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Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation

Update on 2024-04-15

Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation - Online Vs Offline classes

Online Entrance Exam Preparation:


➥ In the past, preparing for the Competitive Entrance Exam meant physically attending the classes in the coaching centres, which often posed challenges for the working professionals and those who have a complicated schedule. Today almost everyone should Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation as it has various benefits over the traditional way of learning.

➥ Students had to pay a considerable amount of money to enrol in these courses. Now the time has changed and all thanks to the advancement in technology.

➥ Since the last decade, the IT sector has developed so much, things that were considered sci-fi and futuristic have now become part of our reality and day to day life. Now with a few swipes on the smartphone, anyone can access quality content for learning.

➥ Especially in the case of online learning, this market is over 2 decades old and has developed so much. According to last year's survey, almost 50% of students have taken an online course to sharpen their relevant skills.

➥ Attending classes online is more convenient, cheaper and in most cases, a better way of learning as this allows the students to absorb the study material according to their own time.

➥ However, attending online classes especially in the case of Entrance Exam Preparation requires the right frame of mind, to begin with, discipline, time management skill, willpower, strong motivation and despite all, may still sometimes present unique challenges. 

➥ But if you develop a skill for learning effectively, you’ll find that attending classes online is an excellent alternative to a traditional way of learning.

➥ Learning a singular skill is easy when there is no time limitation, but when it comes to competitive exams some tweaks need to be done with the study schedule.

➥ So in this article, we are providing tips on How to attend online classes for entrance exam preparation so you can make the best out of these online classes and succeed in cracking the competitive exams.

How to Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation?

Before attending online classes, try asking yourself the following questions mentioned below. It will help you to provide clarity in the learning process.

How can I Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation?

You can start with having an internet connection and a computer or a smartphone and believe me that’s it. Nothing else is required except your own will to learn.

Where should I learn from?

  • Research and find the best platform available for your purpose for example if you are preparing for a commerce stream.
  • As they are good with providing commerce classes and they have skilled professionals.
  • Similarly, you can choose a platform and there are so many out there in the market. YES! The internet market is way bigger than you can ever imagine and there is so much quality content and study material to learn from. 
  • In the later section of this article, we will mention all the top learning platforms just to clear your doubt.
  • You can even check out the description of a learning platform to see what they are offering

Why Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation?

  • If you don’t want your pile of money to be wasted in coaching centres, and if you are fed up with the traditional way of learning and don’t want to attend the classes physically. Then choosing an online platform can really help you out.
  • Attending online classes is way cheaper than attending classes traditionally, it is more reliable, you can access these classes from anywhere, anytime.
  • I have personally attended classes online and believe me I had never gained so much value in so little amount of time and it’s worth it.

What do I need to do?

All you need is to read this article till the end, here we have mentioned all the details which will help you in taking classes for Entrance Exam Preparation. Brace yourself, put your distraction aside and focus on the process instead of the outcome. The biggest mistake everyone does is, they don’t understand the process of learning. Learning requires a system, techniques and discipline to be followed. 

Below we have mentioned tips on how to Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation and why these methods are necessary.

Tips If  You Want To Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation:

In this article, we are sharing some key tips which will boost your productivity and help you stay focused and motivated throughout the whole process.

Whether you are preparing for:

  • JEE Main - Joint Entrance Exam Main
  • JEE Advanced - Joint Entrance Examination Advanced
  • GATE - Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
  • AIIMS.
  • Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test.
  • Indian Navy B.Tech Entry Scheme, or
  • Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme (TES) etc...

Note: These tips given below can enhance your output while attending online class for entrance exam preparation.


  • Attending classes online is an easy way to learn and it is more convenient. To successfully learn online, you need to dedicate yourself to the amount of time you are going to attend the classes. 
  • Consistency is the key that can help you move on from one concept to another at a fine pace. Commit that you are going to be fully concentrated the whole time you are attending the classes. As attending classes has time flexibility you can choose the time when you feel most productive.
  • Consider it as a regular course and let go of all distraction ( turn off notifications) before you start studying.

