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Artificial Intelligence Salary In India

Update on 2024-04-15

Artificial Intelligence Salary In India In 2024

In the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in shaping the country and the system. Ten years back, things were impossible, today all of them are possible. And for this change, the development of Artificial Intelligence is the reason.

Now when AI contributes a lot, it is quite common for people to think more about the AI, or Artificial Intelligence salary in India. Well, in this blog, we will discuss the importance of Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence salary in India in 2024:

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a high-end technology that is used to give machines human-like features. The motto behind developing this technique is to make things done more efficiently with 100% accuracy. Furthermore, as AI has all the human qualities, it performs a task that is better than a human; it is not just fast & accurate, but it is also equally effective.

AI Salary in India

How Does AI Work?

AI works by glutting an ample amount of data. It analyses all of the data for examining the correlation & determination. After analyzing the pattern, AI takes advantage of the patterns to explain upcoming or future events. In general, AI is based on three important skills:

  • Learning Processes
  • Self-Correction Processes
  • Reasoning Processes

how does AI Works

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • No Risks: Humans cannot detect all the risks but AI can do it. So, AI always has zero risk factors. One can use AI to do anything one wants to without having fear or without thinking of risk.

  • Almost Zero Errors: AI has a feature that can easily detect even the slightest error so you need not think of correcting the errors if you are using AI for your work. On the other hand, human beings make mistakes; they most probably do a lot of errors.

  • Fair Decisions: Human Beings are very emotional and they usually take decisions out of irrational connections which may be correct or may not be. But AI is something that cannot be driven by any emotion or rationality. So, AI is chosen to take major decisions.

  • Smooth Functioning In Repetitive Jobs: People do a lot of boring yet repetitive tasks or jobs in their day-to-day lives. Doing the same boring job again & again can be tiresome and can maximize of chances of creating blunt mistakes. But there, AI comes as a rescue. Instead of doing the boring task itself, you can do it with the help of an AI to avoid mistakes.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Expensive: Artificial Intelligence costs are very high, so each & everyone can't switch to Artificial Intelligence. Not each & every organization has a budget to afford Artificial Intelligence. The maintenance also costs very high. Therefore, a lot of micro & medium-sized organization in India avoids Artificial Intelligence.

  • Rise In Unemployment: Artificial Intelligence highly influences the employment rate in India. Since Artificial Intelligence alone is capable of doing all the work efficiently, the organization does not require a mass force to work for the same.

  • Zero Adjustment / Improvement: As we know Artificial Intelligence is a machine that has given human characteristics, but the saddest part is, its creative skill is limited. Although it is excellent it can't adjust itself or improvise if the work culture changes; it is made for a restricted and particular work culture.

  • Zero Creativity: Artificial Intelligence has no creativity. It can't create exemplary ideas. It will respond or create as per the feature installed in it. Therefore, even though Artificial Intelligence is the backbone of the work culture in India, it is still not preferred in most parts of organizations in India.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Salary In India?

One of the most trending topics these days is the salary of an artificial intelligence engineer or Artificial Intelligence salary in India. If we will go by the data present, the average salary of an experienced AI Engineer in India is much lower than that of an AI Engineer in Canada, the US & UK.

That is around 10-20LPA. Whereas, it is $10-200,000 Per Annum in the US. However, Artificial Intelligence Salary in India also depends on the experience, expertise, and the organization an individual is working with; the more expertise and the better the organization, the AI engineer or developer will get great perks.

Top Ranking Artificial Intelligence (AI) Jobs and Salary in India

AI Jobs Salary Offered
Principal Data Scientist Rs. 17,11,180
Research Engineer Rs. 6,52,230
Data Analyst Rs. 4,97,550
Data Engineer Rs. 8,35,755
Algorithm Engineer Rs. 5,40,220
Computer Vision Engineer Rs. 4,50,000
Data Scientist Rs. 6,99,928
Computer Scientist Rs. 16,24,615
ML Engineer Rs. 9,50,000


Although we have tried to give a rough knowledge of how much an experienced AI engineer earns or an average AI Salary in India, we still don't have accurate data for the same as it largely varies. But still, the salary of an AI developer is quite a lump-sum amount in India.

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