going to briefly discuss the Most Demanding Jobs in India that have been of high appeal for the past few years.

List of Most Top Trending Jobs in India

1. Data Scientist
2. Product Manager
3. UX Designer
4. Data Analyst
5. Blockchain Engineer
6. Cyber Security Engineer
7. Cloud Developer
8. DevOps Engineer
9. Digital Marketing Specialist
10. Project Manager
11. Medical Professionals
12. Machine Learning Experts
13. Full Stack Developer
14. Management Consultant
15. Investment Banker

Details about the Highest Paying Jobs in India

1. Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is a person who collects, analyzes, interprets, and translates large no. of unstructured data. Data Scientists are experts who possess fine mathematical, scientific, statistical, and computing skills.

They help the management of an organization to make better decisions based on the trends and quantifiable data-driven evidence which in turn helps the organization to achieve the defined goals.

Courses to Become Data Scientist

  • B.Sc in Data Science
  • B.Tech Data Science
  • B.Sc in Computer Science (with Data Science Specialization)
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA Data Science & Data Analytics
  • PGDM -Big Data Analytics
  • M.Sc Data Science
  • M.Tech Data Science
  • MBA in Data Science & Analytics

Average Salary in a Data Scientist Job

According to Glassdoor, The average salary of a Data Scientist is recorded to be Rs 9.60 Lacs per Annum. The Data Scientists make lucrative incomes depending upon the amount of experience they have. The above-mentioned amount is the entry-level salary of a Data Scientist in India.

Following are the average salaries offered by the Top Data Scientist Recruiters:

Company Average Salary
IBM  Accenture Rs 10.20 Lacs Rs 11.29 Lacs
Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) Rs 7.53 Lacs
MU Sigma Rs 8.05 L.P.A
Infosys Rs 8 L.P.A
Cognizant Technology Solutions Rs 7.90 L.P.A
Amazon Rs 14.01 L.P.A
Capgemini Rs 9.34 L.P.A
Microsoft Rs 16.07 L.P.A
Wipro Rs 8.17 L.P.A
Google Rs 14.28 L.P.A
Jio Rs 13.31 L.P.A
Deloitte Rs 12.72 L.P.A

2. Block Chain Engineer/Developer

A blockchain engineer is an IT professional who is responsible to perform various tasks including the operations, designing, development, analysis, implementation, and support of a distributed blockchain network.

A blockchain engineer plays a versatile role in the organization. Blockchain Engineers are the most demanding jobs in the labor market.

To pursue a career in blockchain engineering, one must have a strong background in software development and require good programming skills such as Java, C++, JavaScript, and C#.

You also need a core understanding of Cryptography and hands-on experience in the top blockchain technology such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Courses to become Blockchain Engineer

  • B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (with Blockchain specialization)
  • Masters in Blockchain Development/ Blockchain Technology

Block Chain Engineer Average Salary

The average salary of a Blockchain developer in India is recorded to be somewhere around Rs 7.06 L.P.A.

Below we have mentioned the names of the top blockchain developer recruiting companies along with the average annual salary offered by them to Blockchain Engineers:

Company Average Salary
Tata Consultancy Services Rs 7 L.P.A
Accenture Rs 7 L.P.A - Rs 13 L.P.A
IBM Rs 10 L.P.A
Tech Mahindra Rs 4 L.P.A- Rs 11 L.P.A
LTI Rs 4 L.P.A - Rs 11 L.P.A
SoluLab Rs 5.20 L.P.A
Accubits Technologies Rs 7.06 Lacs
Codezero2Pi Solutions Rs 4.28 Lacs

3. Cyber Security Engineers

They are also known as data security engineers, these IT professionals are responsible for designing and developing fully secured network solutions for companies, and they are also responsible for protecting the databases of the companies against cyber attacks or threats.

With more and more companies with active databases and enormous online presence, they are exposed to the threats of cyber-attacks and getting hacked, and therefore cyber security engineering is emerged as one of the most demanding jobs in India.