Proper Internet Access:

  • Having a proper internet connection is the topmost priority of attending classes online. Imagine you are studying and all in the middle your video lagged and the site crashed. Make sure you are using a Wifi or 4G internet connection cause a slow internet connection can downgrade your productivity.
  • Furthermore, ensure that you are having a backup of your online classes materials and assignments, you can also save your trainer’s contact information on your smartphone or in your email.
  • For backup, you can use Dropbox, Google Drive or Google Documents to access the study material from your computer and smartphone even when you are offline.
  • A reliable internet connection will also help you to jump from one section of a video to another or fast-forwarding it if necessary.

Make Notes:

  • Daily, you should take notes or write your own notes as it helps you to keep up with your study technique and mindset. 
  • Use headlines and dates to keep a track of your study material 
  • Only write the important details of topics or the topics which are hard to remember and it will further help you to revise and remember things easily.
  • The best way to write notes is studying online and writing down later on your own as it will help you to develop your own writing style and it can further help you in your examination.

Set Goals For Each Study Sessions:

  • Before starting studying, start with setting a goal that you must achieve daily. 
  • Permitting yourself to have a goal will allow you to be competitive. You can break down your study material into chunks and set smaller goals this way your online classes journey will become interesting. 
  • Nowadays most instructors use these learning techniques to help students hooked up to their classes so why not use them on your own.
  • Setting smaller goals or checkpoints also help you to achieve bigger targets.

Have a Dedicated Study Space

  • Whether you decide to attend classes from your office or your living room you must ensure that the environment is quiet, organized and distraction-free.
  • The environment should be the main concern. If you are attending classes from your home, respect your time and effort and don’t procrastinate but having a dedicated study space will give you a feel of having a personal office where you are going to learn.

Identify your reason and objectives for studying

  • Whether you are preparing from coaching centres or online you must identify what is the reason behind your preparation, what is the intention, what you want to achieve. You might be thinking about what it has to do with preparing for the exam?
  • It is a part of building the winning mindset, having a clear vision or outcome of your work can increase your chance of succeeding in your exam i.e Entrance Exam. It's clear why you are putting so much effort, time and energy into whatever you are doing. 
  • Create notes related to your objectives and start working towards them.

Take Breaks

  • Attending classes online could be interesting but it also can drain your energy as you are sitting in front of a computer screen and getting tired could be frustrating and this can shift your motivation. Remember that mindset is everything whatever time you put into you must be having a learning mindset ( remember that you are taking these classes to learn something ).
  • To keep up with your learning attitude and motivation of study take small breaks, get a walk, having a physical activity is a must as it will maintain balance, renew energy and you can always start with a clear mindset.

Participate Online or Join a Community

  • While learning you can participate in social groups where you can discuss your ideas with other students, sharing conversations with like-minded people will help you to gain more knowledge as everyone has something to share.
  • You can even outperform your own schedule and help others and inspire them to study. This will increase self-confidence. Helping others means sharing values with others. It can make you good friends and further they can help you on a topic or a query.
  • Join online discussion forums such as Reddit, Quora, yahoo answers etc. Going through a question thread will help you gain a perspective on what others put up as their query and what are the answers to your problems. You can even reach out to instructors with your question and remember that your instructor is your valuable resource just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean he or she can’t help you. The main advantage of attending classes online is that you can put up any query without being shy or nervous.

We have mentioned all the tips necessary to let you know how To Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation. It is crucial to follow some set of disciplines that we have mentioned above.

Let’s discuss what are the benefits of attending online classes for entrance exam preparation.

Benefits Of Attending Online Classes For Entrance Exam Preparation? 

  • Studies have proven that every penny you invest will result in 30 % more productivity.
  • Attending classes online helps the e-learners to increase their competitive edge by allowing them to keep up with changes.
  • Attending classes online can help you stay up to date with new and fresh content.
  • Attending classes online from a professional can increase the chance of cracking competitive exams easily and it is easy to enrol for courses.
  • Studies have found that learning online consumes an average of 80% less energy than learning traditionally.

Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation On These Top Websites:

Attending classes online is better than learning from books as it provides:

  • Ease of understanding, 
  • Intuitiveness,
  • And interesting content.

Basic education and learning are important for all of us as it adds to our personal growth and development too but preparing online for Entrance Exam can also help you register more information than audios, text and traditional learning. 

There is a various platform available online which can help you provide rich and valuable content to help you crack the Entrance Examination. 

E-learning is the big thing nowadays and below we have mentioned some of the best online learning platforms (both free and paid) where you can find Entrance Exam Preparation study material. 

If you are still confused about whether you should join coaching institutes or study online for Government Exam Preparation or any other entrance examination. Then we are here to help you. Below we have mentioned top learning websites to help you Attending Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation.


Youtube is the 2nd most visited website that is accessed by people all across the world. Youtube is a platform for both students and teachers. If you are a creator you can put up your study material content and share it with others.

As a student, you can get all the training and classes for free and there are plenty of youtube channels out there that can help you prepare for the entrance examination. Just go to the youtube search bar and search your query or you can get topic wise classes too and learn from different tutors and if you find someone’s online classes effective you can stick to it.


Udemy is an online learning platform for both students and professionals. this platform has more than 50 million students and over 55000 structures teaching and providing online classes over 65 different languages.  study material on every competitive exam and based on the best selling and recommended courses it is easy for the student to find the best instructor possible.

Ask IITians

If you are specifically looking for a particular entrance exam study material. Then 

Ask IITians can be a great platform for you as it was created for students of India and the Middle East for the preparation of engineering entrance exams like IIT-JEE or medical exams. 

It was founded by Aditya Singhal and Nishant Sinha of IIT Delhi, It is one of the important online tutoring and learning websites known as Transweb Educational Services which covers subjects such as:

  • Medical
  • Engineering etc.

Khan Academy

It is a non-profit educational organisation created by Salman Khan in 2008. in this platform to create a set of online tools that will help the students for preparing for entrance examinations. here you will find short lessons in the form of videos which includes supplementary practice exercise and study materials you can also find short lectures via YouTube videos. and the best thing about this online platform is that it is totally free. The videos are translated into 36 different languages which include English as the main language. It has more than 5000 forces and the founder of Khan Academy was listed in America's top 100 most influential people in the year 2012. Recently Khan Academy has collaborated with NASA, the California Academy of Science, The Museum of Modern Art to tender and specialise its content.

Below we have mentioned the subject covered in this online learning platform which can help you to crack the entrance examination:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Computer Programming
  • History
  • Arts
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Cosmology, etc.


If you are preparing for the Engineering entrance exams then code academy is the best choice for you as it offers free coding classes u12 different programming languages and it has over 24 million users who have completed 100 million exercises. It was first launched as an iOS app called Hour of Code that's only focused on programming. subjects covered in this online learning platform are:

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React.js)
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • Sass
  • HTML and CSS.


Gradeup offers various test series and daily base mock tests which can help you in your entrance exam preparation. The test series is based on the latest exam pattern. It provides a detailed solution to any topic.

College Disha

  • College Disha is another digital learning platform that offers complete details on top colleges, courses and entrance examinations. Here you can find amazing valuable content regarding various entrance exams.
  • College Disha provides the most accurate and precise information that can be easily grasped by the students. This website gives notifications for Banking, SSC, and many more entrance examinations.
  • All the information like notifications, tips and tricks are easily available on this website.
  • College Disha aims at helping the students to build high order thinking and help them in their educational journey and career choices.


Here in this article, we have covered all the aspects of How to Attend Online Class For Entrance Exam Preparation. Starting from why you should attend online classes, what are the different tips & tricks which can help you boost your study process, what are the benefits of attending classes online and we have mentioned some of the best E-learning platforms.

If you found this article useful share it and if you have any query left feel free to comment down below.  

Remember to push yourself cause nobody is going to do it for you, our team is working 24/7 and will be more than happy to help you and resolve your doubts, feel free to comment down below, It all starts with questioning and clearing your doubts.

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