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Career Guidance For Students

Update on 2024-04-15

Career Guidance For Students

A Journey From Confusion To Clarification - Career Guidance For Students

Everybody needs career guidance in their life, even the almighty archer Arjun also needed guidance from Krishna to fulfill his life’s purpose. Like Arjun, We all are born with a skill and a purpose, all we need is someone who can guide us in the right direction and tell us what is right and what is wrong.

If you are someone who is looking for answers related to your career and want to seek career guidance, This article is for you. In this article, we have mentioned why career guidance for students is crucial.

Why Career Guidance for Students is a MUST?

“What is my purpose in life?” “What If I failed?”, These are the two questions every student asks himself during their career development. We all know some celebrity or some relative who was on a different career path before finding their right path of success however it might take them years to realize what is right for them.

There was a time when pursuing the right career were a trial and error method, For instance- many youngsters chose engineering as it was trending but later switched to other career paths.

While being on the wrong career path, they wasted their time, money, and energy.

You might face the same challenge if your career selection goes wrong and there might not be any U-turn from the path you selected. Therefore you need to make a careful decision.

Getting professional guidance can help you avoid this situation in the future.

Why do Parents need to Provide their Children with Professional Career Guidance?

Parents usually assume that they know which career would be ideal for their child and try to influence their children to select a certain career. Also, some parents are unaware of the professional world, so they leave it entirely to their children to make a career choice without providing them any guidance in the process.

Both of these circumstances are risky for a child’s future. Every year thousands of students drop out of college because they realize that the course they are pursuing is not their true career calling.

Realizing it later costs them time, money, and energy. Many youngsters also become bait to depression due to the wrong career choices, career failure, and poor academic scores.

So, Instead of making a blind move for your child’s career, try consulting a professional career counselor or career coach for helping them to make a sound stream/course and career selection.

How Students Can Benefit From Career Guidance For Students?

The importance of career counselling for students is as important as good academic scores. Right Career guidance help students form a strong foundation for their career. Let us explain to you the no. of ways in which career guidance helps school students.

Here are the key benefits:

1. Professional career guidance helps in Career Planning and Roadmapping

2. Helps to choose the right career path.

3. Prepare the students to face various challenges and obstacles in their career

4. Assist them to choose the right academic program, subjects, career field, job industry, and employer in the future.

5. Keeps a student updated and informed about emerging career fields in the industry and ongoing demands of the job market.

6. Gives them an overview of the world of work and helps them to understand key aspects of professionalism.

7. Helps to resolve disputes between parents and children which are arisen due to different choices of career.

8. Helps in Building connections with the domain experts

9. Promotes Personality and skill development

10. Provides information about various career paths.

How Career Guidance is different from Guidance We Get From Our Family & Friends?

There are many young individuals who rely on their family, friends, or acquaintances to get career advice however the advice provided by them is usually biased and not well-researched.

They recommend careers based on their own preferences and experience and do not consider others.

On the other hand, when you seek career guidance for students from a professional career counselor or a career coach, you will be assessed, your profile will be analyzed and you will be given comprehensive guidance on the grounds of your personality, interests, aptitude, and strengths.

There is a number of reasons why one needs career guidance for students. If you can relate to any of the below-mentioned situations then it’s high time to seek out career guidance:

  • You want to choose a stream and set of subjects in which you can perform best.
  • You are in Class 12th and want to make the right course choice for graduation.
  • You wish to get admission to a reputed college.
  • You want to crack an entrance exam and want some tips & guidance about the same.
  • You wish to explore some well-suited career options.
  • You want some information about a particular career field.
  • Want to build a happy and satisfying career that pays you well and aligns with your interest? 
  • You want to switch your career path and need some expert advice.

Why Career Guidance For School Students is the Need of Hour?

There are no. of reasons why career guidance for students is the need of the hour. Rising levels of unemployment and high competition are two of the primary reasons however there are many other reasons why school students are in dire need of career guidance.

Here are a few of them:

Students Need Career Guidance to Avoid Wrong Career Decisions: There are a plethora of career options & academic options available for students which makes career selection an overwhelming and daunting task for them.

Many students fall into peer pressure and family pressure and later their mediocre scores and academic performances indicate that they messed up with their subject selection.

Career Guidance helps the students to evaluate their strengths like skills, subject knowledge, aptitude, and personality traits.

To Overcome Unwanted Behavioral Traits & Habits: We all possess some toxic traits that are unfavorable to our career success but overcoming these unwanted traits and habits can help us to avoid poor decision-making.

Some of the worst traits are procrastinating, stubbornness, inattentiveness, etc. A professional career guide provides you with tips and recommends you some exercises to get rid of such unproductive and unwanted habits and traits.

Pre-Planning the Career: Professional career counselors and coaches guide students and assist them to determine their true career calling and goals. By enrolling in a comprehensive career guidance program, you can also plan your career and your higher studies.

A career guide will prepare a step-by-step career roadmap for you, all you need to do is follow the direction provided in the roadmap by your guide/coach/counsellor and march towards your success.

To Improve Academic Performance: Poor academic performance can be due to no. of reasons. It could be a lack of interest, anxiety, procrastination, emotional stress, etc.

A good career counsellor is empathetic towards a student and helps them to reflect on the cause of poor scores. With the help of the right counselling and guidance, a student can improve his/her academic performance.


  1. What is the importance of career guidance for students?

Career Guidance is important for students as it helps them to choose the right subjects, courses, careers, and colleges. With the help of the right career guidance, a student can do what is best for their career.

Professional career guidance helps a student to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses. They also provide him/her recommendations on how to improve weak areas and also tell him/her how they can utilize their strengths to do well in their career.

  1. What are the types of career guidance?

There are various types of job guidance for graduates as well.

Here are the types of career guidance programs offered by College Disha:

  • Career Guidance for Class 8th - Class 10th (For Subject selection, stream selection, Diploma level courses, etc)
  • Career Guidance  for Class 11th & 12th (For UG course selection, College selection & admission, guidance for entrance exams, etc.)
  1. How can I get Career Guidance?

There are various types of career guidance companies that provide you counselling and guidance, you can check out the details of their services on their official website.

But If you wish to consult the best, then College Disha is here for you. We are popular for providing comprehensive and the best career guide for students.

Our career development services cover each and every aspect of a career starting from the stream selection to Job placement. To know more please visit our homepage or fill out the inquiry form available at the top of this page.

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