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What is PCB

Update on 2024-04-15

What is PCB ?

Details of PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

The full form of Pcb is Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. PCB is appropriate for students who do not want to opt for a career in Engineering after their Class 12 Board exams. Usually, students prefer PCB as the subject if they are interested in the Medical profession. However, PCB is also suitable for students who are not interested in pursuing a career in Medicine.

PCB is also appropriate for students who want to choose a non Medical career. So the natural question that occurs is why do students choose PCB after 12th? PCB offers a wide range of career opportunities for students in different fields.

Besides being a Doctor, students with PCB can also pursue the following fields- Veterinary Science, Environmental Science, Biophysics, Agricultural Science, Zoology, Botany, Human Physiology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Viticulture, Microbiology, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, and more.

If you ask, why students choose PCB in Class 12, the answer is PCB offers a host of educational opportunities in diverse fields. Besides choosing a career in Science, students can also apply for the humanities stream and become eligible for good career prospects.

Students who want to join Arts and Humanities can complete their Graduation in Journalism, Mass Communication, Sociology, Psychology, Foreign language course, and Fashion Designing after completing PCB for Class 10+2 from a recognized Board.

What is the best optional subject with PCB?

Besides knowing the full form of PCB, students must also know the best optional subject with PCB. Students who choose the PCB option in Class 11 can choose from a wide range of optional subjects.

Students who are interested in becoming a Doctor can select Psychology, Physical Education, or Biotechnology as the optional subject.

Other than this, the best optional subject with PCB is Physical Education, Painting, or Music. For students who want to appear for the All India Medical Entrance exam NEET, these optional subjects are extremely helpful.

Students can devote their time to the main subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology besides de-stressing themselves with subjects like Music and Fine Arts.

Psychology is also the best optional subject with PCB. Students who select Psychology as the optional subject can opt for both Medical and Non-Medical courses during Graduation.

In the Medical profession, knowledge of Psychology is important as Doctors can interact with their patients in a composed manner which in turn helps in better medical diagnosis and treatment.

Disadvantages of the PCB Stream

By now you must be familiar with the common question of what is PCB and the benefits of the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology stream in 10+2 Board exams.

Though there are several benefits of selecting Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the compulsory subjects in Class 11, there are several disadvantages of the PCB stream as well.

Students who are in a dilemma of whether to become an Engineer or Doctor must not opt for PCB as it is not possible to apply for the Engineering (BTech/BE) course without Mathematics as the compulsory subject.

The other disadvantage of the PCB stream is that it is time-consuming as students have to study hard in achieving their goals of becoming medical professionals. This leaves them no time to pursue their hobbies and interests.

The Medical Entrance exam is extremely tough and only a handful can get admission to the college of their choice. Also, the PCB without Maths is a disadvantage for students who want to apply for a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Chemistry, or Computer Applications after Class 12 Board exams.

Career Options of PCB

The PCB career options after the 12th are numerous. Candidates who have chosen the PCB stream in the Class 10+2 Boards become eligible for job options with good salary prospects. The well-known career option of PCB after 12th is the Medical Degree.

The chief eligibility criteria for a Medical course is that the candidates must secure at least 50% marks in Class 12 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the compulsory subjects. The admission criteria include a valid score in the National level Medical Entrance exam, NEET.

Check out the other career options for PCB after 12th:

B.Sc (Zoology/Botany/Biochemistry/Microbiology)- Students can choose any of these courses after the 12th Board exams. All these courses provide career opportunities in the professional field as well as the field of research.

Environmental Science- Environmental Science is a specialization in Biology and candidates can get job offers as conservationists, environmentalists, wildlife photographers, or environmental journalists.

Genetics- The field of Genetic Engineering is an in-demand career option after the 12th. The study of genetics helps in understanding the heredity and DNA technology among organisms. Genetics is one of the top opting courses and candidates become eligible for job options as Immunologists, Research Scientists, and Genetic Counselors.

Forensic expert- Forensic Science course is very important after the 12th as interested candidates can delve into a captivating and exciting career option.  Candidates can opt for both Degree and Diploma courses in Forensic Science and the job responsibilities include handwriting analysis, Document verification, blood pattern analysis, and understanding of criminal behavior.

Biotechnology- This is one of the most emerging career options for PCB after 12th. This course is related to allied fields like food technology, nutrition, and healthcare. Candidates with a Degree in Biotechnology become eligible for career opportunities in both India and abroad.

PCB Career options without NEET

The most opted career option for candidates opting for the PCB course in the Medical stream. Candidates who want to pursue a career in Medicine have to appear for the National level Entrance exam NEET.

However not all students who have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as their subjects choose to be a Doctor.

There are several other PCB career options without NEET that the candidates can opt for after the Class 12 Board exams. These courses are closely related to the field of Medicine and candidates can opt for these courses even without applying for the NEET Entrance exams.

The PCB career options without NEET include:

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • Bachelor of Forensic Science
  • Bachelor of Biotechnology
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor of Microbiology
  • Bachelor of Immunology
  • Bachelor of Clinical Psychology
  • Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Cytogenetics

Government Jobs after 12th PCB:

PCB is a popular stream and students who complete their 10+2 exams from a recognized Board with PCB as the compulsory subjects can get jobs in both the Private and Government sectors.

Many candidates prefer Government jobs as they provide security and offer different posts with different levels of qualification.

Besides providing job security the government jobs after the 12th PCB also have scope for decent salary increments and promotions.

There are several vacant positions in the Defence Services, Railways, Banks, Defence Services, Civil Services, and Teaching, and students with PCB as the compulsory subjects can apply for the same.

Take a look at the list of Government jobs after the 12th PCB:

Teaching- Teaching is considered a noble profession and students who are looking for Government jobs after 12th PCB can get jobs in Government schools or Government affiliated schools. The Government School teachers get a good salary and there is a salary hike every few years.

Defense services- Students who have completed PCB from a recognized Board and are passionate about serving the country can join the Defence Services. Besides offering a good salary Defence Services provides other benefits also.

Civil Services- Among the list of Government jobs after the 12th Civil services is a preferred option as the job offers very good salary packages and is extremely prestigious.

Indian Forest Service- Students who have completed a PCB course from a recognized Board and are interested in nature and wildlife can opt for the Forest services. The Forest Service exam is conducted through UPSC and offers great salary options.

Railway Recruitment Board- Among the important Government jobs after the 12th PCB the Indian Railways is preferred by many as there are a large number of vacancies every year and the Entrance exam takes place in many different languages.

Banking- The banking sector also offers several job opportunities and the salary packages are also lucrative. So aspirants who have completed the PCB course and are looking for Government jobs can apply for the banking exams.


Students, it must be clear to you now what is PCB and what the full form of PCB is. PCB is the compulsory subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology that the candidates can choose for the Class 10+2 Board exams.

The PCB stream is mostly chosen for students who want to join a non Technical Graduate program. The most preferred career option for students from the PCB stream is Medical.

However, students with PCB can also choose non-medical fields such as Diploma and Degree courses after completion of the Board exams.

PCB is highly preferred among students who do not want to join the Engineering program, as this provides a wide range of career opportunities in different domains.

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