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Psychology Courses after 12th

Update on 2024-04-18

Psychology Courses after 12th - Admission, Colleges & Job Profiles

Psychology Courses after 12th: Mental health is also as important as physical health. During the Psychology course, students focus on the scientific study of human behaviour and their mind; both conscious and unconscious. The field of Psychology is not only important but also very demanding in the past few years.  It offers a set of tools and theories for understanding how humans think and learn. This is the reason that Psychology Courses after 12th have recently started in many educational colleges/universities in India. Candidates who have passed the 12th examinations with PCB subjects can pursue a Psychology course. You have to clear the entrance exam to get admission to Psychology Courses after the 12th. There are many job opportunities in this field in the private or public sector. The psychologist is the best choice for a professional highly lucrative career.

Here are some of the key advantages of choosing Psychological Courses after 12th-

  • The Psychology Courses after the 12th will help you learn more about yourself and others
  • The course will help to understand your ability, you can also improve yourself in many aspects of life.
  • Through the Psychological Course, you will gain valuable research and analytical skills.
  • You will also become a better communicator.
  • During the course, you will learn to resolve conflicts.
  • The course will help you to be well-prepared for numerous careers.
  • You will have benefits in many aspects of life such as attending an interview, dealing with friends and so on.
  • Overall, we can say that it is a great thing to understand and analyze others' minds.

Requirements for Psychology Courses after the 12th:

Eligibility Criteria-

Aspirants who want to opt for a Psychology Course after 12th, have required some basic skills such as Numeracy, Patience, communication, Research, Ethics and Problem-solving skills. If the candidates want to earn a bachelor's degree then they have passed the 12th exams. For PG courses, they must have a UG degree in psychology stream with passing marks.

Psychology Entrance exam after 12th-

There is a list of Entrance Exam to pursue Psychology Courses after 12th in India

  • Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam – Agra University
  • Applied Psychology Entrance Exam – Amity Institute of Psychology and Applied Sciences
  • All India Entrance Examination – Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
  • Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam – Institute of Human Behaviour & Applied Sciences
  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences Entrance Exam – NIMHANS
  • Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam – Rajiv Gandhi University
  • Applied Psychology Entrance Exam – Delhi University
  • Applied and Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam – M. J. P. Rohilkhand University

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Psychology Courses After 12th Offered in India:

Several Psychology Courses after the 12th are offered in the psychology field by reputed educational institutes such as UG and PG degree programs, diploma, certificate courses, and even online courses. Through these courses,  students build a strong foundation in the field of psychology. In this course, just not impart the theoretical knowledge, students will also gain practical knowledge through experiments. During the course, they are introduced to the basics and slowly move towards the basic concepts and chapters of psychology. Here are some of the popular psychology courses. by the way, you can also check out How to Become Psychologist - Steps to becoming Psychologist

Undergraduate Degree in Psychology-

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology – B.A. (Hons.) Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Psychology, and English – B.A. (Journalism, Psychology, and English)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – B.A. (Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology – B.A. (Applied Psychology)
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Applied Psychology – B.A. (Hons.) Applied Psychology

Postgraduate Psychology Courses-

  • Master of Arts in Psychology - M.A.(Psychology)
  • Master of Philosophy in Child and Adolescent Psychology – M.Phil. (Child and Adolescent Psychology)
  • Master of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology - M.Phil. (Counselling Psychology)
  • Master of Philosophy in Psychology - M.Phil. (Psychology)
  • Master of Arts in Applied Psychology - M.A. (Applied Psychology)
  • Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology – M.A.(Counselling Psychology)
  • Master of Arts Honours in Psychology - M.A.(Hons.) Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy and Applied Psychology – M.A.(Philosophy & Applied Psychology)

Doctorate Degree in Psychology-

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - PhD (Psychology)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Stress Analysis - PhD (Stress Analysis)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Counselling Psychology – PhD (Counselling Psychology)

Diploma Courses in psychology after 12th-

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Family and Child Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health Counselling
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Psychology
  • Advanced Diploma in Child Psychology
  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  • Diploma in Applied Psychology
  • Diploma in Child Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Application of Psychology

Psychology Certifications-

  • Certificate Course in Child Psychology
  • Certificate in Psychology
  • Positive Psychology Perspective: Research, Education, and Communication for Health
  • Certificate in Counselling and Psychology
  • Child and Adolescent Therapy and Family Therapy

Online Psychology Courses

  • Candidates who are not interested in regular classroom programs can pursue an online psychology course. There are several online psychology courses that are free (some are paid) to gain more knowledge in the field of psychology.
  • Online/Crash courses help the students to know how things are dealt with and taught outside their own region.
  • Students and experts can communicate with the aid of the internet and can grab the knowledge provided by professors and courses outside their region.

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Top Psychology Schools with Online Courses/Programs (paid)

S. No
College Name
Course Offered


Saint LEO University

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


University of Massachusetts - Lowell

Online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


Arizona State University

Online Bachelor of Arts in psychology


University of Central Florida

Online Psychology BS


Granite State College

BS in Psychology Online


Oregon State University

Online BA/BS in Psychology


Colorado State University-Global Campus

Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Sam Houston State University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology Online


Utah State University

Online BA/BS in Psychology


Pennsylvania State University

World Campus – Online BA in Psychology

Colleges that offer psychology courses in India:

Whenever students go for higher studies they should choose the right academic institution because they will have a lifetime exposure in pursuing an educational career in top universities and colleges. An institution must have a plethora of highly qualified faculty and a huge infrastructure with the latest equipment that helps the student in building a strong foundation in his/her education career. Here, we have given a list of prestigious institutions that help students earn a psychology degree: There are numerous Psychology Courses after 12th in several parts of India such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and so on.

The top colleges are listed below that offer Psychology courses in India-

  • Christ (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru.
  • Gujarat Forensic Sciences University
  • Osmania University, Hyderabad
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Gautam Budh University (GBU), Noida
  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai
  • Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh
  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi.
  • Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
  • Lovely Professional University (LPU), Jalandhar
  • Fergusson College, Pune

Some placement areas-

  • Child/Youth Guidance Centres
  • Advertising Industry
  • Welfare Organisations
  • Research Establishments
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Prisons

Some Job Profiles after Psychology Courses after 12th-

  • Developmental Psychologists – Related to how humans think and develop in course of time.
  • Clinical Psychologists - The one that includes the practice of diagnosing and providing treatment for mental health conditions. 
  • Counselling Psychologists - The branch that focuses on comprehending and managing the problems people face in their home.
  • Social Psychologists - Related to how individuals and society affect their thinking and behaviour.
  • Educational Psychologists - Related to education that includes behaviour and learning problems.

Other job profiles are-

  • Industrial Psychologists
  • Research Psychologists

Different types of Psychologist profiles after Psychology Courses after 12th-

  • Child Psychologist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Consumer Psychologist
  • Community Psychologist
  • Developmental Psychologist
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Engineering Psychologist
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Applied Behavior Analyst
  • Transpersonal psychologist
  • Health Psychologist
  • Industrial Psychologist
  • Media Psychologist
  • Military Psychologist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Rehabilitation Psychologist
  • School Psychologist
  • Social Psychologist
  • Spiritual Psychologist
  • Sport Psychologist
  • Sports psychologist

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