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How to Become Aeronautical Engineer After 12?

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Become Aeronautical Engineer After 12?

Details of Aeronautical Engineer After 12th

A well-known area of engineering that draws students interested in aeroplanes and their workings is aeronautical engineering. An aeronautical engineer's primary responsibility is to design aircraft and propulsion systems, however as time goes on, the engineer is assigned numerous more tasks to complete. There are employment prospects in the aviation and defence sectors.

Aerospace engineering after 12th is challenging due to its extensive syllabus, which demands a lot of diligence and effort. However, finishing is obviously gratifying for every student because it results in a job with a decent salary.

One can work in the aviation industry, defence organisations, and civil aviation departments with an engineering degree in aeronautical engineering. An aerospace engineer often makes INR 8 lakhs or more annually. Experience increases earnings significantly.

Among the many engineering specialities, aeronautical engineering is one of the most complicated. However, engineering students all across the world have found it to be a popular course to pursue.

Mathematical and physics knowledge is essential for aerospace engineering. It wouldn't be that difficult if you excel in these disciplines. However, you should have excellent observational and mathematical abilities.

The study of the development, assembly, and operation of aeroplanes is included in the elite engineering field known as aerospace engineering. Numerous aspiring engineers are drawn to the field because it offers great job options.

The work of an aerospace engineer is both extremely challenging and interesting, ranging from creating innovative fighter jet designs to imagining spaceship missions, Engineers eventually receive a wide range of additional tasks to do. The mechanisms of aircraft are studied by aeronautical engineers. Careers in space shuttles, jet aircraft, and aircraft are available to them.

To Become an Aeronautical Engineer After Class 12th

In order to become an Aeronautic Engineer, candidates must have to take an admission test for the Aeronautical Engineering for BTech course must have successfully finished their class 12th examination, or the equivalent, with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) and an overall exam grade of at least 60 to 75%.

Candidates have to clear JEE Main and JEE Advanced to get admitted to various institutions for pursuing aerospace engineering in India after 12th.

A PG programme typically costs around Rs 2 Lakh per year, while a UG typically costs around Rs 1 Lakh. A diploma in aeronautics typically costs between Rs 50,000 and Rs 120,000 each year.

Engineering diploma holders in aviation maintenance can earn degrees after passing the Aeronautical Society of India exams. The candidate must have earned a Bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering in order to be admitted to postgraduate and doctoral programmes.


Q1. How can I become an aeronautical engineer after 12th in India?

Ans. Candidates who want to pursue BTech in Aeronautical Engineering must have successfully finished their class 12th examination with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) or the equivalent, and an overall exam grade of at least 60 to 75%.

Q2. Is Aerospace Engineering easy and budget friendly in India?

Ans. Aeronautical engineering is more challenging than any other engineering course, despite some of the fundamental classes being similar. an undergraduate programme typically costs around Rs 1 Lakh. An individual with strong mathematical skills and the capacity for deep thought would find every area of engineering simple.

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