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Update on 2024-04-15

How, Studying Language and Literature - Is it beneficial?

How studying language and literature improves you:

Times are changing, the world is becoming smaller and more diverse at the same time. These are “Hella hyper” times and you gotta be “Hella Hyper Awesome” to survive or at least keep your head above water. The needs of the market and the employers are also changing and they need employees that are more than competent “work machines”. They need creative, enthusiastic, and innovative teammates, rather than mute workers. 

The competitive world today requires thinkers and experts in their field, not because they have the relevant qualifications, but because they have something that can’t be bought with education, or money, something like passion, a fire that doesn't dwindle with the slightest touch, but only burns brighter in the face of adversity. 

It might sound too idealistic, but it really is not. How studying language and literature improves you, well we hope to answer that in the following article. The few individuals who have a zest to improve themselves and be irreplaceable in whatever field they may be a part of, have two things in common, they read and they never stop learning. Studying languages and literature improves you and your Resume and to have some skills and advantages that no one can find anywhere or at least in anyone. Reading books or classic literature and poems has a wide effect on your psychology, your personality, and your overall brain chemistry even. 

It is not at all a talk in the wind, or rumors, it is scientifically proven that reading literature and other forms of literary work can greatly improve you and change you into a whole new person. 

The second thing, that is, they never stop learning is also under the first theme. 

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.”, the wise words of a person who was the world's greatest scientist, Albert Einstein.  The act of learning is directly linked to the curiosity one has for the world around him or her and the curiosity for his or her own self and studying languages and literature improves you and your Resume. It’s in the art of introspection that you may uncover great secrets of yourself, your interests, and your negative points along with positive points. 

In short, you get to have sound individual knowledge about your own self. Once you have that, making decisions for your benefit isn't hard. The reason why more than half the world is suffering in terms of dissatisfaction in their work-life, wrong decisions and their aftermath, etc all boils down to this one simple fact: they chose the life others chose for them, without introspecting and getting to know themselves. 

In the following paragraphs, we will try to tell you, ‘How, studying language and literature improves you and your Resume?’

How studying literature improves you:

Literature has been a big part of our society since the old times. From timeless pieces like ‘Hamlet’ to ‘Great Expectations’ etc, literature has provided a gateway to its students into the world of an era gone by. How, studying literature improves you; through helping students analyze and explore, probe into questions they never thought of before, “why were things like that in the 18th century?”, etc. London and its Chimney sweepers, in the 19th century, are written about in poems and literary works more than in history books. 

Students get to improve their analytical and thinking skills by reading a work of literature in a language they know but are still unknown to them. The English written by Shakespeare or Chaucer is very different from each other and from the English we use today and that is how studying literature improves you and your resume. 

How studying literature improves you:

Tracing a historical theme and seeing its changes requires students to develop their thought process, explore connections where it is not easily visible. Tell me if that isn't a big part of personality development, to be able to see a problem from multiple angles and make connections. 

In my personal opinion, no subject provides such a wide and varied range of skills and valuable knowledge as literature of any language can provide. How, studying literature improves you through the accumulation of skills, which include analytical skills to creativity and the skill of critical analysis and critical reasoning, to exploring expression and communicative skills, the list goes on and on.  Literature can also encourage philosophical and diplomatic responses to problems and concepts that we all take for granted.  

How studying languages improves you:

Studying literature and languages improves you and your Resume in another way and that is by making you and your resume look more creative than it can get. But How studying languages improve you by showing your language abilities or rather “multi-lingual awesomeness”, can make an impression on anyone who views you and your resume, let alone your potential employers. Being a polyglot in today's world is weirdly common and yet rare at the same time. 

Many people already know two or three languages, one would be their mother tongue, the second would be the language of the place where they live. But being able to speak multiple languages is beneficial for not only you and your resume but also for your brain. (That is also scientifically proven). 

Employers sought employees that can speak fluently in a variety of languages due to their ability to communicate with a wide range of communities, helping connect with a wider range of communities and people. So, How, studying languages improves you well knowing languages improves you and your resume and will also go on to show your potential employers that you are driven to learn, either new skills or abilities. 

How studying languages improves you:

According to the Australian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, “the limits of your language are the limits of your world.”  Knowing more than one language gives the candidate an edge over other players in the field, since it opens up the mindset and increases the confidence level and general knowledge of countries and cultures unknown to some. So How, Studying languages improves you through learning a new language; by improving the memory and the smart-part of your brain, increasing your attention span. It is all scientifically proven and numerous research has been conducted on how language acquisition changes the brain methodology. 

To know, How, studying languages improves you by affecting your attention span, making it easier to concentrate, and boosting your problem-solving skills. The multitasking abilities and decision-making skills become more perceptive about one's surroundings. For the truly “analytical”, learning new languages keeps diseases such as Alzheimer's and Dementia, etc away for very very long. But how does all this fit in your resume? Well, the moment you walk into the office for an interview, the confidence, and dynamic personality will ooze out of you, making a great first impression.

Plus your resume will include lots of stuff that normal resumes do not have, apart from your academic qualifications.


So to answer the question, How, studying language and literature improves you and your Resume?  It can not only improve but give your entire resume a revamp!. Having a list of languages and a knack for literary works and reading, in general, will help you improve your personality and give you an edge over other candidates. Having command of multiple languages, and a unique way of looking at the world is an ability few have and this is all the “extras” you need to be able to shine out.

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