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AKTU Previous Year Question Paper - Download AKTU/UPTU Sample Question Papers Online

Update on 01 Mar, 23

AKTU Previous Year Question Paper - Download AKTU/UPTU Sample Question Papers Online


AKTU previous year B.Tech question papers are the best resources to practice for the exam. Before the exam, every student gives their best in preparation. They do not want to leave any topic or concept. The practice questions and solve numerically. One thing which makes their preparation complete is the Previous Year's Question Paper.

Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University releases the previous year's question paper on its official website. They allow students to take an idea about the exam pattern and question types from the previous year's question papers. This is an excellent strategy for students to score good marks.

Students can learn the exam pattern, marking scheme, level of questions, etc. from the AKTU previous year B.Tech question papers. If you don’t practice at least 4 - 5 question papers of a single subject, your preparation is not completed. You will lack the proper strategy for the exam. Hence, it is very important to solve previous years' question papers.

Benefits of AKTU Previous Year B.Tech Question Paper:

The AKTU previous year B.Tech question papers offer several benefits to the students. They can use these question papers according to themselves. However, there is some motive for releasing the question paper for the students. These motives can also be termed as benefits of AKTU previous year B.Tech question paper. 

  1. The first feature of the previous year's questions paper is that it gives you precise ideas about the exam pattern and marking schemes of the coming exam question paper. The exam pattern of the university exam does not change much in a short period of time. Hence, the upcoming question paper has the same structure as the previous year's question paper.
  2. It helps you to understand the type of questions that appear in the exam. The upcoming and the previous AKTU B.Tech question paper have the same type of questions. However, the question is from different topics and chapters. Questions of the university exams are tricky. If you know the type of questions, you can easily understand the meaning of the questions.
  3. The time duration of the AKTU previous year B.Tech question papers is the same as that of the upcoming exam question paper. So, practicing the previous year's question papers will help you to develop time management skills for the exam. The question paper is long enough, so it is very difficult to answer all the questions. This can only be possible by practicing multiple question papers of the same pattern.
  4. The marking scheme of both year’s question papers is the same. The number of sections and the number of questions in each section is fixed. Marks in individual sections are equal in both the question papers. So, you can understand the marking scheme for the upcoming question paper.
  5. From the AKTU previous year B.Tech question papers, you can analyze which topic is important and cover the maximum weightage. This will be very helpful in your preparation. You can spend more time learning important topics. Practicing at least one question paper helps you in scoring good marks in the exam.

How to Download the Aktu Previous Year B.Tech Question Paper?

The AKTU releases the previous year’s question papers of every subject on its official website. Students can download the question paper according to their preferences. The online availability of these question papers has made it easy for students to complete their preparation. These question papers are free of cost and will help you in every aspect.

The steps to download the AKTU previous year B.Tech question paper are as follow:

  1. Visit the official website of the AKTU Board.
  2. Check the Examination option in the menu bar.
  3. Click on it and select the Model paper option.
  4. Choose the old question papers option.
  5. Select the year of question papers and then the subject code.
  6. A pdf file will be opened. Download the file for future use.

Marking Scheme and Exam Pattern:

The question paper is divided into three sections. Every section has a different number of questions and each question in a section carries the same mark. The following table will show the marks distribution in every section.


Number of Questions

Marks of individual question

Total marks

Section A




Section B




Section C








AKTU B.Tech Question Paper Links:

The list of B.Tech subjects is very huge. Each stream has a large number of subjects. So, a single question paper may not be sufficient for students of every branch. Students can download AKTU previous year B.Tech question papers for every branch from the official website of the university. This is the easiest way to get the previous year's question papers.

Also, a single subject may be taught in different streams of B.Tech. But the syllabus remains the same. So, if you solve question papers of a subject from a different stream, it will also help you in your preparation.

Below is the list of different subject question papers:



Subject Code



Engineering Mechanics

ME 202

Click here


Kinematics of Machines

ME 402

Click here


Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

ME 606

Click here


Power Plant Engineering

ME 801

Click here


Advanced Fluid Mechanics

ME 022

Click here


Computer Networks

CS 602

Click here


Operating System

CS 403

Click here


Data Structure using ‘C’

CS 402

Click here


Information System

CS 601

Click here


Digital Communication

EC 602

Click here

Important Points Regarding the AKTU B.Tech Question Paper:

There is no fixed time to start solving the AKTU previous year B.Tech question paper. However, for maximum results, it is better to solve it at least one month before the exam. Because then you can easily find your weak points and can improve them. However, if you did not complete your syllabus and are solving a question paper at the last moment, you can still take advantage.

  • The AKTU previous year B.Tech question papers were officially released by the university. So, the university also supports the fact of solving the previous year's question paper before the exam. This helps you improve your performance in the exam.
  • Previous year's question papers are just a tool that helps in your preparation. Questions that appear in the previous year's paper don't need to or will not appear in the upcoming exam. It just gives you an idea of important topics and questions.
  • AKTU previous year's B.Tech question papers are similar to the upcoming exam paper. So, it would be very helpful for you to solve it as the main question paper. You will learn time management for the main exam. Therefore, you will be able to attempt all the questions of the main exam.
  • The questions and topics repeat in exams of different years. A question from the last 4th-year paper may appear in the upcoming exam. So, if you solve the last 5 years of the AKTU B.Tech question paper, you will know exactly what kind of questions and topics are important. Some questions which you practice may appear in the main exam.

Best Way to Attempt the Question Paper:

Every student prepares a strategy for the exam. They have their own way to answer the questions in the exam. Their strategy for the exam may be best for them. However, some students do not know the correct way to attempt the questions in the exam. You should not attempt the AKTU previous year B.Tech question paper randomly. The exam duration is 3 hours and the question paper is designed such that you can barely have extra time if you answer all the questions. So, below are some steps you need to follow to attempt each question in a limited time.

  1. The first thing you should do is read the question paper carefully. You will get a glimpse of the question paper and you will know how many questions you can attempt.
  2. Start with long answer-type questions. These questions take most of your time, so it is better to answer them first. These questions are the highest marks questions and it is easy to understand the meaning of questions.
  3. After attempting long answer-type questions, the next questions are medium marks questions. These questions help you to score good marks. They are shorter than the long answer-type questions and carry fewer marks. However, they are slightly tricky questions.
  4. Finally, you should try short answer-type questions, these questions take the least time. However, it is not so easy to understand the questions because these questions are tricky. If you know the answer, it will take you a few seconds to complete a question.
  5. First attempt questions whose answers you know very well. If you are not sure about the answer, don’t waste your precious time thinking about the answers. You can attempt it later. Also, never leave a question unattempted because there is no negative marking. So, try to attempt every question.
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