As per reports, the cybersecurity job market is facing a 43% cut shortage of talent with relevant skills such as app development security, threat intelligence, cloud security risk, data privacy, and security.

Courses to Become Cyber Security Engineers

  • BTech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security
  • BTech in Computer Science Engineering with Networking & Cyber Security
  • BTech in Computer Science Engineering with Certified Cyber Security Investigator
  • BTech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security & Quick Heal
  • BTech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security & Forensics
  • BSc in Cyber Security
  • BCA with Microsoft Cloud Computing and Cyber Security
  • BE in Information Technology with IBM
  • BSc in Information Technology Management and Cyber Security
  • BCA Hons. In Cyber Security
  • MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security & Quick Heal
  • MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security
  • MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Networking & Cyber Security
  • MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Cyber Security & Forensics
  • MTech in Computer Science Engineering with Certified Cyber Security Investigator

Cyber Security Engineer Average Salary

The average CTC offered to a Cyber Security Engineer is Rs 5.91 L.P.A as recorded by Glassdoor. The average salary of Cyber Security engineers may vary as per their hands-on experience and the organization they are working for.

Below we have mentioned the average salary offered to Cyber Security Engineers by top-notch companies in India:

Company Average Salary
Tata Consultancy Services Rs 4.10 Lacs
Wipro Rs 5.60 L.P.A
Honeywell Rs 10 L.P.A
HCL Technologies Rs 7.92 L.P.A
PwC Rs 7.96 L.P.A
FICO Rs 7.53 L.P.A
Accenture Rs 6 L.P.A- Rs 7 L.P.A
CyberLink Rs 4.44 L.P.A
Ericsson - Worldwide Rs 4.32 L.P.A
Cognizant Rs 4 L.P.A - Rs 14 L.P.A
ABB Rs 8 L.P.A-Rs 10 L.P.A
DXC Technology Rs 4 L.P.A-Rs 6 L.P.A

4. DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineer is someone who has in-depth knowledge about Development as well as operations, they work with software developers, system operators, and other IT professionals to look after the code releases and successful deployments.

They abridge the gap between IT operations and software development. In simple words, they are responsible to help organizations to develop and release quick updates related to their product.

Many surveys and research implied that there is a high demand for DevOps professionals in the Job market and it will continue to increase in the upcoming years too. The jobs for DevOps engineers are increased by 40% -45% in the past few years.

Top-notch IT companies are competing for a shoulder to shoulder to recruit the best DevOps talent however there still is a shortage of skilled talent in the job market. There is a huge skill gap in DevOps in India therefore companies are willing to pay massive remuneration for skilled DevOps engineers.

Courses to become DevOps Engineer

  • B.Tech in Computer Science with specialization in DevOps Automation & Cloud Computing
  • B.Tech Computer Science & Technology  [Cloud Computing & DevOp]
  • PG Certification in DevOps
  • PG in DevOps
  • Master in DevOps Engineer
  • PG in Clouds and DevOps
  • PGD in DevOps

DevOps Engineer Average Salary

The average basic pay offered to DevOps in India is Rs 7.20 L.P.A. With a handful of experience, a candidate can earn as high as Rs 28.30 L.P.A.

Following are the average salaries offered by the Top DevOps EngineerRecruiters:

Company Average Salary
Tata Consultancy Services Rs 5.09 L.P.A
Cognizant Technology Solutions Rs 6.14 L.P.A
IBM Rs 7 L.P.A
Accenture Rs 7.45 L.P.A
Infosys Rs 6.38 L.P.A
Wipro Rs 5.90 L.P.A
Capgemini Rs 5.96 L.P.A
Cognizant Technology Solutions Rs 6.54 L.P.A
HCL Technologies Rs 5.91 L.P.A
Tech Mahindra Rs 5.48 L.P.A
Amazon Rs 9.34 L.P.A
MindTree Rs 4.97 L.P.A
Oracle Rs 9.14 L.P.A
DEVOPS Rs 6.09 L.P.A

5. Product Manager

The product manager is a professional who manages the development of products and works to build business strategies. Product managers have a high design knowledge and they determine the customer needs to tailor the new products or alter the existing products.

