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Update on 2024-04-15

A Complete Guide on the New CCNA Certification


Cisco has introduced many types of certifications. They offer five levels of IT certification ranging from entry-level to professional. The Cisco CCNA certification system is one of the leading qualifications, and in the ever-changing IT environment, it is a Cisco brand.

The CCNA Course integrates vital domains such as Route and Change, Collaboration, and Service Providers. It also includes the Data Center, Security, etc. The new CCNA program contains additional domains such as IP services, security, connection, and automation and configuration.

The new certification system is straightforward, technologically advanced, and has a bright future. The IT network is a fast-growing industry in the technology world. 

What’s New in the CCNA Certification 200-301?

The CCNA Certification 200-301 program covers many basics under one roof. For this program, you only need one training program and one test. The program includes a variety of powerful modules such as Automation, Network Access, and Programmability. CCNA provides a solid foundation for starting your professional career in any IT field.

CCNA Online Courses and Jobs

In 2013 Cisco changed its certification process to fit specific better job roles.

There are nine different CCNA topics:

1. CCNA Cloud - Focusing on entry-level capabilities for delivery, managing Cisco cloud solutions, and developing flexible technology.

2. CCNA Collaboration - For people working in multimedia integration - voice, data, video, and mobile applications. Best for network developers and those working in IP telephony and network fields.

3. CCNA Cyber ​​Ops - Detecting and hosting cybersecurity events; roles focused on cybersecurity analysts and security center staff.

4. CCNA Data Center - Includes data center design, maintenance of equipment, data center network design drawings, and hardware implementation.

5. CCNA Industrial - Focuses on the IT network and the widespread resource industries such as electricity, oil and gas, production, and operations of large plants. This certificate focuses on understanding standard protocols and learning methods to build a flexible network.

6. CCNA Routing & Switching - This test is a basic test of CCNA, and the starting point for the certification process is built around. It provides essential information on network engineering and is a solid start in all areas.

7. CCNA Security - Ensures testers' network threats and vulnerability skills, designing and building infrastructure, and dealing with security issues. The critical components of this test include confidentiality, integrity, and online data availability.

8. CCNA Service Provider - Designed for individuals and companies that deliver network engineering, deployment, or configuration as a service. Correctly understanding the latest technologies, trends, and service offerings is necessary.

9. CCNA Wireless - There is a growing need for wireless networks in as many areas as possible, with strong signals and high availability. The test focuses on setting up, monitoring, and supporting wireless networks.

Cisco CCNA Certification Exam

To get a CCNA certificate, you need the proper training and pass the required exams. The best way is to check first how comfortable you are with Networking. If you already have the experience or have completed a CCNA, you may need a refresher course.

If you are new to Networking but have a good knowledge of computer hardware, you may choose to have e-Learning with labs, advisors, eBooks, and exercise tests. This overall study format gives you the best chance of passing for the first time. You should be aware that if additional resources are required, they will be reflected in the relevant course you have decided to purchase.

Understanding the test paper's pattern and practicing making it perfect can be very beneficial for you. The CCNA exam contains about 75 types of questions. Questions can be drag-and-drop multiple-choice questions or a few similes. The result of your test depends on your CCNA training.

To take the CCNA exam, you must first visit the Cisco certification hub. Then decide if the test is available for download online or in person at the local testing center. Once fixed, you must create an account on the Cisco website to schedule an examination.

CCNA Course Fees

Most CCNA exams will cost $ 295 (USD). But specific test prices vary by country

Primary Focus Areas of CCNA 200-301

  1. Automation
  2. Security
  3. IP Fundamentals
  4. Network Access
  5. IP Connectivity


Getting a professional certificate takes time and dedication. CCNA Course certification is one of the most respected credentials. Many students do not pass the test on the first attempt. So you must not take any stress if you do not pass your test on the first try. You can also take your test after waiting five working days. These days, you can check your test report. After working on weak areas, you can do much better with your next test.

The certificate has a validity of three years. You have to pass a professional-level or partner-level test for renewing your certification. It ensures you are competitive and have the latest information technology.

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