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Difference Between B.Tech and B. Pharm

Update on 2024-06-04

Difference Between B.Tech and B.Pharm - B.Tech vs B.Pharm

Students after basic education, all want to make their career in some field. They start thinking about the courses which can be beneficial for them in the future to get a better job. There are many courses available in India like B.Tech and B.Pharma. Technology and Pharmacy are one of the most sought-after streams after 12th and many students get confused about which would be better for their future. Well, both B. Tech and BPharm degrees have their own pros and cons. 

The B.Tech and the B.Pharm degrees are undergraduate degrees. The difference between the two degrees is in the nature of the curriculum and the courses offered, and it has changed over time as different universities have introduced new courses into the syllabus. Although both are professional courses they are not similar in terms of nature and discipline, they both deal with a separate stream of education, one deals with the study of engineering and medical science respectively.

Students should get to know the difference between B. Pharm and B.Tech. Pharmacy and technology are two different paths with equally inspiring career growth opportunities. A degree in engineering is a diverse qualification. In addition to physical engineering. A degree in pharmacy will give you an insight into clinical chemistry. From the point of view of personal development, these degrees are very useful. This is because, from the time you start your professional career, the academic life would allow you to do more than just attending classes.

Both careers are very exciting. It does make a difference in what you do in the long run but most people don't know the difference between these two career paths. But it’s important to understand the difference between B.Tech and B.Pharm to choose the best career according to your preference. So here we are providing you the complete difference between B.Tech and B.Pharm.

1. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech Course)

The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) course is an undergraduate course of four-year awarded to students who complete a program studying technology-related topics. B.Tech is a global qualification that provides you with excellent job opportunities in the cutting-edge technology sectors around the globe. 

The B.Tech degree continues to be a prominent gateway for students to enter the field of engineering and technology. With substantial industrial input, today's program has evolved into a rigorous program that offers both depth and breadth of knowledge in engineering and professional practice areas.

Bachelor of Technology course consists of 8 semesters and the basic eligibility for pursuing a bachelor of technology is passing 12th class in the science stream with physics, chemistry, and mathematics as main subjects from a recognized board. 

2. Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm Course)

The Bachelor of Pharmacy study program is designed to prepare students for entry to the profession as clinical pharmacists with an emphasis on patient care. Students are trained to apply the science and art of pharmacy in a comprehensive problem-solving framework. The student will become a pharmacist after six to eight years of training, which includes studying the theory of drugs and their practical application. 

Pharmacy is an important subject, and it's becoming more popular because of the aging population and the increasing prevalence of diseases. Graduation in Pharmacy means that you have acquired pharmacy education and are eligible to practice as a pharmacist. To be eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Pharmacy course, one must have passed 10+2 in the Science Stream. 

B.Tech Vs B.Pharm Course

Particulars  Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)  Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) 
Course Name  Bachelor of Technology  Bachelor of Pharmacy 
Education Level  Undergraduate  Undergraduate 
Course Type   Degree  Degree 
Course Duration  4 years  4 years 
Eligibility  10+2 in science stream  10+2 in science stream 
Subjects Studied  Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics  Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
Admission Criteria  National entrance exam National entrance exam 
Career Scope Students can work in the industries like medicines, prescription, manufacture, etc. Students can work as a Computer Science Engineer Mining EngineerMechanical Engineer Ceramic Engineer

Fee Structure of B.Tech Vs B.Pharm

You can have a clear idea through this table about the fees of pursuing a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a Bachelor of Technology. Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Pharmacy are different from each other so the fee structure. 

Course  Minimum Fees (Total) Maximum Fees (Total)
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) INR 2,00,000  INR 20,00,000 lakhs 
Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) INR 40,000 INR 3,00,000 lakhs 

Difference Between BTech and BPharm

To understand the basic Difference Between B.Tech and B.Pharm, one must first clarify the difference between engineering and pharmacy. Many students are unsure about whether to pursue a B.Pharm or a B.Tech. Here's an explanation of the difference between B. Tech and B.Pharm. Refer to the table below:

Features  Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)
Level  Bachelor of Pharmacy is an undergraduate course  Bachelor of Technology is an undergraduate course 
Duration  The duration of Bachelor of Pharmacy is four years, and it's divided into eight semesters. The Bachelor of Technology is a four-year program that's further divided into eight semesters.
Course Focus  The course of Bachelor of Pharmacy involves studying medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical engineering, as well as the study of drugs and medicine  It is offered in numerous areas of study, including computer science and engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, etc. 
Eligibility  The minimum requirement for students who want to study Bachelor of Pharmacy is to have studied in the science stream all through their higher education. Students are required to take biology, chemistry, and physics as compulsory subjects. A great number of colleges have minimum selection criteria. To get into those colleges, students must have a certain number of academic qualifications.In some colleges, a national-level entrance examination is conducted to provide admission. The basic eligibility for a bachelor of technology is a student must have done 10+2 in the science stream. The main subjects have to be physics, chemistry, and mathematics.Most colleges have minimum marks as selection criteria. Prospective students can qualify for admission only if they have passed a certain threshold.Some colleges also offer national-level entrance examinations, and students can obtain admission through these exams. 
Career  A bachelor's degree in pharmacy is a perfect foundation for careers in health care, pharmaceuticals, or research.After completing graduation in Bachelor of Pharmacy, students can practice as a pharmacist. Students can work in the industries like medicines, prescription, manufacture, etc.  After completion of Bachelor of Technology, students can practice as an engineer. Students can work as a Computer Science Engineer Mining EngineerMechanical Engineer Ceramic EngineerCivil Engineer Production EngineerAutomobile Engineer Robotics Engineer

Syllabus of B.Pharm

Bachelor of Pharmacy is 4 years course and it consists of 8 semesters. We have provided the complete syllabus for four years below:

First Year Syllabus:

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis 1
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Computer Applications
  • Biology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Pharmacognosy 1
  • Basic Electronics

Second Year Syllabus:

  • Pharmacognosy 2
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry 2
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis 2
  • AP HE-1
  • Organic Chemistry 2
  • Pharmacognosy 3
  • AP HE- 2
  • Dispensing & Community Pharmacy

Third-Year Syllabus:

  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacology 2
  • Medicinal Chemistry 1
  • Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Ethics
  • Chemistry of Natural Products
  • Medicinal Chemistry 2
  • Pharmacology 1
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Biopharmaceutics

Fourth-Year Syllabus:

  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Medicinal Chemistry 3
  • Electives
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Chemistry of Natural Products
  • Projected Related to Elective
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Drug Interactions

Syllabus of B.Tech

Bachelor of Technology is of 4 years and it consists of 8 semesters. Students can check the four-year syllabus for the Bachelor of Technology below:

First Year Syllabus
First Semester Second Semester
Engineering Mathematics-I Engineering Mathematics-II
Engineering Physics Engineering Physics/ Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Chemistry Basic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics Engineering
Systems in Mechanical Engineering Programming and Problem Solving / Engineering Mechanics
Basic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics Engineering Engineering Graphics (Engineering Drawing)
Programming and Problem Solving / Engineering Mechanics Project-Based Learning
Workshop Physical Education-Exercise and Field Activities
Second-Year Syllabus
Third Semester Fourth Semester
Building Technology and Architectural Planning Geotechnical Engineering
Mechanics of structure Survey
Fluid Mechanics Concrete Technology
Engineering Mathematics III Structural Analysis
Engineering Geology Project management
Awareness of civil Engineering Practices / Road Safety Management / Foreign Language Project-Based Learning
Third-Year Syllabus
Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
Hydrology and water resource engineering Advanced Surveying
Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Techniques Project Management and Engineering Economics
Structural Design –I Foundation Engineering
Structural analysis – II Structural Design – II
Fluid Mechanics – II Environmental Engineering – I
Fourth-Year Syllabus
Seventh Semester Eight Semester
Environmental Engineering II Dams and Hydraulic Structures
Transportation Engineering Quantity Surveying, Contracts, and Tenders
Structural Design and Drawing III Elective –III
Elective – I Elective – IV
Elective –II -