The job of a product manager is to develop a relevant and feasible product that caters to the needs of its consumers and brings value to them. Product managers are focused on optimizing the product to achieve business goals and user needs while expanding revenue generation.

Due to the versatile job nature, they have to closely work with other departments such as marketing & sales, engineering team, production team, and others.

Their job mostly revolves around a product's concept designing, sample production, market forecast, production cost management, promotion & marketing, and support.

They ensure that the business objectives are met by the product, these are the growth objectives including the revenue, market share, profit, and Return on Investment (ROI).

Courses to Become Product Managers

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA in Business Management
  • MBA (General)

Product Manager Average Salary

The entry-level salary of a product manager is around Rs 5.80 L.P.A, the mid-level salary falls from around Rs 8.10 L.P.A to Rs 10.20 L.P.A and after gaining an experience of more than 5 years one can earn at least Rs 17 L.P.A.

Following are the average salaries offered by the Top Recruiters:

Company Average Salary
Paytm Rs 22.21 L.P.A
Amazon Rs 29.19 L.P.A
ICICI Bank Rs 12.51 L.P.A
Flipkart Rs 25.99 L.P.A
Oracle Rs 17.72 L.P.A
TCS Rs 14 L.P.A
HDFC Bank Rs 9.33 L.P.A
Axis Bank Rs 10.55 L.P.A
Bharti Airtel Rs 24.51 L.P.A
BYJU'S Rs 8.37 L.P.A
Ola Rs 28.10 L.P.A
Microsoft Rs 20.69 L.P.A

6. Digital Marketing Specialists

These are the professionals who help a brand/organization to build a strong presence on the internet. Digital marketing specialists maintain a brand image by building online marketing strategies.

Their duties are carrying out market research, developing effective marketing strategies in coordination with other marketing professionals, and creating valuable online content to drive the best outcomes from the marketing campaigns.

Due to the virtualization of businesses, digital marketing specialist jobs become quite popular. The demand for digital marketing professionals has also hiked however digital marketing specialists are expected to be an all-rounder in the internet marketing field as they have to look after diverse areas such as campaign designing, SEO marketing, PPC marketing, content marketing, and many others.

A digital marketing specialist's responsibilities may include creating and executing digital marketing campaigns, Ad copywriting and content creation, developing visual ads for online campaigns, administering the business websites and publishing content on them, optimizing and monitoring the ad campaigns, reporting making of the results and present it to higher management.

Courses to become a Digital Marketing Specialist

  • BBA in Digital Marketing
  • MBA in Digital Marketing
  • Certification course in Digital Marketing
  • Post Graduation Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Executive program in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Specialists Average Salary

According to Ambition Box, the average annual income of a Digital Marketing Specialist in India stands at Rs 5.10 L.P.A. After getting proper certification or degree in Digital Marketing, one can warm from Rs 2.80 L.P.A to Rs 12 L.P.A in India.

Following are the average salaries offered by the Top Recruiters of Digital Marketing Specialists:

Company Average Salary
Accenture Rs 5.44 L.P.A
Cognizant Technology Solutions Rs 4.79 L.P.A
Google Rs 7.36 L.P.A
Amazon Rs 10.38 L.P.A
TCS Rs 4.47 L.P.A
Oracle Rs 7.09 L.P.A

7. Cloud Developer

Cloud Developer also known as Cloud Engineer is another most highly demanded job title in the IT industry. They are skilled professionals who develop programs and software for the global and virtual cloud network.

