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RAW Agent Salary, Pay Scale & Allowances in India

Update on 2024-04-15

RAW Agent Salary 2024, Pay Scale & Allowances in India

RAW Agent Salary, Pay Scale & Allowances in India: The full form of RAW is Research and Analysis Wing. A RAW agent works for the Research & Analysis Wing. It is a foreign intelligence organization of India that operates itself to gather foreign intelligence, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, advise Indian policymakers, and advance the nation’s foreign strategic interests.

The headquarters of the organization (RAW) is located in New Delhi India. If you want to find out the details about the RAW Agent Salary 2024, Pay Scale & Allowances in India, then it may be possible that you already know "Who is a RAW agent?" "What does a RAW  agent do?" and "How to become a Raw agent".

Well in this article we are not going to bore you with any mediocre information, here we are going to discuss the Salary of a Raw agent, Payscale, Allowances, and Other Perks offered to him/her.

RAW Agent Salary 2024:

So let's start the discussion about the salary of Raw Agent. Well, a Raw Agent’s salary varies from Rs 80,000 to Rs 1.3 Lacs per month during their employment period. The annual salary of a RAW Agent varies from Rs 9.60 Lacs to Rs 15.60 Lacs.

Undoubtedly, RAW rewards the dedication and sacrifice of their agents with lucrative salary packages and benefits. Struggle, hustle, dedication, and a sense of patriotism are the emotions that fuel an individual’s determination to become a RAW agent.

To become a Research & Analysis wing agent, the candidate must have to clear all the stages of the Civil Service Examination and hold the top rank in the exam. Please acknowledge that only the top-rank-holding candidates of the Civil Services exam will be eligible to appear in the RAW exam.

Apart from this, the candidate also must have a minimum of 20 years of working experience with the government.

Designations at RAW Agency:

The raw agent salary in India per month will also vary from the designation and level on which the agent is posted. The designations at RAW Agency depend on the area of his/her expertise and the prior experience and achievements he has acquired during his tenure at civil services.

Below we have mentioned the names of Designations at RAW India:

Secretarial Level Analyst Level Field Level
Secretary (R) Central Intelligence Officer Senior Field Officer
Additional Secretary Assistant Central Intelligence Officer Field Officer
Special Secretary/Joint Secretary Junior Intelligence Officer Deputy Field Officer
Director/Deputy Secretary/Attache Assistant Field Officer -

However, there is no fixed figure disclosed by Government, Civil service commission or RAW itself that can spill the beans about the RAW agent salary in India and payscales.

Benefits & Allowances Offered to RAW Agent:

In addition to the lucrative Salary of a Raw agent, the candidate will also be rewarded with various types of allowances and benefits.

Below you can find the details about Raw Agent Salary, Payscale, and Allowances in India with lucrative salary packages, an individual (RAW agent) also enjoys other benefits and allowances from the Government of India.

As you may already know that RAW Agents are supposed to work across or within the borders of India, there are more chances that he/she has to relocate to another country and in such a case, all the expenses are borne by the Government only.

FYI RAW agent salary in India varies from Rs 9.60 Lakhs to Rs 15.60 Lakhs per annum.

  • If the candidate has a family and children, then they can get enrolled in an International school/university and all the education expenses will be taken care of by the government.

Please note that this benefit will be provided only if the candidate has been relocating to any foreign country for any assignment.

  • The job of a Raw Agent is not an everyday job. It is a job of great courage and intelligence. Therefore the agents get two months of extra salary at the end of every financial year.
  • A Raw agent is also liable to get hardship allowance for the postings and assignments which have been categorized as hardship postings/assignments by the department. The hardship assignments/posting.
  • If he/she gets posted out of the country on an overseas mission, then he/she will also receive a special Dearness Allowance as well as a foreign service allowance.
  • One of the best benefits provided to a RAW agent is that he/she may get assigned to the USA, UK, or other European countries and get their children a better education in foreign universities.