Top Colleges for B.Pharm Course

S.No. College Name Approved By Registration Form
1 Disha Group Of Institutions & Hospital ( DGIH), Bijnor UGC, AICTE, BTE Apply Now
2 Institute Of Chemical Technology ( ICT), Mumbai AICTE Apply Now
3 Manipal College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences ( MCOPS), Manipal AICTE, PCI Apply Now
4 Bombay College Of Pharmacy ( BCP), Kalyan AICTE Apply Now
5 JSS College Of Pharmacy ( JSSCP), Ooty AICTE Apply Now
6 Indian Institute Of Technology ( IIT BHU), Varanasi UGC, AICTE Apply Now
7 L. M. College Of Pharmacy ( LMCP), Ahmedabad AICTE Apply Now
8 Birla Institute Of Technology ( BIT MESRA), Ranchi UGC, AICTE, NAAC, NBA Apply Now
9 Goa College Of Pharmacy ( GCP)Panaji PCI, AICTE Apply Now
10 JAMIA HAMDARD ( Jamia Hamdard New Delhi), New Delhi AICTE, NAAC Apply Now
11 Delhi Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences And Research ( DIPSAR), Delhi AICTE Apply Now
12 Government College Of Pharmacy ( GCP) Bangalore AICTE Apply Now

Top Colleges for B.Tech Course

S.No. College Name Approved By Registration Form
1 Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi ( IITD)Delhi AICTE Apply Now
2 Indian Institute Of Technology ( IIT CHENNAI), Chennai AICTE Apply Now
3 Indian Institute Of Technology ( IIT KANPUR), Kanpur AICTE NBA Apply Now
4 Indian Institute Of Technology ( IIT ROORKEE) , Roorkee AICTE, NAAC Apply Now
5 Motilal Nehru National Institute Of Technology ( MNNIT), Allahabad - Apply Now
6 Indian Institute Of Technology ( IITB), Mumbai AICTE Apply Now
7 Indian Institute Of Technology ( IIT BHU), Varanasi UGC, AICTE Apply Now
8 Birla Institute Of Technology And Science ( BITS Pilani), Pilani AICTE, NAAC Apply Now
9 College Of Technology ( COT)Dhamgh Nagar AICTE Apply Now
10 Indian Institute Of Technology ( IIT GUWAHATI)Guwahati AICTE Apply Now
11 National Institute Of Technology ( NIT TRICHY), Tiruchirappalli UGC, AICTE Apply Now
12 International Institute Of Information Technology ( IIIT), Hyderabad UGC, AICTE, NAAC Apply Now

Career Options: B.Tech Vs B.Pharm

The job opportunities of a graduate engineer and graduate pharmacist are diverse and the salary benefits are extremely lucrative. There are numerous opportunities that you can pursue with your degree in Pharmacy and Engineering. Check out the career options available after completing B.Pharm and B.Tech:

Bachelor of Technology:

  1. Startup Company 
  2. Get a government job in the army or any defense services 
  3. Join a private organization 
  4. Further studies like M.Tech
  5. Join PSU like  BHEL, Bhabha Atomic Research Institute, Reserve Bank of India
  6. Start a career as faculty in a college 
  7. Student can opt for civil services exams and go for IFS, IAS, or IRS

Bachelor of Pharmacy:

  1. Pharmacist 
  2. Drug inspector 
  3. Work in the education sector
  4. Pursue higher studies, B.pharm
  5. Drug inspector or pharmacist in the government sector
  6. Medicine retail shop
  7. Work at a pharmacy store
  8. Drug manufacturing company

Which is Better B.Tech or B.Pharm After 12th?

With the fierce competition in education and the job market every year getting harder, our children have no option other than to excel. Most of the students after completing their high school are now looking for a professional course to study and get the best career offer. Students think about which is better B.Tech or B.Pharm and they get confused about which one to choose. Below you can find the basic difference between Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Pharmacy and the process of choosing can become easy. 

Both B.Tech and B.Pharm are interesting fields in their ways. As of now, there are plenty of colleges to choose from, both government and private ones. But which one would serve your needs better? Both these branches are about Medicine and science but there are subtle differences between the two. You must be wondering that if these two things are the same then why to differentiate between them. The reason for differentiation lies in different streams, which carry out different experiments and have different workloads.

B.Tech and B.Pharm are two courses that are followed after 10+2 completion. Both courses have their importance in their fields. The selection of the course depends on the interest and skill of the students. If any student has an interest in medical then he will choose a bachelor in pharmacy and a student has an interest in the field of physics, engineering then he will choose a bachelor of technology. So students can choose any course according to their interests and make it a better career choice.

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