Cloud developers can perform all the tasks that web designers and programmers do however they have many other responsibilities At the top of development, Cloud developers not only operate cloud systems but also are responsible for the deployment of the systems efficiently, securely, and timely.

According to a prediction based on research, the cloud computing market will be worth 830 billion dollars by the year 2025. This means that there will be numerous career opportunities for Cloud computing experts in the job market.

Many fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Deloitte Google, and Amazon are hiring cloud developers in India and around the globe.

According to a report by TOI and the Economic Times, India alone would require more than 1 million certified Cloud professionals by 2025 to fulfill the market demands.

Courses to become Cloud Developer

  • B.Tech in Computer Science with specialization in Cloud Technology & Virtualization Technology
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) - AWS Certified DevOps Engineer and AWS Certified Developer Associate
  • Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer for individuals at the associate level
  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer for individuals at the professional level
  • CCNA or CCNP Certification is offered by Cisco
  • AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions
  • AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure for Azure Developers

Cloud Developer Average Salary

The average salary of a Cloud Developer in India is recorded to be Rs 8.97 L.P.A by Glassdoor, The annual income of a Cloud developer or cloud engineer can range from Rs 6 L.P.A to Rs 13 L.P.A.

Following are the average salaries offered by the Top companies that recruit Cloud Developers:

Company Average Salary
TCS Rs 5.85 L.P.A
LTI Rs 15.77 L.P.A
Honeywell Rs 10.47 L.P.A
Rockwell Automation Rs 15.36 L.P.A
CoreCompete Rs 4.69 L.P.A
IBM Rs 14 L.P.A
HP Rs 8 L.P.A to Rs 14 L.P.A
Tech Mahindra Rs 6 L.P.A

8. UX Designer

UX Designer is a professional who ensures that the product or service has a user-friendly interface and it can be easily accessible to the users.

The UX designer makes the website/app navigation easier for the users, The designer keeps the user's emotional and functional needs in reference while designing the website/application interface.

Companies need UX Designers to help develop desktop websites, mobile-friendly websites, and web or mobile applications.

Courses to Become UX Designer

  • B.Des in User Experience Design
  • B.Des UX
  • B.Des in Communication Design
  • B.Des in Interaction Design
  • B.Des in Visual Communication
  • BCA (Design-Animation/Graphics/UI-UX)
  • B.Des in Transdisciplinary Design
  • MDes in User Experience Design
  • MDes in Interaction Design
  • Master of Design in UX
  • Certificate in UI/ UX Design
  • Diploma in UI/ UX Design

UX Designer Average Salary

A UX Designer in India can make Rs 2.1 L.P.A to Rs 15 L.P.A depending on the years of experience they hold. According to Glassdoor, the UX Designer's average income in India is around Rs 8.19 L.P.A.

The job of a UX designer offers lucrative pay packages and amazing growth prospects.

Following are the average salaries offered by the Top UX Designer recruiting companies:

Company Average Salary
Tata Consultancy Services Rs 6.91 L.P.A
Accenture Rs 8.35 L.P.A
Cognizant Technology Solutions Rs 7.57 L.P.A
Microsoft Rs 20 L.P.A
Infosys Rs 5.63 L.P.A
Deloitte Rs 8.70 L.P.A
IBM Rs 12.23 L.P.A
Adobe Rs 12.59 L.P.A
Amazon Rs 18.07 L.P.A
Ernst&Young Rs 5.78 L.P.A
Mindtree Rs 9.34 L.P.A

9. Data Analyst

A data analyst is a professional who gathers, filters out, analyzes, and interprets the data intending to find a solution to resolve a problem or find an answer to any business-related question.

Data Analysts are highly demanded in various types of industries including Business, Science, Medicine, finance, and government organizations.

The key responsibility of a Data Analyst Professional is to design & maintain data systems and databases, mine the data, reorganize it for easy readability, Interpret data sets by using various statistical tools, analyze the trends and patterns, and demonstrate the significance of their analysis and preparing the final reports to present it to the higher management.