Career in RAW - Various Roles in RAW:

Like any other research and intelligence organization, RAW also requires Stenographers, Clerks, Analysts, Desk officers, administrative officers, and most importantly Field Officers.

But the organization doesn’t conduct a direct recruitment process, nor does it hire fresher candidates. Reason? National Security is! Lack of experience and proper management training can pose a serious human resource challenge that can result in blunders like data breaches and could damage the entire functioning of the agency.

Therefore the RAW always recruits individuals with a solid background and experience in Civil services who are experts in their fields.

Below we have mentioned the top 4 most popular and highly dignified job positions in the RAW:

Field Officers: Field Officers are usually shortlisted from the police services, military services, intelligence agencies, etc. The field officers have to work under the most difficult circumstances, it is one of the toughest job roles that exist in the organization.

These candidates must have experience of atleast 20 years in civil services. Moreover, they have to appear in the "‘Group A’ Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme.

Remember that there is no direct passage to become a RAW's field officer and it is mandatory to fulfill the eligibility criteria to become a RAW Agent.

Below we have mentioned the post that lies under the Field Officer category:

  • Field Officer
  • Assistant Field Officer
  • Senior Field Officer
  • Deputy Field Officer

Analyst: Unlike the job of a Field officer, the analyst's job is a desk job however it is also a difficult job full of challenges. The RAW analyst plays a crucial role in providing the leads and all the required help to the officer.

The analysts also help the organization to make strategies and plan to deal with the crisis and diplomatic situations.

RAW Experts: The Research & Analysis Wing always looks forward to recruiting specialists from various fields. A ninja computer Programmer, Cyber Expert, Ethical Hacker, a linguist can get great opportunities to work with RAW, however, to become a RAW expert one must acquire the finest skills in his/her respective field.

Director of RAW: Like any other Organization, RAW also needs a Director to lead the operations. It is the top-most post in the organization. The huge responsibility of administering the Operations to get some useful intelligence/information to maintain national security lies on the shoulder of the Director.

Please note that only the most deserving and qualified IPS or 1st-grade Officers are entitled to be on this post.

Note: Please note that the salary of raw agent in India or payscale of raw agent in India is not publicly documented anywhere on the official websites of the Civil service commission or anywhere else.

So the figure we have provided you about “How much does a raw agent earn?”, is only an estimated figure. It may vary from the actual salary of raw agents in India.

Quick Facts About RAW (Research and Analysis Wing):

  • The research and Analysis wing gathers military, scientific, economic, and political intelligence through covert and overt operations.
  • The organization’s primary objective is to focus on foreign/neighbor activities and extract information that can be used in forming national security policies, revising foreign policies, and defending the nation from potential threats.
  • The RAW organization completely relies on the intelligence of the trained civil service officers (RAW agents). To become a RAW agent, you have to appear in the "Group A" Civil Services Exam under the Central Staffing Scheme.
  • The RAW aspirants must clear all the stages of this exam. The candidates shortlisted through this exam will then be called to appear in the test administered by Research and Analysis Wing.
  • You will be amazed to know that RAW is the only external intelligence agency in India that recruits members of the civil services (especially IPS officers).

However, most of the Intelligence agencies around the world do not engage police officers in their internal departments and keep the police work separate from foreign intelligence and analysis.

The reason is pretty obvious, the RAW is all about gathering information through espionage which requires operating in the dark often outside the laws of the countries whereas the role of a police officer is bound with the constitutional and judicial laws. Therefore, the nature of both departments is different and sometimes becomes contradictory.

  • The RAW was established on 21 September 1968, 6 years after the Sino-Indian war which expose the faults in the intelligence gathering of IB. Till then it has contributed to safeguarding national security many times.
  • Some of the most popular operations held by Research & Analysis Wings are Operation Smiling Buddha (1974), Operation Kahuta, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Chanakya, Operation Cactus, etc.
  • Mohanlal Bhaskar, Ravindra Kaushik, Ajit Doval, Sehmat Khan are some of the legendary RAW agents/Indian Spies who inspire many young aspirants to serve as RAW agents. You can google their names and learn about their story of struggle as India Spies.