India has witnessed a sudden rise in Data Analyst Jobs. Around 93,000 new Data Analyst vacancies have been recorded as of August 2020, 70% of these vacancies were for positions with experience of 0 to 5 years.

According to the job market prediction, the nation will witness the requirement of over 11 million Data Analysts by the year 2026.

Courses to Become Data Analyst

  • B.Tech in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Science
  • BSc. in Data Science
  • BSc. in Statistics
  • M.Tech in Data Analytics
  • BBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • Post Graduate Programme in Data Analytics
  • PG Program in Data Science & Business Analytics

Data Analysts Average Salary

The average basic pay of Data Analysts in India is around Rs 5.68 L.P.A. The highest salary of a Data Analyst recorded in India is Rs 11.80 L.P.A.

Following are the average salaries offered to Data Analysts by the leading IT companies in India:

Company Average Salary
Tata Consultancy Services Rs 4.53 L.P.A
Capgemini Rs 4.09 L.P.A
Accenture Rs 5.98 L.P.A
Cognizant Rs 5.25 L.P.A
Amazon Rs 5.41 L.P.A
Infosys Rs 5.33 L.P.A
EY Rs 4.72 L.P.A
Wipro Rs 5.15 L.P.A
IBM Rs 6.14 L.P.A
Google Rs 10.30 L.P.A
Mu Sigma Rs 6.25 L.P.A
Deloitte Rs 6.22 L.P.A
Tech Mahindra Rs 4.40 L.P.A
HCL Technologies Rs 3.67 L.P.A
Myntra Rs 9.53 L.P.A

10. Project Managers

Project managers are the professionals who manage business projects by planning, organizing, directing, and budgeting according to pre-defined goals and requirements.

They look after all the requirements of the project starting from its inception to its completion, they work along with their team members to ensure that the project gets completed timely and cost-effectively.

Project managers have the capability of shaping the organization's growth trajectory, reducing product costs, maximizing the company's efficiency, and accelerating revenue generation.

Courses to become Project Managers

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BSc. in Computer Science
  • B.Com in Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • MBA in Business Management
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA (general)
  • PG Diploma in Product Management

Project Manager Average Salary

The average salary of a project manager is Rs 14 L.P.A while the average salary of an Assistant Project Manager is around Rs 5.53 L.P.A.

You can take a look at the salary offered to Project Managers by the top recruiting companies:

Company Average Salary
Wipro Rs 9.94 L.P.A
IBM Rs 9.33 L.P.A
Ikya Human Capital Solutions Pvt Ltd Rs 9.20 L.P.A
Infosys Rs 8.82 L.P.A
Live Connections Rs 12.06 L.P.A

11. Medical Professionals

Medical and healthcare are one of the most compelling career fields in India. Medical jobs are not only one of the highest paying jobs in India but also one of the most respected professions.

The unfortunate rise of the Global Pandemic also shed some light on the high demand and less availability of medical professionals in our healthcare system.

They play a crucial role in maintaining the sustainability of our defense mechanism against such biological calamities ad therefore medical jobs are the best-paying jobs in India.

Candidates who have completed their higher secondary education in the medical stream are more likely to pursue a career as a medical professional.

Since medicine and healthcare is a vast field, you have numerous career options in these fields. Either you can become a practicing doctor, nurse, therapist, or medical technologist.

Below we have mentioned the best-paying jobs in India in the healthcare sector:

  • General Physician
  • Dentist (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon)
  • Gynecologist
  • Radiation Therapists
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Oncologist
  • Orthopedic Doctor
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Surgeon

Top Courses to become Medical Professionals

  • MBBS
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
  • Bachelor of Optometry (B.Optom)
  • B.Pharm
  • MS (Master of Surgery)
  • MD (Doctor of Medicine)
  • B.Sc. in Medical Lab Technology

Medical Professionals Average Salary

The average salary of Medical professionals in India is Rs 5 L.P.A to Rs 7 L.P.A depending on the job profile of the health practitioner. MBBS Doctors and Surgeons top the list of highest-paying jobs in India in the healthcare sector. The average annual salary of a Surgeon in India is Rs 25.24 Lacs.

Company Average Salary
AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) Rs 9.6 L.P.A
Apollo Rs 17.3 L.P.A
Fortis Rs 23 L.P.A
Max Rs  10 LP

12. Machine Learning Experts

Machine Learning (ML) is a domain of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it is an emerging career field in the tech industry. ML is used in the development of computer systems that are intended to learn and adapt without getting any manual commands.

The paradigm shift of doing things using advanced methods has made Machine Learning a high-demand job in the present.

Machine Learning Experts/Specialists design and develop advanced algorithms that can be used by machines to take actions on their own without being instructed to do so, they run AI systems experiments and tests and perform statistical analyses to build advanced self-running systems.

Machine Learning engineers and experts play a crucial role in regulating automation and therefore their demand is high in the global job market.

According to the statistics, ML and AI jobs have seen a rise of 75 percent from 2018 to 2024 and according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT occupations are likely to see an increased rate of 13 percent between 2016- 2026. All the predictions and statistics have well stated that Machine Learning Jobs are going to boom in the industry.

Top Courses to Become a Machine Learning Expert

  • B.Tech Machine Learning
  • M.Tech in AI & Machine Learning
  • PG Diploma in Machine Learning & AI
  • Advanced Certificate Program in Machine Learning
  • Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning Expert Salary

The average salary of a Machine Learning Expert/Specialist is around Rs 6.45 L.P.A. ML Specialists can earn as much as Rs 35.4 L.P.A in India after gaining adequate experience in the industry.

However, in countries like the UK, the average pay of a machine learning engineer is  £51,487/year.

Company Average Salary
L&T Infotech Rs 14.2 L.P.A - Rs 28.8 L.P.A
TCS Rs 10.4 L.P.A- Rs 13.2 L.P.A
Cisco Rs 43.2 L.P.A - Rs 55.2 L.P.A
Airbnb Rs 6 LPA- Rs 7 LPA
Amazon Rs 4.56 L.P.A
Google Rs 12.89 L.P.A
Accenture Rs 9.97 L.P.A

13. Full Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is an IT professional who uses their absolute programming skills to develop both client-side and server-side software. They are masters in HTM, and CSS and also know various programming languages such as JavaScript, Vue, Angular, or jQuery to program a browser and also know Python, PHP, Node, or ASP to program a Server.

Full-stack developers are responsible for the development of an application from its initial stage to its last stage. They design both the back-end and front-end of the applications and ensure that the application runs efficiently and seamlessly.

Full stack development is one of the best-paying jobs in India, they are called the jack of all trades in the Web development field because of their expertise in working for both server and client side.

Top Courses to become Full Stack Developer

  • B.Tech in Computer Science
  • B.Tech in Information Technology
  • BSc. in Computer Science
  • B.Sc in Information Technology
  • B.Sc in Multimedia & Web Technology
  • B.Sc in Web Development

Full Stack Developer Salary

As we have mentioned earlier, full-stack development jobs are the highest-salary jobs in India. For an instance- The average salary of a full-stack developer in India is around Rs 9.5 L.P.A.

With a handful of experience, the developer can get paid at least Rs 16 L.P.A to Rs 20 L.P.A depending on the job location and scale of the employer company.

Company Average Salary
TCS Rs 4.9 LPA
IBM Rs 8.5 LPA
Cognizant Rs 6.6 LPA
Capgemini Rs 6.8 LPA
Wipro 6.3 LPA
Deloitte Rs 9.4 LPA
HCL Technologies Rs 8.3 LPA
Boeing Rs 10.9 LPA

14. Management Consultant

A Management Consultant is an administrative-level job role. Their job is to provide solutions to solve internal issues of the company, boost business performance, add value to the organization, and identify the scope of potential growth. Their work varies as per the requirement of the organization, it may include marketing, business strategy planning, e-business, supply chain management, etc.