Eligibility Criteria to Become a RAW Agent:

There are certain eligibility criteria required to be fulfilled by the aspirant in order to become RAW agents.

So below we have mentioned all the information about eligibility criteria to become RAW agents:

  • The foremost important criteria are that the aspirant must be a citizen of India, Candidate must hold Graduation/postgraduation from a reputed university or institution. It would be a plus point for the candidate if he/she knows one or more foreign languages.
  • The candidates must maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of their application in RAW.
  • The aspirant who wishes to become a RAW Agent must have a working experience of atleast 20 years in the Civil services.
  • The candidate must qualify in the Group A Civil Services exam under the Central Staffing Scheme and hold the top ranks in the exam.
  • No criminal records or FIR must not be lodged against the RAW aspirant.
  • The candidate must not be a drug addict.
  • The candidate must not be older than 56 years.

Important Note:

Before recruiting a candidate as a RAW Agent, the civil servants have to complete a foundational course from the LBSNAA. After completing the course, the candidate appears in various interview rounds which are held to assess the psychological strengths of the candidate.

The candidates who are shortlisted in the final tests and interview are shortlisted to work in RAW for atleast 1 year.

Training of RAW Agents/RAW Officers:

The training of RAW Agents is divided into two phases:

  1. Basic Training
  2. Advance Training

(i) Basic Training of RAW Officers: The RAW Agents are trained for 10 days. In this basic training, they are taught about various espionage techniques and they get insight into the world of Espionaging and surveillance.

In the basic training, aspirants are enlightened with all the basic information about various topics such as Information Security, scientific knowledge, defense techniques, space technology, geostrategic analysis, etc.

(ii) Advance Training of RAW Officers: After completing the basic training, the agents are sent to Field Intelligence Bureau (FIB). The advanced training is 1 to 2 years long.

During the training the candidates are trained to survive in extremely poor conditions, they are taught about various survival methods and how to work on a mission in cold weather, forests, etc.

In this phase of training, the candidates are also instructed to use high-tech gadgets so they can use them efficiently when the right time comes. In the training, they are also taught about how to fail the defenses of the enemy without getting caught.

Also, they are trained to face the interrogation and cross-examination of the enemy and hide the information in case they get caught.

Qualities Required to Become a RAW Agent:

There are certain qualities that need to be possessed by the aspirant who wants to become a RAW agent. As you know, the job of a RAW Agent is one of the toughest jobs ever existed in any sector.

So it is imperative for an aspirant to have the qualities mentioned below:

  • The aspirant must have the ability to work for long hours
  • The candidate must be Highly secretive and must know how to keep things confidential
  • The aspirant should be a master of disguise
  • He/she must be a logical and analytical thinker
  • To become a RAW agent, it is imperative for the candidates to be physically fit
  • Aspirants must be very strong mentally as well as physically. He/she must be intuitive and a keen observer as well. The job of a RAW Agent can be very challenging sometimes, in such times of need the candidate’s inner intelligence, mental strength, and other skills come into use. Therefore a candidate must have all the above-mentioned qualities to become a RAW agent

Signing Off:

So that’s all! We have already mentioned all the details available about Salary, Payscale, and Allowances offered to a RAW Agent in this article. There is no doubt that RAW agents are the unsung heroes of our nation. Not everyone's contribution to the nation's welfare and security is recognized and awarded by the government.

There are many RAW agents who are disguised as common people and currently serving their duties and we don't even know about the sacrifices and contributions made by them.

However, the government tries to compensate for the immense struggle and sacrifices by paying a lucrative salary, pay scale, and allowances to RAW Agents but no money can measure the risk these officers take to fulfill their duties as RAW Agents.

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