Their day-to-day work includes analyzing the reports of the company operations and business, coordinating with employees, supervising the team, preparing the business proposals & presentations, and overseeing the implementation of the suggestions made by him/her.

Management Consultants are usually employed in Consultation firms where they provide advisory to the organization belonging to various types of industries. While working in a large-scale firm, they may work for operating consulting, IT consulting, strategy consulting, and other types of consultation services your client may require.

They may deal in multiple types of organizations such as those who deal in eCommerce, nonprofit management, marketing, business strategy, healthcare, supply chain, etc. However smaller consultancy firms mostly focus on a single channel of consultancy and limited types of industries.

Courses to become Management Consultant

  • BBA (in any specialization)
  • MBA (in any specialization)
  • BBM
  • BBS

Management Consultant Salary

Management Consultant jobs are listed among the highest-paid jobs in India as the average salary of a management consultant in India falls under a scale of Rs 9.2 LPA to Rs 22 LPA depending on the employer and area of expertise.

The entry-level salary of a management consultant is Rs  6.82 LPA and a professional with at least 5 years of experience in this field can earn up to Rs 15 LPA. Speaking of the senior level Management consultant, the remuneration can go up to Rs 22 LPA.

Company Average Salary
Accenture Rs 26 L.P.A
IBM Rs 25.2 L.P.A
Deloitte Rs 19.9 L.P.A
KPMG Rs 16.2 L.P.A
PwC Rs 19.9 L.P.A
Wipro Rs 17.4 L.P.A
Capgemini Rs 17.2 L.P.A

15. Investment Banker

Among other finance careers, Investment banking is one of the best-paying jobs in India. Investment bankers are financial experts who provide support to their clients to make profitable investments in capital markets by selling equity or issuing debts in the organizations.

They work within the organizations and underwrite the equity securities and new debts for companies, help to boost the sale of securities, and facilitate reorganizations, mergers & acquisitions.

As an investment banker, a person deals with clients with various tasks including mergers & acquisitions, providing them advice for making profitable investments, tax planning, documentation & client investment file management, etc.

This career field is best suited to those who possess good accounting and finance knowledge and would love to work as a finance professional. Please note that  Investment bankers are majorly employed in Investment banks such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, ICICI Securities Ltd, Axis Capital, and SBI Capital Markets Ltd.

Top Courses to become Investment Banker

  • Bachelor's degree in Finance/Accountancy/Commerce
  • MBA in Finance
  • CA
  • CFA
  • MBA in Digital Finance & Banking

Investment Banker Average Salary

Investment Banking is one of the highest-salary jobs in India. An entry-level Invest banker can make at least Rs 4.5 LPA, With at least 5 years of experience, a professional can earn at least Rs 9.7 LPA.

A well-experienced senior Investment banker can earn a whopping annual package of Rs 32.50 LPA. According to Glassdoor, The Investment Banker's average salary in India is Rs 13 LPA.

Company Average Salary
JP Morgan Chase Rs 12.7 LPA
HDFC Bank Rs 9.3 LPA
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Rs 2.8 LP.A
Ernst & Young (EY) Rs 21.8 LPA
State Street HCL Services Rs 2.9 L.P.A
Accenture Rs 5 L.P.A

Signing Off:

So these were some basic details of the most demanding jobs in India in 2024 that every beginner should check out before starting their professional journey.

Most of the above-mentioned jobs are the most demanded IT jobs in India, the reason is obviously the digitalization and rapidly emerging Information technology that needs more and more skilled IT professionals to do the jobs.

If you are interested to know more about the above-mentioned Career options, feel free to write your query to us at [email protected].

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